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Lovelace & Babbage – Overview – slickerdrips

August 16, 2019

hi everyone I’m Tom and today I’m gonna be showing you Lovelace and Babbage which is a number manipulation set collection real time countdown kind of a game which is on Kickstarter right now so I’ll put a link in the description and up in the corner there to the campaign page where you can see all off the lovely final stuff this is a prototype and it often is with Kickstarter’s and I recommend you turn on Klingon subtitles unless I say something that isn’t quite true anyway in this came we will play as one of four pioneers we can play as Ada Lovelace or Charles Babbage or Mary Somerville or Luigi Federico MANET bruh and they basically give us some unique powers some special cards with targets we want to reach we want to program this this mechanical mechanical computer into giving us the numbers that we want and the results that would please our patrons up here as well so at the beginning of around you have a deck of unique cards they all have a power on them as well but they have a result that you’re looking for and maybe based on the patrons that are out you would choose one of your cards that you’re going to go for this round so I can see that this 98 there’s 86 74 they’re all kind of up there in the numbers on there so I could take maybe 71 and this would give me a power in the future if I can do that so that’s my target that’s you know I’m not gonna get penalized for not reaching it but I will get some good result if I can reach that once everybody has chosen their thing and everybody’s ready we will start the real time around so everyone has one of these pads and you can have up to five operations we’re all starting at 55 here and you see in the top two rows of the computer that we’ve got here we have some operations we can do so a1 is the number one and we can do plus or minus one everything has got an operation and a number apart from a4 which is you know the old switcharoo you can switch the two digits of your number around to get one that might suit you more so everybody at the same time is with her own pads looking at these and seeing how we can get to the numbers that we want so where I got I start at 55 so maybe I want I want to add 20 to it so I get to 75 and then yeah let’s do that so I need b2 so we write B 2 plus because we’re adding B 2 to it and so that’s gonna add 20 so that’s gonna give us 75 and then my result 71 butts Marisa feed remained there once 74 so let’s get rid of one from that by doing a one- and then then we’re closer to what we’re getting so what else do we need we could do with 86 that will be quite nice yeah 86 we could add we could add 10 to it and then add the 2 so that would be what B 1 a 2 I’m terrible writing there but yeah so now I would have 86 oh I’m gonna hit that and we’ll see why we want to hear those patrons later on but I think I’ve messed up and I haven’t got a way of getting to my 71 now I do anything while we’re still here I can’t a date I got at five I could swap the numbers around but giving me 68 wouldn’t be as good it’ll be closer to my result next round though so maybe I could pick this number again and be closer to it I don’t think there’s anything more useful that I could do yeah let’s let’s do a four and switch those digits around so my result at the end of the route is 68 if I am the first person to finish I grab the timer now and flip it over and everyone has got one minute to finish their operations if you’re not the first to finish you take the lowest number disk that’s still there and once everyone has done once the time has run out and everyone has finished we will go through the the patrons you get your choice so if I had been the first person we go through our results so we go through the first line so I would say be 220 75 is that getting me anything is that getting me my results is it getting me a patron no weird right a little cross next to it and then we would go around the table in the order that we finished in and see if anyone else finished this so we’ve go to the second one 74 yes I did something there I’ll do a little check mark and so I can take one of these influence symbols from this patron and you are aiming to get the most as a majority bonus for each of these nine points for the most four points for the second most of each of the symbols available on these cards so let’s say I want the feather I turn it around so that the other symbol is on top because that is now not available to everyone else the the disk is still available and on my pad I would check off a feather as well for that on camera I couldn’t put it more off-camera so then yeah we would go around and maybe other people would take some of the cards as we are going and we get to 84 no I didn’t get anything there 86 I’ve got something but I can only take the magnifying glass so I would check that off and round and round and round in the second round we start with the number that we finished the first round with so I would write 68 up here so now we’ve all gone in different directions I could choose a different power if I want to say that I had unlocked my power say that I had hit 71 like I was supposed to then I would get to check off one of these boxes you get more and more points for the actual your actual cards that you unlock but then I would have a power that I could use at the beginning of the round so this would be when you satisfy a patron this round you make may take two of the same influence instead of one so I would basically double up and give me more chance of getting majority and one of these at the end of the game in the second round as well we get four new tokens drawn at random and we place them on the grid and so now we can the number that we’re at to manipulate it from there we could change it to 55 we can add or subtract 45 or it could be all sorts of thing you know and add or subtract 36 go to 88 multiply or divide by 4 add or subtract 35 loads of different functions that will come out at random depending on how you’ve shuffled them off I guess puts so we can use these now we can use all three rows in this second round and you’re gonna get a one point bonus for each operation you use from the zero in future rounds this is gonna fill up more and more and more and you’re gonna get two points for everything you use from the D round four points for everything you use from the e round if you’ve found that you can make it made a mistake you can go back and basically have a little redo you can have a minute to go through the functions again we’re gonna lose three points for having done that you get a debug action at the end of the game we work out our points by working out with our majorities on each of the symbols working out the bonus points we got for using the further down rows the bonus we got for unlocking how first hopefully unlocking up to four of our cards and losing points for the number of D books that we had to use the total is your points and the most points wins it’s a fast-paced real time math game and yeah it’s it’s a really fun what wait equate dependent that’s first impressions territory you don’t need to know that here this is just an overview of the game so I hope that gives you a good idea of what the structure of the game is like it’s on Kickstarter right now the link is in the corner here and it’s in the description if you’d like to know what I think then you can click the link here terribly doing this on a try but I’m pointing at the viewfinder rather than the actual lens you don’t need to know that anyway I’m on that link I will talk about the game there what I think about it thank you for watching this overview and I hope it gave you some good idea about the game bye

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  1. In the first round, for the fifth part of the program you should have used B4÷ which would let you get the third patron in the row (43)

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