Live Update!  BH 9 Released with Flying Dang Hogs?  Really?
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Live Update! BH 9 Released with Flying Dang Hogs? Really?

August 18, 2019

All right, everybody here we go coming up on the lab stream Here we go coming up on the live stream Mic Check Mic, Check Mic Check That’s right. It’s time to have some clash of clans fun So we’re gonna get get rockin here in just a minute. Let’s make sure we got everything going. Hey, what’s up King apex? How’s it going man? Good to have you We’re just getting up and running get things rollin here You know what came down gonna grab a soda real quick just a second then we’re gonna get rolling I Know I know I should have done this before All right, so this cause for madam do of course Sponsor do anything I’m just like drinking it. That’s all hey King, apex when we I don’t think you want to attack this basically mean if you want to you can but What I’m gonna do is I do have to take care of a couple of a war attacks here Let’s get a glitch out couple valves here Do I should take care of that Alright, so we’re building up finishing out our troops here to 30 out of 250 but really kind of what we’re concentrating on here is the Builder basin, you know, obvi, you know was the The builder base update which by the way, I mean really looks pretty cool There’s a there’s a lot of new stuff in the update So if you haven’t seen it, I would definitely make sure that you then you go check that out flying hogs Yeah, yeah, I know your glitch King I got you buddy So, uh, so flying hogs that that’s gonna be new we haven’t haven’t yet seen that I’m not sure how they did it whether they strap them to jet packs or you know Maybe give them hang gliders I think is what that is. Now. Here’s the thing In glitchy like this, you know, just put this in here This base is pretty tough It’s a th 11 some decent walls. It’s gonna need it. It’s clearly gonna need some more work For it from a wall standpoint, but if you guys recall This is the base I did not do the gold pass on so I didn’t so admittedly I’ll be I’ll be real honest I’ve been kind of neglecting this base. There’s a super cool dude out there Named Fonz and he runs a channel called Fonz gaming So if you haven’t seen it yet. Make sure you check it out. It’s pretty cool channel. It does a lot of stuff on like How to get 4,000, you know dark elixir in 15 minutes or you know, whatever the case may be So so a really cool channel, but going back to the long and the short of it I’ve been kind of neglecting with this base just a little bit now. I don’t mean neglect from I don’t check in on it I do too, you know, obviously empty they empty the stores and just kind of kind of keep it going but this base Even as a th11 gets jacked like is the second the shield comes down boom jacked, right? Getting jacked like Walt and Jesse, that’s right. All right, sorry So so when it comes down to it, you know this base It just gets hit and when it does it loses a ton. So for example, maybe look at this top one here Gotta love the Klan name first off sir, drink a lot But Barak over at sir drink a lot brought in looks like a level 50 queen Six electro dragons and a host of spells. I can’t resist. Let’s go ahead and take a look at that one Let’s see how this one went down if you will because I lost a crap ton of loot now This is case in point on where I got a max my air defenses Man I’m looking good today, just so y’all know Right, so those electro dragons are working through their Being those things are mean But they’re expensive. They really are I think there are 30,000 but pry those those are level to sit by 40,000 so you got 240,000 tied up only In electrode racks that’s not counting the spells And everything else that goes along with it. So that’s a it’s a pretty spendy a pretty spendy attack if you will So keep kind of watching that one And then the Queen’s gonna kind of keep Warner on this side Or are you gonna go live King? I’m kind of cool All right that man that Queen just keeps going done she we have a hard time taking her down All right, cool So as you guys know with the $5 season pass right now One team donations and all kinds of cool stuff to go on with your base So I couldn’t resist watching that one. I really should be probably up in Champions League, but it’s kind of like hanging out down here You know, I mean, alright so with any luck our troops should be about ready at least on this one So 2:46, that would have been those four archers that we needed now the reason I’m doing this is Even though I don’t have the $5 pass I still have challenges, right? That I want to pick up one of which is going to be the valve. And then the other one is the archer Queen And then I’m working on the box or VI. It’s Over in my builder base, right? I’m not really good with boxer giants. I don’t know I’m just more into brief giants If anybody got that that was hilarious I’m just saying alright See what we can do here we get what do we got in the way of spells? Ooh? We need to make some more as what what we got my huge fan of the Skelly Love the Skelly if you see me use them alright, so we looks like well, I want to get these over here, but we’re gonna need Six seven eight nine and then we