Lk 2016 rc turbo jet boat drive
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Lk 2016 rc turbo jet boat drive

December 8, 2019

Navigating to the throttle curve setting. I have the maximum throttle set to 40%. Above that the water stops flowing through the drive and it just vibrates. The receiver. The 60 amp ESC. (electronic speed controller) Connecting the battery connects the receiver to the controller allowing throttle input and steering. The battery is 7.2 volt 1800 mah, plenty of power to run this motor, its max rpm with this battery is 32000 rpm. A simple rod for steering. There are no blockages in the drive as this is a brand new drive. A few quick bursts to check functionality. There is a small leak at the bottom of the drive which is not an issue with the drive itself rather it is because I took the drive out and didn’t reseal anything. The water around the boat is vibrating because of the motor not being balanced The water is flowing at low rpm but once more throttle is applied it stops flowing Again no blockages. Resetting the throttle curve to 100% max. Low throttle. Low flow Full throttle. No flow. He pushed it backwards and there was no resistance. This is the current maximum speed. Full throttle stops all thrust and just shakes the boat. The water flying off of the boat and surface of the water is because of the vibrations.

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  1. I just discovered mine does a similar thing. As much water that it pushes out the back of the rudder also comes out of the front spraying water all over my boat. Resulting in no forward travel.

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