Managing and seeing Clients’ Activity
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Managing and seeing Clients’ Activity

August 12, 2019

The main page of the Advicefront system is
where you get to see the latest information on your clients’ activity. To add to the experience,
you also get instant notifications as soon as your clients complete something in the
process. To view a client’s specific activity, click on the name of the client you’d like
to see to get to the activity board and have a look at the steps your client has already
completed. You also have access to a Shared Documents folder, specific to that client,
where you can add and consult the latest documents you have exchanged with your client. Depending
on the subscription plan you have with Advicefront, in this case Onboard, you can also access
a client’s specific information by clicking on the sections on the left, below the product
you use — such as the Client Agreement, billing, risk score or fact-find. The clients’
list is where you can also filter your clients by the activity they most recently completed.
And that’s it! See our other videos for more details on all of Onboard’s features. Bye!

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