Lockheed Martin. Your Mission Is Ours.

September 9, 2019

at Lockheed Martin we’re on a mission your mission the one that lives depend on
the one the future depends on the one that’s unlocking new energy sources
or the one that’s uncovering enemy locations whether it’s on the front lines at sea in the air
in cyberspace
outer space or on the cutting edge of science your mission should never be taken lightly that’s why when millions of
people are counting on you you can count on us
to build the impossible to invent the inconceivable to imagine new ways to get to where you need to go and give you tools that help you finish the job and when you get there
to innovate create and solve every problem with speed and reliability
because we know that missions aren’t about getting around to it
they’re not about crossing your fingers they’re about getting it done
they’re about getting in getting what you need and getting home safely
every mission is an expedition of the greatest importance
both to you and to us

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