Let’s VR: OMEGA AGENT – Gear VR gameplay
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Let’s VR: OMEGA AGENT – Gear VR gameplay

August 26, 2019

Let’s VR! This is Amber, you watching Virtual Reality game play today I’m playing Omega Agent on the Gear VR. In Omega Agent, you play a secret Agent, with a jetpack. and there are two modes to this game one
is free flight mode and the other is the mission mode. Right now I’m going to
show you the free flight mode, where you get to fly around the city — actually this is a Omega Island — you get to
fly around Omega Island with your jetpack. You collect things, such as that
briefcase floating in the sky there, and it’s an attache case. If I collect more, I
will unlock trinkets in the control room, such as logo on spy mug or a little
British flag that it sitting on my desk. During this free flight mode you can
just practice the controls and also collect things. This is kind of like an open world game. It’s a
very small world and you’re the only person in the world but it’s still really cool to be able to fly around wherever your want. This game requires a gampad, and the controls: on the right bumper, that’s your thrust, to thrust up, the left bumper is your boost which makes you a boost in the direction you’re
looking so it gives you some extra speed the left stick up and down controls your
pitch and left and right makes you strafe. To actually turn you use either right
stick, your head, or you can use what I am using which is the swivel chair mode so you have three different choices you can set. I like the swivel chair mode because then as you actually turn your body then you turn the jet pack as well. So that
helped me from getting motion sick. So experimental with the different controls to find one that’s right for you and now I’m going to show you one of the missions. In the
missions you can use weapons. There are three different weapons. On the A button
there’s machine guns, on the B button there’s a shotgun, the X button there are the homing missiles. and the Y button is unused. So the missiles are fastest firing, but they have a
cooldown, so you can’t just use them all the time. The shotgun is powerful but
only is short range, and the homing missiles you only get 8 before they run out and then they have to recover again. So now I’m going around these underground tunnels in Omega Island destroying the drones. I’m trying to shoot them one after another because
then I increase my kill streak, and you can see right now I have time nine as my killstreak
and the more killstreak I have, the more points I get, and the more stars I get. You can see I already have two out of three stars. When you do these missions, the more stars you get,
the more you increase in ranking, and you can unlock additional missions. Now I’m at
the boss, the final boss machine of this mission. This is part of the second
mission group there are five mission groups, each containing eight missions. There’s a total of forty missions in this game, although they’re pretty short, some of the missions are only a few minutes long. Although there is a good amount of content in this game, between
those missions and the free flight mode. In the free flight mode besides
collecting things, there are also these little puzzle that you can solve, which you’d
expect from the company that made this game, Fireproof Games because, they also did
the very successful puzzler mobile app called The Room. But this one is more of
a fly around, fun, shooter type of game. I really enjoyed it. It took me a while to get the hang of the
controls, so if you’re finding that difficult, be patient, with practice you too
will be flying your jetpack around Omega Island. Now I’ve almost destroyed
this boss monster. Its blinking red, it’s going to explode if I just hit it a few
more times but I have to be careful not to get hit by that blue laser, or else I
will be destroyed. Oh no, I just got hit! Who’s going to get hit first, me or the monster.. the monster! Yes! I have destroyed the robot. And my
agent reading is three stars, 3 stars for that mission. I’m back in the control
room and I am an Omega Agent! Yay! You’ve been watching Let’s VR,
virtual reality gameplay that was Omega Agent, subscribe to my channel for more videos.

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  1. I'm sold on this one. I didn't know it was from the studio behind The Room. Hope they make a creepy VR puzzler too someday.

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