MANGA SENPAI [22] Sound Effects 1  | How to make manga by Japanese manga-ka
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MANGA SENPAI [22] Sound Effects 1 | How to make manga by Japanese manga-ka

August 29, 2019

Can you recognize this sound effect? This is frequently used in “ONE PIECE” by Oda Eiichiro. Today’s topic is, onomatopoeia. We’ve asked a question from our audience. “Do you need to know all sound effects as a mangaka?” Do we need to know all onomatopoeia to draw manga? Firstable, what is onomatopoeia? Perhaps Japanese people doesn’t use this word frequently before these days. (Wrong spelling) So what is that? This is not an ordinary word. In Japanese manga term, this is called Kakimoji. I’ll show you an example. I wonder why but I’ll show you pages from “Violence Action” by Asai Renji again. Pages like… This is saying “バン(BAN)”, the sound of opening a door powerfully. This saying “ゴロゴロ(goro-goro)”. The sound of wheels of a suit case. Goro-goro. And… What the situation is that? “ガタガタ(Gata-gata)” sound of shaking. This is an interesting one. “ダコォン(Dakoon)”
“ピュルルルルルン(Pyurrrrrn)” How we draw Kakimoji? Some manga artists have a thing about Kakimoji, So they draw it by their own. But sometimes Kakimoji is charged with manga assistants. So it is good for you to be able to draw Kakimoji. Then, Does the onomatopoeia all already exists? Like ドン(Don)and ドガッ(Doga).
バキッ(Baki). Does there some rules for these sounds? Is there such a rule? The answer is probably not. And these onomatopoeia don’t exists on a dictionary. Now we’re in trouble. It might be tough to learn these for foreign people. How Japanese people choose the sounds? This is just a sound for us. We hear the sounds and just describe what we heard. Like, when someone hit someone,
it sounds like “バキッ(Baki)”. That’s the very sound we heard. For example, コンコン(Kon-kon). Does that sound really コンコン? Well, we can’t recognize it. It might not sound コンコン. It is same with the sound of a rooster crows. In Japanese… Gosh… This is an egg. What a chicken crows is, In Japanese, it sounds like コケコッコー(Koke-kokko). No way. Do we really hear the crowing Koke-kokko? But western people hear it “cock-a-doodle-doo”, right? Like these differences, How a sound described in letters is depends on our culture, I believe. And in the life of Japanese, there might be a consensus of how we describe a sound. Through our life experiences. This is a difficult thing to learn. So… What we… I’m in trouble. So just refer your favorite manga. But you can’t read Kakimoji unless you can read Japanese… The point is to know they are letters. Sound effects are drawn as readable as letters. The sound of opening a sliding door. ガララ(Garara). This is not just a mark. They are letters. So we can read it… Plus, the difficult point of Kakimoji is, sometimes artists draw a sound doesn’t exists. For example, this ドン(Don). It is used when a character appear. There’s no such sounds in our real tlife… This is just an expression of a feeling. These expressions are quite far from our real life, so when they see ドン! of ONE PIECE. some people might feel something funny. That’s why people love the sound effect ドン!! Here’s another famous sound effect, “ズキュウウウウン”
(Zukyuuuuuuunn) This is from “JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE” by Araki Hirohiko. He used this in a kissing scene. And surprised us all. Wow! What is the sound of? We couldn’t get what the sound of but it somehow tell us the feeling of the scene. So this is the famous kakimoji. What I want to say is some sound effects describe the sound does not exist. Kumeta Koji, the author of “Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei”, “Katte ni Kaizō” He invented the sound of sending an e-mail with cellphone. Well the cellphone era almost passed but anyway… There was no such sound for texting. So he made it.
(Meru-meru-meru) It sound bit weird but it works. Meru-meru-meru. I write it too much. It is possible to try this. You can made some sound effects with your feeling. Then, the point of sound effects is, they are not a verb. I saw some American comics use sound effects with verbs. Like “Slash”. When they slaying someone. But “to slash” is originally a verb which means “to cut someone down”, right? It doesn’t mean the sound itself, does it? I’m feeling awkward. In Japanese manga, we don’t use verbs as a sound effect. Well, it’s possible to use it… But it is an exception. Like, “斬(Zan)”. This Chinese letter means “to cut down”. However, sound of “Zan” is could be heard as a sound of slaying with Katana. This makes the exception possible. Apart form that, like shooting someone with a gun, We don’t use a sound effect like “Shoot Shoot” Generally we use “バンバン(Bang Bang)”. So mostly we don’t use verbs as a sound effect. However, there are no crucial rules to use sound effects. It will be okay if you pick a sound you’ve heard. One day, I was working with my own manga, and like “Your sound effects are bit weird”. my manga assistant told me that. I was drawing a scene of doing consumer fireworks. Like sparklers. How do you hear their sounds? Wow, the English word is cool. Such sound does not appear in the dictionary, the sound of sparklers. I drew “フサー(Fusaaaa)” It surprised my assistants and they buzzed. Like “No way to describe it ‘Fusaa'”. But it sounds like Fusaaa, doesn’t it? Like that. But it’s okay to describe the sound of sparklers Fusaaa. Because I’ve heard it. Just use your favorite sound, and it is okay. So that, sound effects in manga is just a sound. So the more important thing is that to make a Kakimoji is readable, I suppose. Perhaps you don’t have to make Kakimoji in Japanese. For example, “Bang!!” I think it’s ok with that. There are less onomatopoeia words in English but it that true? Please tell me. ドカーン(Dokaaan)…I suppose you don’t say Dokaaan, do you? Interesting! So readable Kakimoji for readers is more effectiveI suppose. In the next episode, I’ll tell you how to draw Kakimoji. There’s some points to make good Kakimoji. Check the points in the next episode! What was the sound effect for? It wasn’t a suitable situation for ドン!. On the right corner, there’s a Like mark. Please push. Below the video, you’ll see a red button on the smartphone.
Please push. And there’s pixiv FANBOX and Patreon page! There will be little bonus videos. I’m waiting for you there. See you next time. (Original video before editing) Well, I’m doing this terrible since we didn’t shoot this last week…

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