Manufacturing Accounting Case Study – Weyerbacher
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Manufacturing Accounting Case Study – Weyerbacher

August 8, 2019

Weyerbacher Brewing Company – we started the company in 1995. At the time, it was a microbrewery, or now a craft regional brewery. We produce eclectic styles of beer. The brewers are brewing most of the year, five days a week. One of the main reasons I wanted Concannon involved was as a startup, we were facing a new industry, it was it was in its infancy in Pennsylvania and on the East Coast. And we were very undercapitalized, we did not have enough money, and so everything we did was a struggle, finding our sales revenues, managing our costs, and we’re in a very changing environment. We’re moving into additional states, we have new regulations that we have to follow. The states are changing their regulations on a regular basis, and we as a company can’t stay on top of those questions, Concannon does that for us. What drives me is I love finding solutions to problems, and I love going out in the community and meeting with business owners, seeing their businesses, seeing how their operations work. And I love seeing them grow and succeed, and to know that our relationship, our partnership with them has helped them get there. We try and do value-add consulting and planning for our clients. We try to focus, and before we’re thinking, and say hey “How can we help you going into the future?” and not necessarily looking in the rearview mirror, we want to be looking out the front window. I would encourage businesses to involve their accountants in their business decisions and their strategic planning sessions, because we can come in and we can help with corporate structures, with tax planning initiatives. In the long run, you’re going to end up saving money by having the accountant involved in the front end of your decisions. They’ve been our accounting firm ever since the beginning, they have helped us through all kinds of good times and some bad times. We will always rely on Concannon’s expertise to help us filter through what is truly an opportunity for us, and what might be actually a risky opportunity for us. They’re detail-oriented, they’re thoughtful, they take their time – I can’t recommend them too highly.

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