Man has giant six kilogramme tumour removed from his face
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Man has giant six kilogramme tumour removed from his face

August 14, 2019

This is Stefan Zoleik from Slovakia, and that
large mass under his chin is in fact a tumour. The growth has bee developing for more than
ten years and made Stefan’s life extremely difficult in many ways. Everyone was turning a looking at me. It was very unpleasant. It also bothered me all the time when I moved my head. The tumour was caused by Madelung disease,
which is a rare illness that causes uncontrolable fat fibres to grow. Stefan made the life-changing decision to
have the tumour removed. Although Stefan’s daughter Katka is supportive
of his decision to go under the knife, that doesn’t stop her from being nervous about
her dad’s operation. She said the most important thing is for the
surgery to be successful. The life-changing surgery too five hours and
a total of six kilograms of fat were removed from Stefan’s face. Stefan said he was delighted with the result
and the look of his new face. This amazing. Much better than it was before.
It was horrible. I don’t even feel pain now. Stefan said he’s now ready to start his new
and finally tumour free life.

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  2. This guy would dominate the submission game in jiu jitsu you couldnt choke him he has an advantage on everyone

  3. Some people pay good money to have things like that added.
    Maybe he was harvesting it for some type of trade in arrangement.?

  4. This guy must live in Canada. When he first went to the doctors 4 years before it was the size of a pea. Then after 4 years and 80 visits to "specialists" here he is.

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