LET THE GAMES…CONTINUE? – Games – Episode 3 – Soma Custom Story – (Part 1)
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LET THE GAMES…CONTINUE? – Games – Episode 3 – Soma Custom Story – (Part 1)

August 11, 2019

how’s it going everyone my name is zombie
Peter and welcome back to another soma custom story they keep making them I’m
gonna keep trying them out…go away that’s better
so games episode 3 by damned husky and this one is actually continuing Ashley’s
story games episode 1 was about Aaron and then a year later Ashley came into
play and she played on the new I believe it was of the new-and-improved
new and improved game show um…and I think we did okay we did all right but now
games episode 3 were continuing Ashley’s story and we’re gonna find out where the
hell we left off because I I definitely remember I just don’t want to spoil it
for you that’s that’s it that’s it of course all right Ashley’s back and we’re here I’m ready yes…phrasing seems like a
pretty short game if it’s only two days also why do you call it the second day
why can’t you just call it the final day you don’t need to say it’s the second and
final day. Just saying Could save a little bit of time Oh yeah I remember this it was so nice it was all nature-y…and then we took a nap definitely not drug induced nap Yeah okay it’s all flooding back in like horrible
repressed memories now we came out of a door from somewhere in
that direction are we going back in the same door we came out cuz that doesn’t seem
very conducive to the whole forward progress thing I don’t know maybe the
door will open somewhere different it apparently does or not I don’t know
we’ll see I mean for all I know this could open to the exact same place and I
wouldn’t be able to tell the difference are we starting with the monsters
already we wouldnt start with the monsters this early right?
that’d be crazy too oh well that’s kind of a give away isn’t it maybe it’s not. it’s red herring of a green light okay
probably this one oh so strong. Ashley’s been workin out in this time we’ve had off it’s been
a very long one day so if I remember correctly, which I probably don’t, the
point of these games or it takes desperate people and says hey if you
want to make some money you can play in this game
if totally safe just sign all of these waivers don’t read them jus- please
your reading your reading stop reading them don’t okay you read them well now you HAVE to play is this Aaron? I don’t think
that’s Aaron cuz Aaron was in the first one and I don’t remember it ending well
for Aaron no evidence I mean sure some evidence slight slight
amount of evidence left behind cuz I’m thinking it’s a trap pretty sure
that was placed there to goad us in the direction that the games want us go
which is not really directions that I want to go unless I want to make money
which I kind of do so maybe I do want to go in the direction the games want me to go all
right monsters where are ya, I’m not scared of you not scared of no
haunted house. Only thing thats gonna haunt this house is me. Gonna scare the crap out of
these ghosts Gonna need to find a new place to haunt this is my house now this this kind of house it’s really familiar. Why do I- have I seen this type of house before no idea where up seen
before just looks really familiar I can’t move anything except the buckets the cluck are
those sounds shut up music thought I heard like trees
falling alright well let’s go into the eerily familiar house I don’t know why
it just looks so familiar Its not from Soma I can tell ya that. Probably from some other game that
I’m repressing. Seems about right. all right come on all you ghosts you Ghoulies and goblins and
what-have-you try to scare me by I dare you I double
dog dare oOOOoOOo now you have to try. filling an application the study today
when I heard a strange sound right it’s at the room in the hallway
I’ve come to ignore most of the noise this house makes but this one was
different it sounded alive it’s that make sense but anyway my door
was suddenly open I was squinting my eyes trying to see what’s out there why
would you need to squint if it’s a crack door like you don’t but you need to
squint if like something’s like far away or it’s like unclear and you’ve bad
vision or something thank if there’s already a tiny crack in
the door you don’t need to squint you just need to sort of get kind of close
up in there I don’t know why you’re squinting just makes you look more
suspicious than whatever’s in the hallway catches you looking I mean or so
I’ve heard I wouldn’t know if a person that’s me then I heard the sound again it looked I
looked a bit to the left and I’d the door cracks slightly above the lower
hinge so you were looking at the crack in the door rather than through the
crack in the hallway like madis as a nice crack right there
I bet person could see clearly into the hallway they weren’t squinting so hard
the hollow was dark so I couldn’t see anything until I saw very dim red light
between the crack okay is the crack in the hallway or is it I don’t know where
we are anymore I thought we were looking through the crack into the hallway
apparently we’re looking at the crack and then now there’s a red light in the
crack that we were looking at I just saw a soul of advice I am very
confused as I started looking closer I realized it began to resemble I’m not a
normal eye I mean how many red glowing eyes do you know that a normal it was
like the devil’s eye but then I shifted my gaze a bit upwards and I saw it just
can’t even write it down it was the scariest moment of her experience of my
life it’s always watching me okay sure
Pleasant why why is it so scary you can’t write down are you worried that
it’s gonna keep watching you even though you just said it’s always watching you
so I’m confused are you looking like at the crack of the door and then something
red showed up there or were you looking like through the crack of the door and
then something red was on the other side I don’t know