are gonna Queen walk this Let’s get our our archers ready Because we need to money from your season pass. I want my five dollars back super so No, I didn’t want to do that. Let’s get a couple wall breakers in there for good measure. We are gonna need some gigantic dose Dosage, I’m not dose. Oh Okay, I got you ma’am man, I don’t even I’m retarded I don’t even know what a bro switch is I Threw up just a couple Couple miners in there. Alright, so let’s see what we got here Thirty-four archers tinge I got those Five Bambara six Huizar dos ten my nurse and that nang vocalist Sorry couldn’t mess that one up now. Come on Jesus King hook it up. I need some donates, bro. No, I’m just kidding It’s matter of fact, sometimes I like to go without donates now. Why are my heroes down did I just get? Oh, it was because of the recent calamitous attack Well, that’s fine. Because what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna jump over to our builder base Which is really where all the action is going today. Anyway stand by one You’ll have to look up that bro switch there That’s kind of cool is it is it like the the PS the mobile PS platform the the PS live or whatever they call it You’re not too familiar. I’m good with Mac Is that if that counts? Alright so get the $5 season pass let’s jump over here. So we got th11 Now this one here builder Hall seven And it’s not that I haven’t been working on it I have once again, this is my kind of heavier base, but you know I just kind of progressed along as I go and the other thing too is And if you’ve seen my channel It kind of is what it is. I’m not a fan of Jimmy. I’m just really not. I mean, I’ve got four 43-hundred I’m gonna probably need another builder right which they’ve just now released But I don’t think I’m eligible for that. Maybe let me look here Where’s the Builder Hut’s There’s a giant cannon Oh Army camp. I know I sorry my bad. I need to go over here who Cheetos asleep at the controls today? All right, so shop here. I don’t want to buy anything Let’s see here Not it wouldn’t be under decorations it’s gotta be it’ll here just no, that’s not it Bear with me all right, here we go five You already built the maximum amount So, I don’t know I saw rumor about being able to get a six builder Hut if anybody knows how to do it If you wouldn’t mind Put it in the comments or let me know. I’d love to know what’s going on with that So even with that being said, we do still have to get our Boxer challenge out of the way So let’s go ahead and do that looks like we got a couple boxers ready to go our Battle machine on this one’s pretty good. He’s a 10 nothing huge. But we keep him going as much as we can So let’s get out there and right now what we really need to be working on this one I think we’ve almost done all of our upgrades. Yes, we have so we’ve almost done all of our upgrades. We can’t upgrade Well, maybe we can yeah, we can so we need to mill Let’s do it God I feel new now After five years Yours plan it’s a fun game. Oh All right. This is pretty tough bass actually Yeah I’m just gonna do a top side shred. Let’s do this Of course he’s gonna go for a long walk Really really Do he just walked all the way around that seriously So we’re trying to work moving this be h 7g p b h8 pretty soon Obviously today they announced builder hall nine with flying hogs What was that phrase when pigs fly? Mm-hmm just goes to show how old I am My mama used to say that when pigs for that I gotta fix this Doo-doo-doo All right, so we got the star Bank that’s good we need a star And that was that now at this level it’s kind of a crapshoot sometimes Sometimes you get hit and sometimes you don’t So what do you guys think? I’m thinking that we’re probably gonna lose And Chino finger was right. I’m always right Right. All right. Let’s continue our tirade here So now here’s the good thing about that Here’s the good thing if we look at if we look at this we did in fact Get the the star so that’s good. So we moved up on the Valkyrie thing Up scuse me. We moved up on the boxer thing as well as the crusher. I think we already finished the pressure though So this this one we just kind of keep moving along on doing our daily challenges, right? So that one is taken care of Let’s see So we’re just gonna kind of get a request out here What’s up subs my good to have you subs misil Subset we’re just working with our th11 here Hey King. Are you still out there? I’m gonna change up bases here will kind of start stepping down into into dirt more Here. Hey glitch. Anything’s fine, man. Anything’s good. Alright Anything is good alright, so I think we’re clear on this base for now. So let’s go ahead and change out bases. So we’re gonna jump over to a Th10. So we were just rocking on our th at 11 and man. I I celebrated the day that That supercell said that you could have more than one account And really here’s why If you could only have one it got kind of boring and I think that really turned a lot of people I found the game They were like, well, I can only go so far with this account, right? So in you know, truthfully I like playing different different accounts. So for example, I just pulled in my level my Th10, right? So th10 coming in and I I really like playing in this