Leonidas stand up – Ecosexual, 2 birds, Sungazing
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Leonidas stand up – Ecosexual, 2 birds, Sungazing

August 9, 2019

I told you a lot about Doofs last time
but I didn’t really say much about me. I had sex with a tree. it’s hard to
have sex with a tree. Think about the logistics of having sex with a tree You’ve got to get the right tree.With the right arrangement of branches. Lubrication issues. It’s tough man. There’s usually only one inappropriate tree in the whole doof. The hardest part about having sex with a tree though, is the mental game. It’s the mental game Because anyone can masturbate onto a
tree they think about it a hot chick.. but to reach climax
whilst thinking of only the tree itself, That’s shaman level man. That’s fucking
Shaman level. you know I’m an animal rights activists are very active in saving
animals so I’m particularly triggered by that phrase what’s the one to two birds
one stone so barbaric it’s like think about it that’s fucked what sick fuck
thought of that like if you’re gonna try to perform two tasks at once why not
think of a less murderous phrase like let’s try and think of one right now
I freaked I came up with a couple myself before though to two fish one spear as
it’s two animals and I thought maybe two two worms one bird just chugged around
but they’re still living creatures they wriggle
two babies one powerpoint babies of animals too I guess
no I got it two Christians one tab to atheists one DMT DMT you won’t get that
one trying to get it one to take the empty okay so I used to be a vegan until
I realize you know I just fuck it sorry baby I’m so polyamorous that it’s
it’s extended to Lily yes I used to be vegan but then I realized that plants
have feelings too it’s it’s true you see the YouTube videos with the playing the
music to the plants and they grow better we all know it’s true I don’t forget
that this isn’t really a joke it’s more just I think I became a breath Batarian
do you know what a breath that airiness you feed yourself with deep breaths
that’s it you don’t need anything and I know what you think you like that
couldn’t sustain you that’s that’s a joke good one but it’s not resonating I
come and say bye absorb photosynthesizing energy from the Sun
using my eyeballs let’s call it the Sun gazing it’s like kind of like my
snacking what up to is half an hour before the
Sun Goes Down everyday I’ll stare directly into it and I’ll focus all my
energy on absorbing its rays through my retina there are side effects but
they’re negligible when you think about how many plants you’re saving so please

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