Marshmallow Plays Marshmellow Day Spa!
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Marshmallow Plays Marshmellow Day Spa!

August 24, 2019

– [Marshmallow] How
you doing, marshmallow? I’m Marshmallow! I really like your marshmallow robe. (upbeat techno music) (laughter) Hi everybody, and welcome to another gaming video with Marshmallow. Today we are going to
play Marshmallow Day Spa. Ooh, so cute! It’s so cute ’cause it looks like me. (giggling) Yay, I love being a Marshmallow! I’m a marshmallow in real life, and now I get to be a
marshmallow inside a video game. This is like the perfect video game ever! I love it! Although I don’t really know
what I’m supposed to be doing. Whole, skim, and soy. Ooh, different kinds of milk. (giggling) Whoa, that looks like a big drop! Whoa, how cool! It’s a marshmallow hot tub, my favorite! Oh neat, look at this room,
it’s full of chocolate! White and dark. Oh neat, there’s cherries up there! Okay, I don’t know what else I was gonna- Hi marshmallow, I’m Marshmallow! Hold ‘e’ to heat water, let go to release. Oh, am I putting water inside? Oh, yay! I’m gonna jump in the hot tub! I can’t wait! I’ve always wanted to jump in a hot tub! (giggling) Especially a marshmallow hot tub! Okay, here we go! This is gonna be so much fun. Whee! Am I in it? Yay! Ah, so relaxing. I’m gonna have to go ahead and say, this is the best game ever created. You get to be a marshmallow, and you get to go in
a marshmallow hot tub, so it’s definitely my favorite. What’s your favorite game? Okay, I’m gonna try and
make one of these recipes. So I’m gonna get some dark chocolate. (giggling) Okay, do I put it in here?
How do I get it in here? Help me! Help me, marshmallow! Yay! Chocolate milk, my favorite! Now let’s get some white chocolate. Ooh, we’re mixing white
and dark chocolate! (giggling) Come on! Come on, get in there! Oh, I didn’t even notice,
there’s one over here too! Yay! How you doing, marshmallow? I’m Marshmallow! I really like your marshmallow robe. Where do I get one of those– oh, there’s more over there! Oh, wow, I didn’t even see all of those! Ooh! I wonder if I have to make
each one of those recipes, down in each one– ooh, I bet you that’s it. Okay, let’s turn this one on. Yay! Okay, so this one needs
to be… 75 degrees, so go up to the third one. Yay! Okay, I got it! I figured it out, you guys! Yay! Okay, so, this one needs
to go all the way to 100. (giggling) It’s gonna be so toasty warm. I think that’s the one
that I wanna go into. (giggling) Okay, we’ve got all of
the temperatures set. So now, we need to go get some milk. We have soy milk, and whole milk, and– oh, actually, it looks like
you only need those two for this one. Okay, so– actually, I’m gonna
start with the chocolate, because I think that you should
put the chocolate in first. Okay? (laughing) That’s just what I’m deciding. Yay! Okay, now we need some whole milk. It’s too bad that you can’t
also choose– oh, whoopsies, I wanna be able to put
sprinkles inside too. I’d like to put sprinkles, and rainbows, and whipped cream, and caramel, probably some Skittles, and Laffy Taffies, and maybe every other kind of
candy that you can think of. We should all put it inside! Oh, do I have to pull
this now, or what do I do? Can I ring-a-ding-a-ding-a-ling the bell? (bell rings)
Yay! The marshmallow’s in the hot tub! That’s my favorite. Hi! You look like you really
wanna go in the hot tub too, and so do you, and so do you. So let’s get some chocolate. I accidentally messed up,
so we have to start over. Okay, so now I have to go around and turn on the water for everyone. Okay, you don’t like the water very warm, so you get it just a little bit. You like it really warm. I can respect that, because I really like
nice, hot cups of cocoa. Not just for drinking, but for sitting in! Ooh, so toasty and warm! (giggling) Okay, you’re a 100 degrees too, and then yours is 25, so
we put it right there! Yay! Let’s get the chocolate! It looks like we only
need white chocolate, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate! You take that one. Oh, we need to get out the
chocolate, I almost forgot. (giggling) I kinda wish they had
unicorn chocolate too! I don’t know if you’ve had
unicorn chocolate before, but it’s so good. It’s rainbow colored, of course! (giggling) Oh, yay! Okay, we only need white
chocolate for the last one. This is probably, like, the greatest game for a marshmallow ever, ’cause marshmallows love to go to the spa. We love sitting in cocoa! (giggling) Okay, let’s get the milk now! Gotta hop across very, very carefully. Okay, let’s get the soy milk! I’m coming, marshmallow! Marshmallow is on the way! Okay, I think you’re the
one that wants the soy milk. Yay, let’s ring the bell! C’mon, ring it! (bell rings)
Yay! Yeah, he’s in the hot tub! Oh, that’s awesome. I wish I could join you in there, but I have a lot of work to do right now. There’s a lot of other marshmallows that need to float in their hot tubs! And that won’t happen if I don’t have the right milk for them! They’re very particular
about what they like! I wanna make them happy. Okay, you get this one. Yay, and then ring the bell! (bell rings)
Yippee! They’re in the hot tub! They’re having so much fun. Nothing makes me happier than seeing one of my marshmallow friends hangin’ out in the hot tub of cocoa. (giggling) Unless that thing is a puppy! Or a kitten! Or a dolphin! Dolphins also make me very happy. Also rainbows too. And double rainbows! And triple rainbows,
and quadruple rainbows! You don’t see those very
often, at least here on earth. You see them a lot in Marshmalia. I mean, really, the sky is
just pretty much covered with rainbows at all times. (giggling) Alright, who wants their skim milk? Oh, yeah, you want the skim milk! There you go! Just need some cream and a cherry! Where are the cherries? Oh, there they are! Hey, cherry! Look at cherry. Just hangin’ around. (giggling) I got that one from Orange. Orange has the best jokes ever. Ooh, we can ring the bell! (bell rings)
Yay! Ding-a-ling! I wanna hang out in the hot tub too! (giggling) Okay, we just need cream for this one. Cream! Where are you? Cream, what’re you doing up there? So I gotta jump– oh no, I missed it! That’s okay, I’ll just use
the power of positivity. (giggling) That always helps me
when I play video games! Ooh, now that was a good jump! Look at the gingerbread men! (giggling) I love gingerbread men! Okay, cream, I’m comin’ for you! You can’t hide from me– oh no, I missed! Oh, and I can’t use the ladder. Aw, I only have 15 seconds left, so I’m gonna go jump in the hot tub. (giggling) No, wait for me, I’m comin– aw. 3000 points. Wow, that’s a lot of points! There’s no way I can count that high. I don’t even have fingers to count on! (laughs) Okay, thank you
for watching, everyone. I love you, buh-bye! (electronic music)

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