Make it Real: ATTACK ON TITAN!
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Make it Real: ATTACK ON TITAN!

September 1, 2019

Hey guys, so this is actually a project we did last year There was a build video and a test video and for some reason the test video is actually gone from YouTube It was removed for some reason, so we’ve actually re-edited both the build and test into a single video Which is this one, and thanks to the latest in editing technology this video now features 99.9 percent less cringe Yeah, who am I kidding? It’s still pretty cringy. Hope you guys enjoy and hopefully it doesn’t get removed So in Attack on Titan they use these really awesome swords to fight giants, known as Titans. The swords kind of resemble giant box cutters, and the blades are actually disposable because sometimes they actually get stuck inside the Titan. Which means we’re gonna need a lot of swords And since I’m a Hacksmith and not a blacksmith we decided against trying to build these swords from scratch. Instead, Medieval Depot stepped in and provided us with replica Attack on Titan swords, which we’re going to modify. These replica swords feature a fixed blade, so we’re gonna have to take them apart. While we’d like to modify these handles it would actually be easier to design and build from scratch to make them work exactly the way we want. All right So we’ve got the handle complete we used the tormach PCNC 440 milling machine to make the mechanism of aluminum and then the TAZ 5 3D Printer to print the handle. The mechanism itself works great, but now we’re going to have to make a sheath to hold all the extra blades. But as you know, a Make It Real project is not complete until we test it to its limits… enjoy. Now before you get too excited, we haven’t made Omnidirectional gear yet, just this prop. But we do have a stunt wire system from an old project which we use as an ODM training system. That’s impossible It’s a titan… I’ll Drive every last titan out of the city, and they will all die by my blades Well hope you guys enjoyed that project and hopefully YouTube doesn’t remove this video too, but don’t worry, we have lots of new projects on the way, so make sure you’re subscribed with notifications turned on. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Sorry for the re-upload, YouTube borked the original!!! Re-edited with 99% less cringe!
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  2. The blades were really cool man!!!
    But what about the gas and ziplines which makes them fast and move intensely

  3. If I had this stuff I would be flinging my self across the street probably ending up getting hit by a car but it will be worth the pain

  4. It’s so good. and I watched the whole Attack On Titans. I FROM RUSSIA!
    Это хорошо.и я посмотрел всю Атака На Титанов. Я ИЗ РОССИИ!
    Lol, I am seriously from Russia. I can prove it. Want to?
    I hope so, so let's get started.
    Я из России, ну и что мне нечего не говорит надеюсь и для вас тоже. А кстати меня зовут ———— думали я скажу? Ну уж нет. И да я родился в Москве эту информацию можно не скрывать (я так думаю). И конечно же я это переведу на Английский язык. Ну что же да начнётся ад. Пока ??
    I'm from Russia, well, that I have nothing to say I hope for you too. And by the way my name is — — — — I think I'd say? Well, no. And Yes I was born in Moscow this information can be not hide (I so think). And of course I will translate it into English. Well, let hell begin.Bye ??

  5. Imagine if i hade that as plastic for a toy and i made the right blade backwards like levi does and literally it will be so cool

  6. But cant fly using 3Dmanuever in realife because that not logic if you think in real life. We have gravity that difren in anime

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