LGR – The Sims 3 Supernatural Review
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LGR – The Sims 3 Supernatural Review

August 26, 2019

[typing] When I play The Sims 3, I’m normally
looking to emulate real life, more or less. You know, play with the natural order
of things and see what happens. But it’s inevitable that before long,
someone gets the idea to take the natural and make it far-more super. While I personally prefer my spooks spooked, goblins gobbled, UFOs KOed, aliens alienated, vampires evaporated and monsters
remonstrated, it doesn’t matter because now we’ve got The Sims 3 Supernatural! The seventh expansion pack for The Sims 3. “Embrace the Supernatural” with just about every horror story cliche imaginable, yet with that trademark Sims twist. This is not the expansion droid I’m looking for. But here it is in my hands, so I may as well drop the disc in and see what I get. Supernatural starts off with a not-so-
super-looking loading screen that–whoa! The moon! Uhh, more moon! MORE moon! Full moon. After the loading screen finishes mooning you, you’re taken to the the moon menu– er, main menu… to select an old game or start a new one. Starting a new one gives you a chance
to try out the new town with Supernatural, Moonlight Falls. In this town, the moonlight continually falls and is never once even tempted to rise. It’s not quite Mystic Falls, Virginia, but it still has an appropriately foggy, murky, small town Americana look that fits
the whole naturally super vibe going on. There is a metric crap-ton of new junk in this pack. But the main attraction is the new set of life states: In fact, if you want to jump
right into many of these, you can do so with Create a Sim. All of the new ones, minus zombies, can be chosen, as well as two old ones: ghosts and genies. This makes it easier to play as these beings, since you don’t have to go out
of your way to get turned into one through normal gameplay anymore. You can also apply 12 new skin tones, adjust things like ear pointiness and fingernails, as well as choose a completely
separate look for turned werewolves, essentially letting you have two Sims in one. You can only choose one life
state at a time here, though, so forget any plans you may have for creating a zombie-fairy-
werewolf-genie-man-bear-pig. May as well cover the dickload of new
clothing and hair items since we’re here. Seriously, there’s a lot. Ten new tattoos, nine new
accessories, two new facial hairs, 24 new hairstyles and 86 new outfits – from children to elders – way too much to show here,
so I’m not even going to try. Granted, most of this fits in with that whole
gothic, supernatural, Addams Family-esque theme, so don’t expect to see summer
dresses and Speedos here. You also get some new traits, like Night Owl, Supernatural Skeptic, and Supernatural Fan. And no, that has nothing to do with whether
or not you like Sam and Dean Winchester. Enough of that, on with the life states, with the first one being vampires. Now you may be thinking: What the cow? Weren’t there vampires in the Late Night expansion? Yes, questioner of the bovine. You are correct! And if you didn’t have Late Night, you’ll have them now. They can perform all the same hunting,
plasma-sucking, sunlight-avoiding, Usain Bolt-ing actions from Late Night, but they have a few new additions. Now vampires can apply vampiric sunblock so they don’t fall apart in the sun, which almost makes being a vampire
completely devoid of drawbacks. Blood-suckers also have the ability to
hypnotically gaze into the eyes of Sims, admit to or deny their vampiric existence, and intimidate and exploit
weaknesses of lesser Sims. So, yeah, they’re definitely a step up from Late Night, although most of their day-to-day
life will remain the same. They can also receive the Immortal Lifetime award, which of course means they’ll never age or die. Although, this also causes
them to sparkle in the sunlight. [groans] You just had to do it, didn’t you, SimStudio? I thanked you guys for having some taste and leaving out sparkly
vampires from Late Night, and now this. What’s next, brooding over underage
girls and long walks in the woods? The only way to atone for this is to
create a Blade Sim for the next expansion. Just makin’ that clear. Enough of the unfortunate sparkles.
Next up, we have zombies. Although you can’t make these guys from scratch, existing adult Sims can become
a zombie by being bitten by one. All it takes is one infected bite
and before you know it, you’ll have an epidemic of walkers on your hands. Another way to become a zombie is
to make use of a zombification elixir. These are brewed by anyone with high enough
alchemy skill, but we’ll get to that later. Once you are a zombie, you can
shuffle around and snarl at people, and if you’re lucky, you might get
a tasty chunk of live Sim flesh. Might want to stop by the Sweet Treats
House of Pain while you’re at it. There’s plenty of candies Sim flesh in there, though it might be a bit charred. So yeah, being a zombie isn’t that great,
and it wears off over time. So you can see why you’re not
allowed to create your own zombie Sim, since it’s about as permanent
as a Kardashian marriage. Well, at least under typical circumstances, since zombies created by a potent
