Lost city found in Honduras, Personal jetpacks coming, & more! | Daily Dose of Weird News
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Lost city found in Honduras, Personal jetpacks coming, & more! | Daily Dose of Weird News

August 12, 2019

I’m Darren Marlar and this is your Daily
Dose of Weird News… A North Dakota man was found running naked
on a highway at around 3AM. Police say the man had allegedly been driving a Chevrolet
pickup truck reported stolen. ***MARLAR: Well, it’s North Dakota – and still technically
winter, so my guess is that he stole the truck because it had a heater. NCAA basketball’s March Madness is underway.
***It’s nice to see groups of college age kids traveling to become a part of something
other than ISIS, isn’t it? The American Gaming Association estimates
that 40 million Americans will fill out more than 70 million brackets and bet approximately
$9 billion on the NCAA tournament. The $9 billion is more than double what the AGA estimated
was bet on the Super Bowl in the US. ***So look for your deadbeat loser friends & relatives
to hit you up for a loan sometime in April. How much food are we wasting? Are you sitting
down? According to a new report (from the Food and Agricultural Organization of the
United Nations) every year nearly 1.3 billion tons of food ends up in landfills. That’s
close to $1 trillion worth of food. ***MARLAR: The plan now is to dig holes deep enough to
bury the wasted food that we can feed the starving kids in China our parents kept telling
us about. Archeologists have discovered the “lost city”
of a vanished civilization deep in the jungles of Honduras. ***Experts suspect it wasn’t
actually lost, just populated by men who refused to stop and ask for directions. At long last your Rocketeer dreams are about
to become a reality. According to Relevant Magazine, The Martin Aircraft Company has
announced that their personal jetpack will go on sale to the public by 2017 after receiving
the cash needed during their latest round of funding from investors. The company hopes
that in addition to consumers who are looking to take to the “highways in the sky,” the
jetpacks could also provide first-responders with a new, safe way to access people in need
during emergencies and natural disasters. You may want to start saving your money though.
Your own personal jetpack is going to set you back about $200,000. ***MARLAR: Still,
it’s worth it, if it means you get to date Jennifer Connelly. Lost in the suspension of Brian Williams is
the fact that his Academy award-winning announcer has also been suspended by virtue of his absence.
Williams’ personal “NBC Nightly News” announcer was Michael Douglas. ***Wow, I’ll bet Mike
really misses those payments of SEVENTY-THREE-BUCKS-A-WEEK! That’s your Daily Dose of Weird News, I’m
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