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Magic of Aviation

August 30, 2019

So, I started flying when I was fifteen years old and, now I’m sixty-three. So, that’s a few years that I’ve been around aviation When you ask me what I love about aviation It kinda breaks down into two parts one, the flying is great and getting up in the air is great. But As I’ve gotten older, flying for me has become a business and teaching people how to fly and being around people that fly, is to me, one of the best parts of aviation. we have customers that walk in the door that become friends, we have young people that are achieving goals we have older people, some older than me, wanting to learn for the first time And that is exciting to actually watching them meet their goals. It’s exciting to have these, what we call “kids” coming in here that are young adults that learn to fly with us, that work for us that become airline pilots You catch them sometimes on the airline when you’re flying, you catch them at the airport sometimes when your flying. It’s an exciting thing to do. There’s just something about it. The fight against gravity looking down at the Earth beneath you. The challenge of flying new aircraft, the list is endless. It’s a combination of intellectual and physical challenges. Pulling off a “greaser” as the sun is setting after a long cross-country The feeling of humility, when you consider what the pioneers have gone through The meticulous pre-flight planning, budgeting, planning, and more planning. The anticipation for a flight The whole thing fascinates me. I enjoy the challenge of always working to improve my performance and skill, because you never master it. There’s always more to learn and more to explore, and that’s why I love aviation. I love aviation because I can go where I want, when I want. Night flying. There’s another favorite. The first time I flew into Ontario; It’s lit up like a Christmas tree. It’s one of the prettiest things you’ll ever see Especially when you’re flying and you have that birds eye view from the cockpit Many of us have flown on commercial aircraft and have landed at night, but there’s nothing better than that bird’s eye view as you’re coming in for a landing Looking at that runway and how pretty it is just all lit up.

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