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LuffShips – LTA Solutions – Lighter-than-air Technology. Airship Design. Aerostats, Balloons

September 15, 2019

Introducing LTA Solutions Providing access to new markets and the creation
of innovative business opportunities. represents a design/engineering
business (LTA Solutions) formed for new lighter-than-air (LTA) aircraft (LuffShips) intended to fulfil
operators’ needs internationally without so much cost and
bother of traditional aerostats (balloons, free floating or tethered) and airships (dirigible
LTA aircraft). We also are mindful of commerce and the need
for a networked infrastructure suitable against adverse
weather, so have compatible ground facilities and other designs (shelters) with a strategy
for their development in harmonious ways minimising
disturbance. Our aspirations are to enable aerial services
in compatible ways anywhere (only dreamt about today) such
as: • Aerial cranes with precise control (enabling
construction) for seriously heavy outsized payloads. • Air transport using natural conveyance
methods (winds) when possible and means for power (e.g.
solar & fuel cells) that harness (rather than harm) the atmosphere. • Aerial cruisers for unhindered joy of
air travel and the natural wonders of our world. • Floating aerial platforms with exceptional
endurance (weeks, months) for various duties. • Ground infrastructure wherever needed
that easily fits with and protects the environment. To enable these possibilities we work with
aircraft developers, producers, operators, etc, who know the
business and the airworthiness authorities in structured ways from the ground up. Summary. As LTA aircraft engineers with significant
airship design experience since c1980 we understand the
issues concerning their development and operation. We also understand their history, where it’s
clear the industry needs better ways for success. In
addition, as inventors/innovators with know-how, we want to
help create better ways for people to live. Embracing people with verve and fresh ideas
for new technology is our way – making a better future.
Indeed, our aim is for state of the art digital capability to provide “industry 4.0” solutions. From consideration of past doings we have
a strategy for the development of new designs that scale up
from small projects when the time’s right to provide bigger sizes. We therefore have
numerous projects that are readily doable, fun and enable small
operators to set up. As we and the operators grow, bigger
more complex projects already prepared will go ahead. We also will enable new technology
(like rapid response vectored thrust) necessary for success. Our plan is to grow steadily in stages, developing
capability leading to LTA aircraft able to serve serious
needs currently very difficult to otherwise fulfil without huge cost, such as: • Humanitarian aid – providing people in
urgent need of supplies who are starving, freezing and/or
suffering from the circumstances they find themselves in, out of reach by other ways. • Monitoring & surveillance – watching over
vast areas with very long endurance and interactive capability to provide timely help when needed
plus to call in and work with other support services. • Industrial services – working like helicopters
practically anywhere with positional accuracy, but
without the noise and fuel consumption, for seriously heavy-lift and transport operations. To fulfil these purposes we have a range of
LuffShip designs, needing finance, political and public
support for development. We thus seek subscribers interested in their success. Offerings. Instead of just more of the same we offer
new types with enhanced capabilities, particularly omnidirectional
LuffShips that enable: • Zero to slow airspeed, although enough
to make headway against normal winds. • Very long endurance – days or weeks
and potentially months underway. • Vertical ascent/descent with seriously
heavy loads and associated stable geostationary positioning
with controllable heading able to lift and place them. • Low noise, vibration, emissions and environmental
impact. • Unobstructed viewing or scanning all around
for various purposes. • Reliability with low acquisition, operating
and maintenance costs, plus long service life with high
utilisation. • Little need for associated ground infrastructure
(no runways) and ability to access small ground locations in difficult territorial regions. Goals. 1. Become profitable (securing the business)
with readily doable projects including: inflatable structures,
LTA drones and captured aerostats; each enabling particular aspects and new technology. They
also are to develop team skills and cooperation
with suppliers; plus gain airworthiness approvals necessary
for later manned aircraft developments and to cultivate relationships with operators
who will need training and supply. 2. Develop, certify and enable a series of
bigger LuffShips able to be manned following our strategy for
growth under progressive Balloon, Normal and Commuter category certification rules leading
to Transport category types for serious aerial
purposes. 3. Provide operators with ways to set up and
extend their aerial services at each stage between a network
of bases that they arrange (internationally), installing infrastructure needed for bigger
types. 4. Develop Transport Category LuffShips when
the circumstances allow. Objectives. Attain goal 1 within a two year period, leveraging
things already undertaken. Achieve goal 2 within a
further five years, after which the technology should be accepted to follow through for goal
4. Work with propeller, control and power system
specialists to develop and provide particular system
capabilities desired, including: cycloidal propellers, drone style control systems, replenishable
electrical power generation and efficient ‘Tesla’
style drive systems. Provide technical support services for developers,
producers, suppliers, operators and people who want
reliable LTA Solutions. Benefits. By way of example: • Operators will benefit from affordable
LuffShips with better deployment suiting their needs
involving fewer crew and easier ways to securely manage their assets compared with traditional
airships. • Local communities will benefit from employment
opportunities and the aerial services enabled, facilitating transport and trade – especially
people in isolated places with poor infrastructure. • National and aerial services organisations
will benefit from efficient ways to provide persistent
coverage over large regions otherwise difficult to consistently watch over. • General industry, agriculture, forestry,
natural resource providers, etc, will benefit from point to
point ways for delivery and extraction directly. • Investors will benefit from business arrangements
with focus on income at every stage. Investment. Investment in LuffShip proposals is one of
the only ways for sustainable affordable aerial services that
don’t adversely pollute our atmosphere or waste finite resources, enabling better ways
for our children’s future. Contact. To see more about our projects and perhaps
read associated documents available see the website: For further information about the exciting
possibilities offered or to register support for our goals, either: • call us on: +49 (0)35477 4969 • or send an e-mail to: [email protected] We hope you enjoyed learning about us and
would like to become a subscriber receiving quarterly newsletters with interesting information
about LTA aircraft and to follow our progress.

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