base. It’s a ton of fun so Let’s see where we’re at with this one right with this base and this base is an important one Because it’s the one that we have the five dollar gold pass on so it’s an important one for Snakes so it is a a Critical base. So let’s go ahead and clear out our pumps here Let’s make sure we got our troops in order kind of the same scenario here as to the other base And I know a lot of people if you watch their youtubes they’re you know They’re talking about this technique and that technique one of the things you’ll find about My channel is it’s really about the grind right the kind of hard stuff that goes on behind the scenes, right? So we do have double armies ready here as I call it. So one’s ready there That one’s kind of kind of a weird one. We got the golem six Giants four healers So it’s gonna be kind of like a little miniature Queen walk, right? And then the other thing too is a lot of times. I don’t I Don’t use a lot of my clan castle troops, I guess on Attack I Typically use them on defense is what I’m what I’m normally normally doing that so So hey King, if you want, I’ll open it up I think King King was kind of wanted to take a whack at this base or somebody was we’ll just do a quick open challenge Here and see if somebody wants to see if somebody wants to take it up. I’ll give it just a minute here The clan is mega mega clan gold So mega clan gold If you need a good clan, we’re not like a super power clan. I think we’re only like a Level 10 or something But we like to have fun. My only rule is just donate right give what you take that’s my only rule in our clan make a clan gold because if you come in and you start taking like 150 troops at a time You don’t give any back Not only does that make you a d-bag, but it also means I’m gonna kick you out. It is what it is, right? All right. Let’s go take a live look King apex in the chat is gonna take a quick run at the dirt mower base, which is my th tan Right, so we’ll see. We’ll see what he what do you what he does here? All right, he is coming in from that top side Leading next time King leading with the bar the Giants might have gotten a little a little more traction Shield up. Those are those archers just a little bit He’s got the dragon coming out that’s looking real good Looking good looking good Man that dragon just keeps going. Whoo It’s good defense, thank you for whoever gave me the dragon. Hey great job King. I was well done glitch And here’s the other thing to glitch the base. You just went against keep in mind. That’s like two years of work two years, right? I’m not one of those famous youtubers that plays all day long. I’m not knocking them I mean, that’s a great gig if you can get it but Maybe an hour a day. I don’t know I play But it’s fun. It’s relaxing right for us old people. I know most of you guys are young So I don’t want to split my audience. They’re like, oh god, he’s old Yeah I am But I just go to show that no matter how old you get you can always have as much fun as you want. All right Hey glitch Can I hit your base? We’ll wait a minute. Give him a chance to retort If he puts up or if he if he Flags up here, that means it’s on Now there is a slight tape delay which is why You see me over here waiting Waiting is the hardest part Well, maybe glitch doesn’t want to base it If he does it popped up in a minute. Oh, I think he said yeah, he’s getting ready to put it up. Here we go He’s getting ready to roll and then we’ll do a builder based attack on this one which is nowhere near Townhall 9 All right. So we’re going in with a it’s gonna be kind of interesting. We got our golem Now the issue here is we don’t have any wall breakers, right? But I’m alright with that I’m okay with that based on the fact that I’ve got the jump spells. So let’s get in the mix and see what happens All right, it’s a nice base walls coming along man I can’t I can’t stress enough walls walls walls now this one’s gonna be tough glitch cuz last time Last time I had my queen and I was rocking that Queen walk. But yeah, let’s give it a roll Queen walk And I know what glitch is like damn it. I want my queen You’re just keep keep doing it, man. You’ll get your queen. You’ll get it you’ll Get it plus who knows maybe a 1 to 2500 jams anyway All right, so our Queens going here. Whoa, whoa, whoa Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Ooh Whoa That’s gonna be on the instant replay I did not see that coming who put those in there. Oh wait I did I Totally forgot about those Wow that shredded that level 13 Queen like crazy All right. Let’s see what we can do to salvage I got all these archers. But remember that’s for that challenge. That’s why that’s why we’re dumping all these archers in here Glitz you got to give me a chance to redeem myself, man. I totally forgot I put those in there god. I’m an idiot This thing oh my god, at least I was able to get one That was just whore yeah, the man that keeps flying out of there and I was like are those mine No, I’m not Myung has died donated but as like did I put put those out? To star not bad And that’s the thing with the one those when these Valkyries get that tough They’re they’re pretty hard to stop especially if you’ve got him under a heal spell or