zombie elixir or reanimation ritual will remain zombified until
hit with a cure of some kind, like stronger elixirs and fairy dust. However, another element to
consider are zombie invasions. Remember that lunar loading screen? Turns out the moon is a big addition to Supernatural, and now you have lunar cycles to keep up with. You can either just look at this
icon near your Sim’s portrait, or buy a lunar dial to check the lunar state and read your lunar horoscope. When it’s a full moon,
all sorts of craziness happens, supernatural creatures go on high alert, and zombies will start attacking your home. Well, less attacking, more sauntering by
and messing around with your stuff a bit. They’ll also eat plants, so if you have an outdoor garden, well that sucks. And, yeah, you heard that right.
There’s a zombie on your lawn, eating plants. Hey, EA owns PopCap Games now, so why not? Actually, there’s even a set of Plants vs. Zombies
content in the limited edition of Supernatural, including a working pea shooter plant. Plop this little guy onto your
yard for some home defense, where it will eventually remove zombification
from a Sim if it hits one with enough peas. You can also play catch with the little guys, which, I must admit, is oddly endearing. The next life state is the fairy. And obviously the most notable
difference from normal Sims is the fact that they’ve got
magical freaking wings. On their back. You can’t exactly go flying
all over the place with these, but you can hover a bit. Kind of like having a weak jetpack. Another big edition is the magic meter for fairies, right below the lunar cycle meter. You can use your fairy magic to perform all sorts of weird little stunts. Like playing slightly evil tricks on other Sims, and transforming into a
shrunken sprite form to pester Sims by tinkering with their bells or something. You can also cast auras, which affect the skills and mood of
Sims around you for both good and bad. Fairies are also great at creative endeavors
like painting, writing and sculpting. They age slower than regular Sims, and they’re also awesome gardeners and can even help plants magically grow faster. They’ll eventually run out of
their magical magic juice, though, so you’re stuck either waiting for it to regenerate or looking for a magic replenishment elixir. You can also find fairies hanging
around in little fairy houses, usually located in gardens, like the ones located at the
new Arboretum community lot. Though you can also just buy
your own and use it at home, as sort of a home away from home… at home… homie. The fairies are also able to level up their
magical abilities the more they use them, so there’s quite a bit to do with these guys if you can deal with the omnipresent,
constantly flapping, neon raver wings. Though I’ve heard you can just get
rid of them, but that just seems mean. Witches are next on the menu, and these are exactly what one would expect. You burn through ’em and
slam in the back of my Dragula. Both dudes and chicks aged
teen to elder can become witches, and these are essentially occultist magicians. Their big draw is the ability to learn and cast spells, either with magic wands or with their hands once they’re good enough. You’ll start with a basic wand and skill level and with enough practice and money, you can progress to wandier wands and magic…ier magic. Like fairies, witches have a
magic meter to keep up with, and performing both good and bad
spells with deplete this magic. And it’s pretty cool when
witches meet up with each other, since then a witch duel may occur. It’s rarely ever deadly, and it’s a cool way to test out spells and see who’s the wickedest witch of the wherever. They also have the ability to ride brooms, both on the road in place of a normal vehicle or in a broom area that’s totally not Quidditch. Nope. Though I sometimes prefer to
have my witches use a bicycle when riding through Kansas. Just add the threat of getting pretties and little dogs, and we’re set for one “Oz-some” time. Another huge thing to screw with is alchemy. Though not exclusive to witches,
they do it better than anyone else. This is pretty much like the chemical
table from the Generations expansion, just with a more magical slant. You can concoct all sorts of elixirs, from those that help to those that hurt. From skill-boosting potions to instant obesity. It’s awesome to throw these evil
things at Sims and watch them squirm. Or mix it into their drink if you want
to go for a more covert approach. Alchemy also feeds into the
existing collectibles mechanic, since many of these potions require weird items. There are a bunch of new items
along with the existing collectibles, so it’s nice that they’ve added a collectibles
journal to keep up with everything. You can also just forgo a lot of the searching by checking out the alchemy store community lot. Though it’s expensive and they don’t have everything, so chances are you’ll still have to
roll your own for the best potions. Finally, the final live state with…
finality… is the werewolf. Whether you create a Jake team member yourself or become one by getting bitten or using a potion, werewolves are pretty friggin’ rad. Well, they could be more rad with a
