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Let the Sparks Fly {Français + Englishsub} | The Darkest Minds Fanfiction

January 28, 2020

Strange accidents involving surviving children continue to happen all across the country. Aid receive terrified calls indicating cars moving on their own. If you notice your child or any child from your neighborhood exhibiting abnormal behavior, please alert as soon as possible the CDC. That’s how everything began. The government wasn’t afraid of what happened to the ones who didn’t make it They were afraid of us, the ones who survived. Three girls. Three powers.
Three destinies. Two commonalities.
East River. The Slip Kid. I haven’t seen my brother for a year. One spark.
Which one will it be ? I don’t care if you trust me or not. You will find the only people who would ever help us, are us. You lied to everyone ! You lied to me. So, here’s where the losers are ? Nobody takes what’s mine. The use of this power has an effect, consequences. Even on myself, you know ? All I want is offering you a world where we don’t live in fear.

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