a raid spell of any kind. I mean It can be pretty bad arse King it was a excuse me King. It was a sincere pleasure. I hit Matt. He’s gonna try again, but no, that’s good In a king if you don’t mind puttin in chat how long you been playing and how many bases you run man? So I’ve been at this a while You know a lot of people play and then fall out of love with it. I mean, I’ll be real honest for a while I stopped playing for about six months. I was like me But then they brought back some cool features. Um, I got a hand it to him They really did so so that kind of kind of helped things out all right, so let’s uh Jump over here. See what’s going on in this builder base. I mean we might have a couple challenges here. Yep, we do All right. So King apex is gonna be back. We do have a couple challenges that we have to rock and roll in here So we’re gonna take take care of these All right the first one It is the boxer giant challenge, right? So we got to take care of that one And see what we’ve got here so boxer giant challenge This one here is a clan games So we got to make sure that we were doing our part over here clan games and I think I am right Yeah, I’ve got one one right now for loot It’s gonna be another 23 hours All right Let’s jump back over All right And we’re gonna empty everything out and give it a run and see what we got here With this one here. We’re really trying to Make sure we got our research going here. So we just got our research lab done so at this point what I’m doing is I’m saving that elixir we got to keep we got to get our Upgrades going it’s gonna be critical We’ll be using the Builder and the kind of in the meantime to shore off walls is kind of what we’ll be doing at least With this account. Let’s get a giant out here on these guests and just kind of let these guys hack away out This guy’s can be deadly if you don’t take him out And of course he’s gonna walk right into that so let’s put one here and one here I’ve said any traps that may come flying out bang. There’s one This guy’s light. So let’s get him in over there All right, well let that go We’re gonna pull a star yeah. No, we’re not Bummer bummer Yeah that happens. All right, so Didn’t work out kind of the way we wanted but that’s all right We’re just kind of moving moving this one this one along as well. See when we jump back over to our heavy base Yeah, so this one here, she’s kind of mid stage. It’s our teach Artie just made Th ten so now which is problematic because if you look at it right now All of our builders save the one because we always save one for building walls Are kind of busy and they’re busy on dumbs sorry busy They’re busy on dumb stuff like a gold mine elixir collectors the barracks. That’s good. We need that So we are going to have to unlock That v builder and part of the the new update I heard rumor of a six the Builder which would be really cool. You know, here’s the thing Why didn’t they just back down the time it takes to build everything. I mean seriously in walls I mean the cost of was are ridiculous More my mortgage payment Can we five versus five my old plan? Absolutely K if you want Go ahead. Alright, so That being said we’re gonna jump back in here Let’s make sure we got our troops ready to roll and we’re gonna kind of just keep this thing going this was The account that we put the five dollar pass on it’s been totally worth it, right We’re already I think a king already has his his skins. I don’t I’m almost there see Getting there twenty one fifty five hundred a Couple days if even that I started off moving super super fast and then kind of slowed down. All right, so We’re looking here. We do have our troops. We got nine valks thirty-one archers so those two the reason those two are there cuz once again those are not troops that I normally rock with their therefore the challenge rhymes we’re gonna we have we have to knock down a challenge a whole bunch of giants and A Twizy now the thing that concerns me about this this army is I have no ability to heal This one here Trained troops, right? So I’m gonna change that out because that that could be problematic if I in I don’t want to say I’m healer dependent But I do use them quite a bit alright So I do use the use the healers quite a bit trained troops barracks Oh did you so Looks like King finished his gold pass. Yep. Yep. I I only have it on the one account. There’s a count here I didn’t put it on anything if any of my other ones I might do it next time. It’s pretty worth it actually got a lot of stuff I Think for 5 bucks and I’m stingy I say that all the time. All right, let’s get an attack on here so golem healers Jump spells, it’s gonna be a good day. Let’s get out there. Let’s get out there for you Man I love these guys these Now I’m not necessarily looking for a dead base that’s not what I’m doing here I’d be like whoa, whoa bleep That’s a nice base It’s a high-level this didn’t too bad but it’s heavy on the elixir This is a dead base, it’s got a lot of elixir in it. It’s a heavy level Queen right there For my little level 13. No, I think so You see this base design a lot. I just don’t like attacking it. I don’t know Yeah King, I’ll do an episode on when I hit by my $5.00. Oh dear baby Jesus Mother of God