Michael J. Fox edition, but I digress. Sims with lycanthropic tendencies can transform into a werewolf at any time, but they’re at the top of their
game during a full moon. I think it’s a bit unfortunate that you can’t go on
a classic werewolf rampage through the town, so instead you’re left with
the familiar parody creature you may be used to from previous Sims games. But hey, at least you can… scratch the couch. That’s… that’s cool… You can also howl at the moon, more or less. Which doesn’t do much of anything it seems, except let people know that you’re loud. [howling] [coughing] In fact, werewolves can’t do
much of anything special at all. I mean, sure, you can run around trying to
bite people and turning them into werewolves, but what’s the point? You’re effectively a glorified dog
wandering around acting silly. And you can form packs of
werewolves if you want to, but again, what’s the point?
You can’t go around being evil. And I’ve seen Robin Williams impersonators that are hairier and scarier than these guys. You know, really, just forget that I said they were rad. These are probably the lamest of the
playable life states, in my opinion, because of all the lost potential. The only real use I’ve found for the werewolf is being sort of a companion to the witch, since they can hunt out rare collectibles, but, yeah, you can do that on your own,
it’s just maybe not as effective. Werewolves are normally awesome because they’re unpredictable
and blood-thirsty monsters. These… aren’t. Someone turns out to be a werewolf, who cares? Just keep him away from the sofa and smack it with a rolled up
newspaper every so often; you’re cool. And that’s all of the life states, but frick, there’s so much more. Another big addition is the return of the Bone Hilda
skeletal maid from The Sims: Makin’ Magic. Just buy her coffin and
let her loose into your house to clean up the werewolf
droppings and spilled fairy dust. There’s also a sweet, sliding bookcase door that fits in nicely with the rest of
the Haunted Mansion-style decor. Eh, it’s just a door. It acts like a door. It’s a door. But it looks like a bookcase, and that’s awesome. Fitting in with the witch’s lair is the magic mirror. Though it’s not on the wall, it’s on the floor, which totally screws up the rhyme, so whoever came up with that idea can suck it. You’ve also got a whack-a-mole machine, as well as a claw machine, called “The Claaaaaw!” Yes, I’m serious, so go-go gadget Pixar lawyers. This one’s ripe. There’s also a couple cool things
I’ve always kinda sorta wanted at certain times of day on Tuesdays. Like grandfather clocks and rocking chairs. You also get beehives. For keeping bees. In hives. Handy-dandy stuff if you fancy ingesting bee barf, or if you need things like honeycomb
and bees for concocting elixirs. There’s also a gypsy caravan that you can visit, which not only lets you get your fortune told but allows you to enter into the fortune teller career. Oh, a career based on ripping people off
and overcharging for useless stuff. Heh-heh. I found the favorite job of the person who
came up with Katy Perry Sweet Treats. Throw in even more stuff like a new
Dark Wave music type, stone skipping, player-to-player gifting,
monsters under children’s beds, a bush that grows potentially lethal jelly beans, being transformed into a toad, flying vacuum cleaners and more, and you’ve got a seriously beefy expansion pack. [sighs] So, is The Sims 3 Supernatural worth buying or not? Well, like always, the suggested retail price is $40 USD. And for as much paranormal playtime
as you get here, that’s not a bad deal. But here’s the thing to consider: do you want horror fantasy in your Sims 3 game? Personally, I kind of *don’t.* Yeah, yeah, it’s nice for a quick
distraction from the same old routine, and I’d have no issue with it being a standalone game. But plant-eating zombies and sparkling vampires are not why I play The Sims 3. I want to play with life, not the undead. Sure, you can disable the supernatural creatures
and lunar cycle and all that in the options menu, which I must commend the developers for including. But, really, if you’re going to disable all this stuff, why have the expansion at all? It’s for this reason that I personally cannot
whole-heartedly recommend Supernatural to any and every Sims player. Yes, it’s a very well-made pack with a ton of content. But a large chunk of that content pertains to stuff that’s ripped straight out of the
playbook of old monster movies and doesn’t do much at all to
expand the classic Sims formula, which is what I look for in an expansion pack. And disregarding that, due to its Teen
rating it plays it safe with the horror and ends up as a watered-down,
family-friendly experience. It’s got all the terror and frightening monster
imagery as Bobby Pickett’s “Monster Mash.” Not that I was expecting loads of gore or anything, but, you know, more dire consequences for
crossing these supernaturals would be welcome. But that’s probably beside the point for a lot of people, And if you want a bunch of supernatural
creatures roaming throughout your towns, this is the expansion for you and
I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. It’s packed to the brim full of very well-made content, and that’s how an expansion *should* be. Well, if you’re into this kind of expansion.

