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MADDEN NFL 12 by EA SPORTS iPhone Gameplay Review –

August 17, 2019

Let’s get this out of the way first. If you’re
a NFL fan and are looking to play some Gridiron on your iPhone, Madden 12 has enough content
and solid gameplay to make it a worthwhile purchase. For everyone else, let’s delve a
little deeper. The game is played with a combination of touch
mechanics and an on screen joystick and buttons. Whether on offensive or defense, you can select
a play from your team’s book (with every team having their own unique plays), or you can
use the touch screen to draw your own plays, assigning jobs to every man on the field.
Once the ball is in play touching a player will give you control over them. The analogue
stick will move them and you can sprint, or execute turns with the touch of a button (including
entering a slow motion mode, giving you more time to make decisions). This can all be a
little overwhelming when first playing but before long you’ll be fluidly picking options
and controlling your players like it was second nature. The graphics and sound are both of a high
quality. Obviously there’s not as much variation in animation and commentary as the console
version contains, but the repeats, even though frequent don’t detract too much from the game
itself. Content wise this will be keeping you busy. The entire rosters of all thirty
two teams are here, and are available for trade. Combine that with the season and play-off
modes, plus using the Origin system for multiplayer matches with your friends, and you can see
how this game could eat up a lot of your time. EA usually have a high bar of quality on their
sports releases and this is the case with Madden 12 for the iPhone. Sure it can’t look
to compete with its console brethren, but if you must get your Gridiron fix on
the go, you won’t go wrong with this one.

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  1. great review, really. the probloem is the game, if any o u who is reading this coment, u must now the game is the same thing as Madden nfl 11 the diference?? its new rosters, but the plays and the gameplay are worse than the madden nfl 11, dont buy, buy the 11

  2. Why is Hasselbeck throwing to Brandon Stokley? Neither of those guys are with the Seahawks this year. This IS Madden 12, right?

    Looks like they're using last year's roster. Fail.

  3. madden on xbox is sooo epic! And i really really want that version on my iphone! Id pay $5 for it. But everyone says the iphone app sucks bad with bugs.

    too bad EA, u would have made a lot of money if you didnt release such crap versions of your games…

  4. @CescoPisicoli Man, if i were you' I'd buy the game. I was afraid of buying the game too, but then I think w/ my self, "FUCK IT, I'M GONNA BUY THIS",worked, and works PERFECTLY with me. No bugs, excelent framerate…. But, of course, if your device is a iPod Touch 3rd generation 8GB, it won't work fine.

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