we’ll find out I’m sure it’ll show up to say hi I’d hate to miss out on that maybe maybe you could have used these
these might add a little bit with the whole squinting business and a checkbook
I will take that for reasons hello creepy doll I definitely need you
come with me on my adventure Italy that’s all there is of use in this room
unless or something hidden behind the painting there’s not okay well this was eventful all right well we have a new travel
companion come on come on creepy dolphin you’re coming with me that way if the
girls are looking to possess something it doesn’t have to be us it could be a
doll there’s no one inside is there a clown in here clam clam clam
mi the clown am i pulling the switch behind me is this all an elaborate
insult oh the monster can never get us we’ve effective sealed off the hallway
were genius the doors right come on there’s gotta be a clown oh oh oh that
looks like a clown to me if I squint really hard can I not take the clown off
the wall do I need to hit it with something can I throw something Phil canceled Oh big clown okay yeah shut up you make
noise paintbrush to the face it works it’s definitely different to live here
than in the city I kind of like it not having people around all the time you
know witnesses neighbors who could check up on you to make sure you’re not being
murdered the strange sounds almost stroking nuts a couple of times but I
have to remind myself that this is an old house and they tend to bruise all
sorts of sounds when you start hearing voices that’s not the house Larry’s
coming over tomorrow to help me paint the studies walls still a week left to
get back to work but let’s be honest I’m not sure I’m ready yet as much as I hate
to admit it I’m afraid of running into Phillip I told him several times it’s
over but he always says the right thing to well he doesn’t know that I moved
here so I should be fine okay so just now I heard a loud thump
upstairs and another one thank you for the play-by-play so who was writing
these notes who was in a relationship with Phillip and it seemed to want to
get out of that relationship but Phillip always said the right thing how spooky
there I feel safer already why don’t need help
I didn’t get haunted yet Romania in second okay I’d definitely heard that yep bleep
clown hey is it up or down I never get these
right I’m gonna try now it was down holy shit
there we go I’m a genius I figured would let’s go pick up our companion get in
your venture shh shh chop okay I pulled the clown now on is that what I
probably should check this was locked first oh you read a bathroom I don’t
know what you expect bathrooms to sell raw smell like sea anenome
things all right well time for us to part ways doll it has been scouring say
the least I’ll leave you to the creepy sounds it’s
kind of hoping to see ghosts little bummed we didn’t maybe he goes a
robot ghost to Robert and Ashley through the first section she definitely seems
more determined this time around well I also wanted to take this opportunity to
thank our wonderful outdoor scenario designers they did an excellent job at
you know crafting a convincing forest inside an underground hangar but yes I
wish Ashley luck in the next area I really do so why wait how did the Tramp
don’t become stupid oh oh that plays out the valve is stuck if
only I could find a jar of oil huh why was this not in the haunted house
Jesus what oh damn I missed it this is it I did not realize that things done
here Oh guess I’ll have to okay we’re gonna
leave this open as an escape room right monsters Belva stuck ok then where are you I know
you’re around here somewhere and it’s not gonna okay that answers that
question hello don’t mind me just squinting at
the crack in the door what seemed season safe enough totally clear no problem
nothing to worry about I’m not scared I’m okay Oh what’s with
the big woosh noises oh oh oh you’re naked oh it’s always thinking they’re
all naked what what is this there’s a floating something-something I needed
support that’s the runway ha ha I mean I wanted you to go that way
because I faked you out or something clever one of these valves has to be OnStar
right be here don’t you be here you’re right
there you saw nothing ignore me creeping across the floor it
was your imagination I’m a ghost let’s get some vertical verticality up in this
bitch don’t know if we do literally anything else in there but I don’t care no fuck you then I’ll just live up here
forever so assuming it can’t climb back there I
want to know what we store nope oh my god probably gonna get something here
and then we’ll have to turn back as I’m telling this god damn it fine damn you curiosity at least you’ve never
done anything bad to end felines Oh God nigga nigga take three go did you go Oh bullshit okay don’t worry
don’t worry good this better be awesome alright better be
it better not be a locked door something super cool something amazing it’s gonna
be a secret passage the way out it’s it’s an audio line the mastery Softimage
knows I’m here great and we came in here for the exit when I turned around I saw
I mean the distance watching me it’s gonna be a whole lot tougher to get out
no fuck why do we do this I can just run for it
right okay yeah we’re gonna run for just running for it don’t give a shit don’t
care don’t whatever fuck you like you’re on the other side right oh no no no no
okay that was definitely worth the
exploration and you know risk to our life totally totally
I feel better I feel that that was worth checking out
and we should all feel how much do may the public have here please that’s
enough naked monsters for one day or Ridley and that seems like a pretty good
place to end this one here for now as always if you’d like to try it out for
yourself a link to the game will be down below description if you like this video
be sure let me know by smash that like button who wants that Haylie comment
down below subscribe for videos like this one thank you so much for watching
I hope that you enjoyed it good bye for now until next time

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