LOFT: The Jetman Story – (Official Teaser) 4K
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LOFT: The Jetman Story – (Official Teaser) 4K

August 10, 2019

– [Vince] As a kid, sometime
you see some birds flying and you are like, wow it would be so cool to be in this branch, take off and then fly in
formation with your friend. This dream that we all
have, to fly like a bird. (music intensifies) (engines roaring) – [Yves] Radio check, Vince. – [Fred] Fred five. – [Yves] Yves loud and clear. [Helicopter]
The cloud base is at 4500ft. (helicopter rotors whirring) – [Yves] Here, I have
nothing else than air. (dramatic music) There is no before, no after. You are totally in the present. (dramatic music) You are at home. (wind rushing) (helicopter rotors whirring) (engine roaring) These magic moments, when
you are part of your domain (dramatic music) You are not just playing something, you are the thing. (dramatic music) (engines roaring) When I could play with clouds, with mountains, (dramatic music) with that third dimension. Here, (engines roaring) part of it. It’s beautiful. (cheerful music) – [Vince] To be completely autonomous, there is a risk, you
know, to lose your life. Something goes wrong,
you have to react fast. (engine banging) (panicked speech over the radio) Engine failure. [Fred] You accept the risk,
but also you understand the rules that will help you to survive. When you apply these rules, that’s how the human race
has been growing as well. That’s how people are flying now. In the beginning were the few crazy guys that were trying to fly with an airplane. (dramatic music) – [Yves] When it’s new,
you have so many people, they don’t see, they
don’t have the vision, they don’t understand. They
don’t want to understand. (dramatic music) – [Yves] Why change something, ah, you think it’s impossible. (dramatic music) We will show you the opposite. (uplifting music) (engines roaring) We will do evolution. (dramatic music) Woo, Merci. (dramatic music)

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  1. If it wasn't for 3 Texans 150 years ago, these idiots from Dubai would still be walking around in their pajamas raping goats…

  2. Loved the video, expertly done. I do have to ask, though: was the Interstellar soundtrack used as temp music during post?

    EDIT: it starts at 2:12. Really noticeable from 3:06 onwards.

  3. How many miles an hour did these guys go anybody have any idea if somebody could let me know that would be great thank you awesome God bless you guys you take this to a whole new level beautiful videography and the scenery is just incredible

  4. thats just crazy!!! wow!! wonder what the power to weight ratio is with those setups? they are pretty big turbines. Love the sound of them, used to operate a small Wren 54 in an RC heli a few years ago.

  5. Ven mejor el acento del francés que ahora contaminamos más el medio,que vuelen sin propulsores,como también lo hacen

  6. In 1930: people were jumping off cliffs trying to fly but dying instead.
    Now: Jetman.
    In 2030: Everyone will probably be Ironman and cars would be a joke.

  7. This will be the best way to get to work if you are about to be late and don’t want to drive in busy roads and traffic 😂👍

  8. Shame we can't just get raw sound. Well, I suppose it is sponsored by a city that uses slave labour from Bangladesh to build itself.

  9. Вот это да ребята!!!! А вы все Украина Украина!!! Вот оно будущее!

  10. Desde la Linea Equinozeal… Imaginate entrar a un pais, de esta manera sin ser detectado, se necesita cierto argumentos y volar a una altura….X…. y decender en linea recta y ganar altura con ascenso y descenso… mmmmmmm…interrezate

  11. Effective Flight Leaders explore the shaping the future of autonomous-flight in the Sports World. Beautiful cinematography, music and Quality talented. A world awaits this " Aloft" from The Jet man. Great ideas and success.

  12. jet man is one cool dude. he has two things left to do. lower the noise, and figure out how to take off from the ground. a difficult task, but if he lives long enough, he will accomplish both.

  13. I literally cried watching this…to see a childhood dream of flight become a reality in my lifetime (like trampoline rooms) is remarkable! Thanks for chasing the dream Jetman!

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