LGR – The Sims 3 Into The Future Review
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LGR – The Sims 3 Into The Future Review

August 26, 2019

[typing] You know what? Sometimes, being here sucks. And by that I mean being HERE sucks! This specific time and place. It’s all so 21st Century, you know? Same old buildings, same old technology, same old semi-breathable air. What you need… …is time travel!
(What?) What you need is
The Sims 3: Into The Future, the eleventh and final
expansion pack to The Sims 3. Yes, you heard me correctly. This has been stated to be the very last of the full expansions to the game, and in turn is the last
expansion review I will ever do [sigh] At least until The Sims 4 comes out
and kills us ALL under the sheer weight of its no doubt dozen-plus expansions. So don’t get too sad,
I’m not going anywhere. “Play with traveling to the future… and back!” Shape and alter the future! Disrespect your fellow man! Play God for your own selfish desires. Screw over your descendants for the here and now. Totally not a commentary on certain
publisher business practices, nope nope. Into The Future begins in the here and now with a bright blue loading screen
composed of approximately 648 hexagons. Not quite those of the
Turquoise Sun variety, but, hey, probably close enough for
*some* Canadian boards out there. There is no new town
included with this expansion, at least not in the sense that you
can choose it from the main menu. So just slather up an old save or chart a new future for yourself with a new game in an existing town. Doe’n’t matter what you
pick because before long, some crazy crap will start happening
right in front of your vision organs. It’s a portal of mystery, a mysterious
portal, a gateway to another time! It’s also an eyesore that randomly
appears anywhere on your lot, so you may want to remove it
somewhere more appropriate later. Anyway, some doofy looking dude
will come waltzing out of there saying “Marty! You’ve got to come back with me!” He then gives you a Time Almanac, and it’s up to you if you
want to follow him or not. And being that his name is
“time traveler” spelled backwards, of course you’re going to go
with him because that stuff is legit! But first you have to collect some
stupid… glowing tubes from your yard… Okay, time to go! [portal sounds] Welcome to Oasis Landing, a completely
new town in a completely new location with completely new people, places and things. So, yes, apparently the time portal
is more of a space-time portal, but whatever, man, technicalities! You may don’t think
it be like it is but it do. Now, one might think,
“Well, this place looks…” “…acceptably decent.” I mean, depending on who you ask,
the future is either going to be bright, or it’s going to be grim, but for it to be just kind of average? Well, color me meh’d. But see there’s a good reason for that,
as this is actually the Neutral Future. As you play the game, you can
influence things in a variety of ways to also get a Utopian or Dystopian
Future when you next time travel. Things are more or less the same in each
of them but they do have different aesthetics and a few unique things going for them. The Dystopian Future’s about what you would expect: everything has a shade of
Fallout/Mad Max: The Road to it, but without all the truly
horrible stuff that comes along with said post-apocalypses. You know, like rampant murder, injustice, irradiation, Mel Gibson’s chest hair,
stuff like that. In fact you could just call the
Dystopian Future the Dirty Future because really everything is the same,
just a bit dirtied up. It’s not so bad here really, just some extra smog,
an occasional pile of useful garbage. Not unlike certain metropolitan
areas in our world today. Oh yeah and this happens too: [meteor crash and explosion] So that can be a hassle, I guess. But still it just makes you dirtier, no big deal. Then there’s a Utopian Future and this… uh, hmm, well, it’s freaking La La Land. Not only is everything absurdly bright and shiny, but the trees and shrubbery look like something
right out of Katy Perry Sweet Treats. [ding] [fire crackling, Sims screaming] Yes, utopia. Everyone is far too happy, tosses magical colored goo at each other and walks around like a nut job because everything is just wonderful. To be honest, it kind of freaks me out
in a very Stepford Wives kind of way, so I tend not to spend too much
time here because I’m a realist. But anyway, whatever future you find
yourself in, there’s a ton of things you can do. And if you continue talking to
your time-traveling tour guide, he’ll give you a bunch of
them as sort of a tutorial. One of the first things you’ll come
across are the new modes of transportation, the first of which is the jetpack. While I will say that it’s about time Sim Duke Nukem got a jet pack, it leaves a bit to be desired. Don’t get any bright ideas of hovering
over your house and city at will because, much like the hot-air
balloon added in Aurora Skies, it just lets you hover straight up and then teleports you too far off destinations. Another mode of transport is the hover board, which is full of all kinds of
“Power of Love” in my book. It’s a proper replacement for walking and even if it’s not made
by Mattel, it’s just awesome. You also still have cars which act
exactly the same as old school cars, except they hover and have an aesthetic that would make Rick Deckard feel right at home even while crying in the rain. And lastly, you have the
new monorail tram system. It’s a train thing that floats along a
trail of Pac-Man pills, so that’s neat. In practice, it’s not much faster than a car
but at least it’s something different, and, hey, mass transit is transitionally massive. Oh, and if you have the
limited edition of the pack, you get the Quantum Power Pack, which is a ridiculously overpowered
nanosuit exoskeleton thing which allows you to teleport all over
the place by violating wormholes. One thing you can do with all this
transportation is track down any descendants your Sim may have. Yes, the game will so kindly
generate a future family tree based on your current-day Sim’s traits,
actions, career, partner and otherwise. Coming into contact with them may not
exactly be thinking fourth dimensionally, and may just tear a hole in