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  1. You forgot 1 thing about the Zombies I found on complete accident…… they cant spawn in fenced in yards……. no fooling you can fence in your yard and just not deal with these bastards if you so wish to not deal with them at all.

  2. "If you're going to make the supernatural lifestates optional why make the expansion pack at all?" …. totally disagree. I know that most people really dislike the Supernatural expansion pack but it's always been my favorite. It does have its disappointments (lame werewolves , non-dangerous zombies) but I love it. Again , I know I'm in the minority but I hope Supernaturals don't go away

  3. 0:56 I made the mistake of taking a sip from my cup and struggled not to do a spittake because just… so many moons! XD Seriously though this expansion does look pretty sweet, the only two things that really bother me about it are:

    a) Zombies. They've never been very fun to play as or interesting, even in previous games, and them roaming the town destroying my plants or turning my sims does not appeal to me. I seriously hope that's a feature you can turn off.
    b) They missed such an opportunity with the werewolves! I've always been a big werewolf fan so it's pretty disappointing you can't do more with them and that they're taken so lightly. I guess that's what mods are for but dammit EA would it have killed you to put in a little more effort with the werewolves?!

    That aside I love the vampires, witches, fairies, etc. and I'm partial to gothic clothing and interiors so that suits me just fine, lol. Honestly, this pack probably would go great with the Seasons one because of Halloween.

  4. I didn't want this expansion for the very same reasons you listed, but after installing it, I could never do without it! I love all the things that it offers. I like to do more than just eat, sleep, go to work, and build up skills, which is all a lot of people do. My Sims are almost always unemployed once they've earned enough money to retire and so I spend quite a lot of time with them. I also keep them up for days at a time with the Motive Mobile LTR which means that I don't have to wait for them to get their 8 hours of sleep every night. So with all of this free time, I like to have strange and weird things for them to do.

    I bought the Greenhouse set from the Sims Store and an entire room in their house dedicated to quite a few of the skill tables (inventing, chemistry, alchemy, painting, and sculpting). My Sims have so much to do that I never ever get bored anymore. When they're not leveling up skills or performing illusions as a magician (the profession I'm currently playing with since I think it'll be awesome to have a level 10 Witch who's a level 10 Magician), they're building their power in the occult! Each day is new. Each day is exciting! Each day is different than the day before. If my Sims woke up, ate breakfast, went to work, came home, ate dinner, and went to bed, I'd uninstall the game and put the DVD inside my microwave on the popcorn setting! That just isn't fun for me! Like I said, all of my Sims reach level 10 in at least one career before retiring, but once that's done, I let them enjoy the benefits of being wealthy. No, I don't use cheats- money is too easy to get for that.

