Mapping with a drone: how aerial data will profoundly change decision making
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Mapping with a drone: how aerial data will profoundly change decision making

September 14, 2019

I believe that the availability of cheap yet
comprehensive aerial data will profoundly change decision making in many industries. At Wingtra, we developed a convertible aerial
robot, which takes off and lands like a helicopter, but flies like an airplane. We realized that today’s drones have serious
limitations. Quadcopters are very inefficient as they can only cover a small range. And
fixed-wing airplanes on the other side need plenty of open space and catapults for taking
off. And that’s why we decided to build our own
aircraft. We were trying to build the simplest system possible When we developed the Wingtra 1, we took a
conventional airplane and removed piece by piece everything which is not absolutely necessary.
In the end we were left with a single wing and 4 actuators. The Wingtra 1 is as simple, robust, and reliable
as a multicopter. However, because it is able to transition to forward flight like a conventional
airplane, it is way more energy efficient. With a flight time of 1 hour, you can simply
cover more than others in one flight. The ability to take off and land vertically
allows users to fly missions literally everywhere. Optical guided landing makes sure you land
exactly where you want – even in confined areas. The Wingtra 1 is a fully autonomous aerial robot.
This makes piloting skills unnecessary. A successful startup needs first of all a
great team. And you need the technology which will drive the vision to real applications. There are endless application scenarios for
civilian drones. Previously, you had to order satellites or
manned aircrafts for your inspections. Wingtra offers a solution for precise aerial data
at a low cost. When you’ve worked on something that hard
for a whole year and then you see it actually flying, it’s an amazing experience. Combining the best of both fixed-wing airplanes
and multicopters in one system, Wingtra will impact data collection or even the way we
move things around on a giant scale.

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  1. Is the vertical tail needed for one motor operation? Or as a landing gear. Seems like unnecessary drag in forward flight.

  2. Taking-off and landing vertically makes this drone special likes this one

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