M-Air: Outdoor lab for flying drones and autonomous aerial vehicles
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M-Air: Outdoor lab for flying drones and autonomous aerial vehicles

October 9, 2019

>>Atkins: M-Air is a facility 50 feet high aimed at
letting students do research, learn to fly, and do student projects. So this facility allows the students and faculty to get out and test new software,
new sensors, new mechanisms, new vehicles in a way that’s really safe and we’re
really excited to be out here flying today and in the future. The M-Air facility is really opening the door for all of our students and community to get
out and fly. To do whatever it is that they imagine. [music]>>Sharma: We can test in open air. So
some of the primary applications of these are for package delivery for
search-and-rescue mission and I hope to make it safe through my research.>>Romano: Once we have one quadcopter we’re gonna get we’re gonna build up four more and have
them fly cooperatively with the end goal of having them carry a payload. Previously we had to fly in the FXB atrium which we could only fly at night when people aren’t around and it has to be tethered. But here you can see that we’re untethered,
we can test our system as much as we want without fear of it breaking, without
fear of hurting other people, and it really lets us push the boundaries and
allows us to really move quickly on iterating and developing the system and
testing our algorithms.

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