    This is why I love Supernatural. My Sims have a lot of free time. I like to spend that time doing cool and unusual things! And yes, the Sims 3 werewolves are super lame.

  5. You probably didn't notice the huge exploit in this expansion. A genie can ensorcel a Sim thereby taking control of that Sim for a short time. During that time, you can force them to use the philosopher's stone. The stone will eventually backfire on the poor enslaved guy or gal turning them into a $60,000 statue that you can then sell.

  6. I know I'm commented on a very old video, but I have TS3 SN and I'm gonna get the game soon. P.S. Your reviews are very helpful. And I don't have TS3 ST because is seems horrible and dumb, but will the Genie option still be in CAS if I don't have Showtime?

  7. Overall I was satisfied with this expansion pack. If you like playing with magic, supernatural creatures and this kind of dark 'goth' style, it is worth the money. Personally I wish witches were more fleshed out. I absolutely LOVED witches in TS2. Would've been great if they brought some items and these magical castles back. Also missed the mystic book and a cauldron but I guess you have to buy the 'More Magic!' bundle at the TS3 store for this. Feels a bit like money grabbing but it's nothing compared to which bullshit they did to TS4.

  8. Mooning you, more moons… Moon menu… oops Main menu. 😂😂😂 I love watching these videos over and over again. One of the best reviewers on youtube for Sims games 😁

  9. having a child vampire is OP and unbalanced
    you can level up all skills to lvl 10 in one day
    makes the game very easy to being rich, cause you can being promoted once a day

  10. Ahhh yes,I remember playing this on my Nokia phone a very long time ago.the very best sims game on symbian or java devices.

  11. i remember whenever i played on the moonlight falls town
    i would always get a headache
    who knows why
    not me-

  12. I'm very late to this review, I love the Winchester reference, but I absolutely lost it at the Daffy Duck reference. That was my favorite Looney Tunes episode

  13. Yooo back then I wasn't interested in this pack but after playing a lot of Sims 4…. this pack, in fact all of them, are so much more tempting…

  14. sigh I just want the content of sims 3 with the graphics and style of the sims 4. Honestly my favourite packs are always the occult

  15. That Sparkly Twilight Vampire addition, it had me laughing, (Personally, I actually use this pack to mess with around some of the stuff and the unicorn I have, I use to be a complete Satan and set fire to my neighbor's homes) >;D

  16. I think it’s so funny that EA used to send LGR free codes to review until he started being like “get ur shut together sims team”

  17. Ahh I remember this! This and university life were my favourite packs by far! I always remember living in a cheap apartment (I didn’t know any cheats yet) with bunk beds. I would always play with only the fairies because i didn’t like the other monsters or whatever. I would also get annoyed when the fairy wings would go through the bed haha. The good days 🤪

    Does anyone else relate to this or is it just me…?

  18. "There's also a couple cool things I've always kind of sort of wanted at certain times of day.. .on Tuesdays."

  19. This has so much gameplay that when I think about the sims 4 Island Living i feel sorry for sims 4. Sulani is such a beautiful world. With NOTHING to do. It is embarassing how much content sims 3 had compared to 5 fuc*** years of sims 4

  20. I am watching all of LGR's review of the Sims 3. It's 2019 and I realized how good the Sims 3 compared to the Sims 4 that we have 🙁

  21. The Immortal lifetime trait could've had it where basically it (instead of sparkles in the sun) has your vampire sim have a shadow umbrella.

  22. Hello, people of 2012, it is me, curly bug, I have come from the future to tell you, that the sims 4 is shit, but the good shit that comes out in one push, still shit though, also I recommend you try to avoid the dame to cosita meme when that comes around, it's scary as f*ck, anyways, I will now go back to 2019, see you then!

  23. I dead seriously love how much you despise Katy Perry sweet treats 😄 it's what made me sub in the first place!

  24. Sold me when you said I can disable some creatures. I'm all about the witches…MAYbe the fairies. Have no interest for zombies, vampires, or warewolves.

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  26. All life states will now be in 20-30 quid expansions for the Sims 4 😂 wasting money. I’m replaying Sims 3, 2 and 1. I just love the nostalgia.

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