Yes, please and here we go Okay, hang in there Queenie, hang in there I don’t want to do this I didn’t want to have to do that But with this amount of loot yes, please Okay, now this is where we gotta get strategic or as George Bush and say strategic All right. We gotta go in from this side here. Okay Like I said, remember I got no ability to heal except for what’s on that No ability to heal except for what’s on the Archer Queen and she is in trouble Help her. I did not want to do that. Let’s get these vowels going in here Man did you see that that golems gone? So sorry goal might Go low might not to be confused either with dolomite or Vegemite What in the truck? Where are they hiding all of their Alixe? Oh god, it was in the Pops King I think that your dragon I don’t know might be But that is a whole lot of elixir the timeout in those palms It is a whole lot Yeah, poor little dragon alright, so we’re gonna take that one down however, we still didn’t get almost 500,000 in Standard elixir, which is pretty a pretty good haul Especially especially for that. I’m helping us along there with our with our challenge as well So let’s make sure our troops our troop train keeps going We’re gonna continue on the Valkyrie thing. We kind of have to because it’s part of our challenge, right? So we’re gonna keep our Valkyrie thing go on. Let’s get some giants in there We do need our 31 archers. I think it’s 30, but I just keep doing 31 For good measure So 31 there, let’s get a couple wall breakers in there we gotta make sure we got some heals We run a little bit light on heals last time ran into a little bit of problem with that So as these guys come through here, it’s not not too not too much longer So we’ll kind of round this out and make sure that we’ve got everything that we need for the for the next attack. So 9:31 let’s get a couple of some of our healers in here kind of do like a little miniature Miniature queen walk if you will huge fan of the Queen, okay Alright and Let’s get some ways our toes in there just a couple of them, you know back everything up All right, we’ll give this just a minute hey what we’re doing that let’s go check in on our builder base We should be ready to attack again These guys are kind of hanging out over here Because we’re gonna build them He’s gonna build them first Let’s go ahead and do an island I Kind of like to just line them here until I have them ready Nobody else do that. Do you do that? If you do put it in the comments Oh Over here while we’re waiting smash Smash this button Battery how can that even be possible and plugged in? All right, well looks like the podcast might end a little bit sooner than later Technical difficulty. So if it dies I die. I’ll recharge it and then come right back. All right, here we go 10% How does that happen if it’s plugged in it’s ridiculous. All right. Let’s see what we got going on here Let’s get our boxers going over here with our archers This one I’m just kind of bum rush in his base. It’s kind of how I roll this one. I May do a plants vs. Zombie stream later, too. Those are kind of fun. I got a spectator Looks like junior Giovanni is in looking at me Alright still got a good action with that crusher see we can we keep missing the crusher Got the crusher we might even yeah, I think this could It depends on how fast those archers get through there cuz that that boxer is not gonna take much more damage Come on you dumb archers. Oh my god. Oh, and of course, they’re locking onto the barracks. Oh How disheartening How very disheartening You know you hope for the win but I feel the loss I feel the loss coming We’ll see so we jump in Those balloons should start coming out. There we go Boom it’s gonna be a fight to the end. Oh That’s brutal But I still got 87% Yes, all right So once again on this one, this is our smaller base We need to get some research done that’s what we need to do we finally got 400 400 K So let’s dump it in there. Let’s get that going man. Nine hours Snooze festival right so nine hours on that, but that’s all right Because we got something going. Well, let’s see if we can keep our builder going on something. Maybe small. Here’s a mine Just kind of go ahead and upgrade that right? What’s up, thrill Hill that’s right. We do need some music But I don’t think here’s the thing. I don’t want to get dumped by a copyright. You know what I mean? Let’s see Josiah streams not loading Mr. Thrill Hill, hopefully, he’s down in Oklahoma City So, uh That’s where we’re at Josiah you may have to get back out. Let me look stream health looks good So I think we should be okay should be alright, we should be able to log in. All right So we’re good. So kind of checked in on this base. We’re good over here. Let’s see if we’ve got our troops ready Yo, yo Thrill he’ll want some music he’s like damn Thrill of the hill. Oh, let’s see. Let’s see what we can do for thrill of the hill. Oh, Who by the way is the shiz hey, yo I see This is this is for thrill of the halo King, yep Here you go thrill Hill Was it working now? All right, cool All right, so let’s keep going let’s keep going somebody give me some Troopa lupus I don’t think I used him I did I must have all right. So Troopa lupus’ are out. Let’s get this out. Let’s get