the space-time continuum, but chances are the worst that’ll happen is that your future offspring
are poor, unhappy and think you are a giant douche nozzle. So if your future family disowns past you, you can always go with the futuristic
family alternative with Plumbots. Not to be confused with Simbots
from the Ambitions expansion, Plumbots are very advanced, very customizable and very human-like androids that can do practically anything
a human Sim can do, but better. Yes, that too. I know what you’re thinking. If you want one or more of these guys, all you’ve gotta do is drop by your local
Plumbot retailer and purchase one. Or you could take the DIY approach and purchase, scavenge or create the
components and make one yourself, which is not only a new skill
but a career, if you so desire. And the new Create a Bot mode allows
you to choose from a seriously impressive number of parts and configurations, allowing for bots ranging from
the tackiest woohoo machine to a balls of literal steel Robo-Duke. ROBO-DUKE: [robot voice]
I am the real Duke Nukem. Balls of steel. LGR:
These bots can be augmented
with all sorts of traits, from simple things like knowing
how to cook, clean, and play chess to stuff that would make
Asimov squeal with intrigue. Like being able to learn, think, love and even turn against humanity. And, yes, bots can not only fall in
love with Sims, but with each other. They can get married and oddly enough even make
other bots in their own image. Just one sentient yet evil chipset away from a Skynet-like uprising,
and that’s kind of awesome. To prepare for Judgment Day, of course,
you’ll need the proper futuristic attire and how’s that for a segue? It comes in variants for
men, women, children, teens, and whoever else needs clothing,
which… is everyone. Honestly, the clothing
disappoints me for two reasons. One: it’s just ugly.
It looks like a spastic mix between Original Series Star Trek
and The Hunger Games. And two: where’s my Road Warrior attire? My raider outfits. My worn out
rags and goggles and SPIKES! It seems like they were going for a
rather upscale utopian look overall, which isn’t exactly fitting
for all future scenarios. Ah, well, at least you get silly facial hair that looks like it was styled by
someone on PCP, so that’s something. The rest of the items are all more or less just
quote-unquote “futuristic” versions of old items, sometimes with a new
feature or two packed in there. Like, kids get a virtual pet thing that can be played with,
talked to, and fed and all that, which works a lot like an imaginary
friend from the Generations expansion. You also get computers that
look like Jedi training orbs that project Minority Report
crap in front of your face. TVs and video games that are holographic and somehow still play freakin’ Skate and
Burnout: Paradise hundreds of years into the future. Beds that are now sleeping pods that allow you to choose
specific dreams beforehand which help you level up
your skills while you rest. Chess tables that may as
well come with pointy ears and a set of immaculately maintained bangs. Sonic showers that take care
of scrubbing your nads without having to waste time stripping down. Food and drink synthesizers that allow
you to replicate your tea, Earl Gray hot. Laser Rhythmicons that are basically theremins for a futuristic Spencer’s Gifts store. And the bountiful chairs,
which don’t do a single thing different because good God, why the nuts
would they? They’re freakin’ chairs. There are also plenty of
other assorted things to do, like exploring the wasteland for Nanites, imbuing rare crystals with
emotions for your Plumbots, and even discovering the
secret of a crashed alien vessel. But I won’t spoil what that is here for you. Okay, it’s an ad showing the
concept art for The Sims 4, naturally. Oh, look! Here’s an ad for SimCity’s
Cities of Tomorrow expansion. [loud sigh] Even centuries into the future, we can’t quite
escape the marketing machine of EA, can we? And when all your future
experiences are over with, you can snap back to reality. Oh, there goes gravity. Back to the real world just as you left it. Except now with all your sweet future tech
and experiences completely ruining it! Seriously, it’s like you never had to
go to the future in the first place. And you can grab all the new
awesome stuff in Build mode anyway and place it right there. But whatever, there is a point to coming back, in that you can influence the future world by doing things like winning the lottery, becoming a philanthropist, and as a result, a statue of you looking like a doofus
will be erected of you in the future. Ah, the lengths some people will go to to get stoned. Literally. That’s a bad joke. So is The Sims 3: Into The
Future worth buying or not? As has been the case from Day One, the suggested retail price is $40 USD, and for me, the price is just barely worth it. To put it bluntly, I had a lot of fun with this crap. Seeing your later generations of Sims exploring the wasteland for red herrings, building love-making Robo-Dukes and figuring out what all the new
future tech alters is a lot of fun. In fact, this is more or less exactly
what I wanted from The Sims: Medieval. Just an expansion that keeps
the core Sims gameplay in tact, but somehow introduces a
new location and/or time period. And in that regard,
this is well worth the money to me. On the other hand, it’s *highly* specific
in the type of experience it provides, and is a massive departure of
the look and feel of the base game. It’s all sci-fi all the time, and whether or not you like that as
a part of your Simming experience will determine if you think
this is awesome or not. For me, I like it for a time as a distraction, but I don’t see myself using anything
as part of my normal gameplay just because it’s so far-fetched. But yeah, don’t let that stop you if you
do like weird sci-fi in your Sim life, because Into The Future is here in the present, and it’s got a lot on offer. [funky guitar riff] Did you enjoy something about this video? Well I’ve got plenty more on The Sims 3 and a bunch of other stuff, too. Click one of these video clips
and it’ll take you to ’em. Or just click Subscribe because I put out a new video every week and there’s a ton more coming. And as always, thank you for watching.

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