this show on the road. We’re full Looks like our queen is still taking kind of a dirt nap though. So let’s go ahead and roll though because I think no heroes Did I have a no hero challenge? No, I don’t so we’re not gonna do that. But we do have a no spell challenge So we’re gonna have to make sure that that goes well, it’s up Honda’s Bro, bro Sup, all right. Give me just a minute team. We’re getting this attack ready Check out that base. Alright, so Rewards now if you guys notice I haven’t collected a lot of these rewards I’m saving them right now Hopefully if King is still here, he won’t let me forget By the end of the season which is seven days out Otherwise, I’ll leave that all of that on the table and that’s never a good thing. You don’t want to do that alright so It looks like our queen is It should be coming around here pretty soon But what we’re waiting on that let’s go ahead and check in on our miniature base right our super small base So that base the one that is the one we’re working on as a giveaway base is called build our base, right? It’s a little teeny one that we just started And I’m using your input to build the base, right? It’s actually been kind of fun, you know a lot of times You know when you’re surfing YouTube or whatever you see a lot of mega bases, you know, which is cool. I mean heck Um, I’ve got one that’s pretty big I wouldn’t consider it anywhere near what we would consider a mega a mega base, you know like those guys up in Titans, but You know, I’m not really sure if it’s all that fun playing at that level. I mean if you know you hear about Literally for our match times, right? So it’s gonna take you four hours to get a match, etc. Etc. So Here we are unbuild our base It’s just coming along As you can see right now our loot is maxed. So let’s go ahead and get something going at least I’m we’re not definitely not doing the townhall yet. Let’s get this can and going here cuz cannons are always a good bet right Eight, mr. Hill Peace and hair grease sir. We will see you soon drop in anytime That’s thrill Hill. He’s one of the baddest World of war you have World of Warcraft players in in the world Like ranked like number 10 or something. Anyway, alright So with this base, we just got we just got our little cannon going there The the goal here is we need to be able to proof this base two to five thousand Right here, right or excuse me ten thousand. So we got to be able to get to ten thousand as soon as we can, right? the reason we got to be able to get to ten thousand as soon as we can is Because that’s when we can get this base into our claim Right, which is mega clan gold make a clan gold All right, I’m gonna grab a soda popper real quick King apex entertain everybody in chat. I’ll be right back As always King Apex did a great job Alright. Yeah King. We’ll have to get you up on the livestream brother We can uh, we can we can watch it. Alright super so we got our little cannon going takes about 43 minutes on that and that was gold so We really don’t have a lot to do with with with gold now if you notice here we were we ran out a little assed time, but now We’re primed with elixir. So when you’re playing at this lower level down here It’s really kind of hit or miss Yeah you’re either up on the gold and Down on the elixir or you’re up on the elixir and down on the goal. Alright, it’s kind of kind of how that is Hey, do me a favor. If you guys are new to the channel, make sure you hit subscribe and like in Apex if you don’t hit like I’m gonna kick you out of the client. No, I’m just kidding Just six minutes Alright so we got about two minutes left on a full army here on our on our little base now What do we look at this? We got all these weeds that we can pull right now. We want to we want to kind of start getting in the habit Of doing that early on and I know right now you guys are like Cheeto You just dropped a thousand and all we have is six That’s true. But remember we’re gonna run the delicate balance We want to move this thing through as fast as we possibly can and as you guys just saw there That gave us right there two gems. I know you’re like cheeto two gems. That’s dumb not really two gems is two gems and we need roughly another 200 so We’re just gonna Kind of kind of keep on going, right? All right, you’re we go Give it just a minute here Do do I should hit that finish training button For one gym, you know what silicates people actually do that? I Know people actually do one gym for 10 seconds life’s too short settle down We’re gonna see that full tag here in just a minute Right, there it is. So we’re full here we go Now they have that here’s here’s something to I’m not too familiar with but we’ll take a look at a level later Is this new practice? matches I I’ve not experimented with them yet. I’m going to Clearly I can’t There’s nothing I can do here. But when we get into one of the other bases one of my heavier bases Let’s go ahead and jump in there and take take a look at that So we are clear to attack here. Let’s roll Not really enough loot for my liking Decent loot isn’t a clan. So we’d have to be very very careful about a clan castle pop Over there It’s going to jump over here and see what happens All right Perfect right amount of loot Right about the 2500 marker 25 2,700 somewhere in there Listen Lee do one giant. I mean look, so we’re gonna get one giant it where’s the Archer tower? Not built maybe hopefully oh, no, there it is. All right, there it is. So we’re gonna came in between the two of those Now remember these troops are zero they’re about as low as you get Did you notice that that Giants already down so We’re at the point now where we got to kind of hope for loot. So that’s a good lesson right there. Even at this level They’re not very tough they’re really not So we’re just trying to get as much possible loop here as we can on build our base well fighting against Kings play three, four four three three, which I’m guessing is probably you know, I don’t want to call it a fake base, but Maybe a giveaway base who knows a bot. That’s the word I was looking for Now this is gonna take forever, but we might actually get the win here 30 stars if possible. I don’t know see what happens All right, here we go they just keep chomping away Just keep one this might take just a second but it’s gonna be worth it because we want that loot And working on the Town Hall food We’re gonna get it are we gonna be able to do it? I think we can It’s gonna be close one more whack For the second star Well, hopefully enjoy that on build our base because look at all that loot so weird loot heavy now I Wish we had a lab But we got our little cannon going right. So that’s good to make sure we got our troop a loop was full. I Think we did three on that last one And if you’re just joining and you’re wondering why am I looking at a tiny little base That’s good. This is built our base. That’s what we’re doing. It’s a giveaway base. Hey, welcome back Fifi’s benek Beefy is back Beefy we’re working on the low base man The vote was to do cannons Instead of archers. We’ll see. How much is this Archer tower? 45 minutes. Hmm, but we can’t lift upgrade our Town Hall first. Oh I can’t is it in the is it in the replay? Oh, I’m not in a clan on this one. Hang on one second We’ll go take a look at here in just a minute All right, let’s go take a look at the attack of King King wants us to take a look at his attacks We’ll see what he did here. I Just got a jump over into my other account Here we come coming online coming online Where is it King? We were King. Where are we looking for your attack? Where does it man? We’re gonna put it in a replay. Oh Thanks beefy look breaking bad baby I Thought I Thought King was gonna put a up five percent remaining. Whoa, we’re gonna have to shut her down here in just a minute team I don’t know why it should be charging But I don’t want to plug it because that’ll drop the video feed. So we may have to pause just For a bit only takes about a half an hour to recharge and then I’ll jump back on and keep live-streaming Alright with that being said, let’s see. We got a full army here. Let’s run this attack. Oh Oh, so King apex is live very nice Very nice. Yeah, I don’t have the ability to view live while I’m looking at one. So we need gold here We’re needs the gold Alright guys, let’s get some gold Not enough then we’ll sign off for a little bit That’s a lot of gold Paint on a dead base. There’s a queen lovely team similar Seems just a cruncher Yeah, let’s go ahead and do it Well, I mean, I wish I had more healers in that Only don’t do that, but she’s gonna need some cover where she did He’s pretty dead anyway We’re just gonna kind of keep letting our queen do some work here She should start going up now, which is good. Okay good Let’s get some action going on over here And we are gonna get some archers behind that Keeping an eye on our queen Make sure she doesn’t get any trouble now as usual and Only the people at supercell know why The Valkyries go around the outside Two trailer parks go around the outside round the outside All right Queens in trouble She’s good looks like she’s gonna make it out. She’s gonna make it out. She is not gonna make it out She is gonna make it out The king is not we almost forgot to rage him just made it If we get a star here It’s a good day. Oh, we’re going to mmm-hmm least those Valkyries finally decided to come play Now I’m pretty sure my iPad shot a five-percent warning and Murphy’s Law would have it shut down very quickly, especially with all this loot that I’m getting Beefy I pretty much play this in plants vs. Zombies Those are pretty much the main two That play unless I’m on console then that play battlefield. Alright healers are down. I repeat. She lured down. Ooh Clean down I was alright though Our little archers are gonna get fried. Does anybody smell Archer? That’s weird All right, so we’re gonna shut that one down Not bad 300 thousand in gold which is what we needed for the challenge and then about four thousand in dark which for a th 10 At this level, that’s not not too bad not too shabby at all. So it looks like we’re coming up upon iPad death So I’m gonna go ahead and sign off just for a little bit I’m gonna come back in about 45 minutes find out why this thing’s not charging Change out my graphics and we’ll do some more attacks. All right. Thank you guys for coming in I’ll see you in just a few minutes

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