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August 28, 2019

what is good YouTube Warstu here with a
video on Marvel Avengers video game formerly known as The Avengers
project so if you’re new to channel make sure to scribe to never miss any of
those we have actually being covering this video game since the first trailer
came out for well over one year we are the best channel for Marvel Avengers
content so make sure to stick around so Games Con 2019 is currently happen and
we have finally got the 18 minute gameplay footage which to be honest guys
I’m really happy about this game look absolute fire now there’s been a lot of
controversy around this game around how the characters look but to be honest we
still haven’t seen a lot of gameplay we are only seeing up to the massive
accident where the Avengers get accused of ruining everyone’s life and killing
people which is ironically interesting so taskmaster is the villain that we see
in this gameplay footage I will be talking over the top of it
it’s awesome I can’t wait to be playing The Hulk so guys smash the like button
let’s try and get to 500 light and 100 comments that will be awesome let me
know down below which Avenger are you most looking forward to playing as
currently I’m looking forward to playing Thor the God of Thunder it looks very
similar to Chronos from God of War which is fantastic I really cannot wait to
play this video game next year I don’t know why they’re taking so long to
release this footage this is actually the same footage we got at e3 that the
press people got to see but for some reason they’ve waited so long so long to
release it and now we finally got it I think it’s absolutely fantastic so there
is a voiceover and I believe it’s miss Mardle
who has the big hand that slaps you in the face if you played marvel strike
force on the iPhone or Marvel I guess you could say it’s called Marvel
Ultimate Alliance 3 on the switch you know exactly who I mean it looks
fantastic and I’m very much looking forward to it now I’m happier with the
game footage now we’ve seen a very good I guess you could say 1080p is the clip
I put on this video very good rather than the leaked videos
I didn’t really want to include the leaked footage because including leaked
footage on YouTube is a very dangerous thing to do for any car
so now we have the actual trailer so guys let me know down below what are you
thinking what are you anticipating I really cannot wait to play this video
game I’m very excited as you know we are one of the few channels who have been
covering this game since day one taskmaster looks pretty cool we don’t
really get to see too much of the story but we get a much better picture of how
this give video game is going to play remember this is not finished graphics
this is not finish render in color in there is nothing finished in this
trailer it’s not even finished polished this is just the first look that press
got to see back at e3 so guys let me know down below what was your favorite
part this trailer for me it was Black Widow going hand to hand with taskmaster
who ironically is the villain of the Black Widow movie that’s coming out next
year I don’t know if they’ve done this on purpose obviously Marvel games are
making this game so there would have been some talk to Marvel Studios and how
to interact these characters because obviously they are building up the
Marvel cinema gaming universe they’re not really the Marvel game in the
universe it’s gonna be pretty awesome so guys I will leave you with the rest of
the gameplay please like subscribe and comment at the 100,000 subscriber mark
we were given away appears full pro and xbox one X and also when this video
games just come out next year I will be giving away a bunch of versions a bunch
of copies of this game so make sure to subscribe to never miss any videos for
Marvel DC pop-culture videogames and any kind of code and stuff we do on this
channel stir guys like always please like subscribe and comment I will catch
you in another video very soon I will leave you with the rest of the gameplay
footage and I will bring the audio back right now so guys make sure to check the
rest of footage out and I’ll catch you in another video very soon and please
let’s have a conversation down below guys I am super freaking excited for
this video game I really really cannot wait I’m so anticipated for this game
and also just one more thing I want to mention is they revealed that The
Witcher 3 is coming out October the 15th on this switch really cannot wait to
play that game on this switch for the first time over 150 hours of gameplay
it’s gonna be fine guys if you want me to do more video games on this channel
just let me know I’ve done a bunch in before and the response is generally
pretty decent so like boys guys catch it down below in the comment section okay pockets let’s fury kept all my fists
back in one place rockets are going to destabilize the fridge yeah I know
I built the damn things caps we should secure the Terrigen
crystal if that thing gets hit already on it they buy cover
all right which one of you be movie extra shot at me with my own weapon hey
didn’t know you were listening city’s running away by can’t shake the feeling
we’re playing catch up something else going on here come on down there Tony oh nothing
everything’s just peachy just hoping these guys don’t have they take it back they’ve got Paul
Stockton going for a ride cap someone’s initiated
the security protocols the chimeras autopilot has taken over smells like a
heist we’re heading back negative secure the bridge those weapons can’t
get into the city copy that your uppers yeah fires on me
annoying little guy join me on my way no I was thinking today’s gonna be one
Fanclub’s funnel cake pumpkin Tony we don’t take about hurry up big guy
can’t take much more punishment first brick creaks I got eyes on him
hook bringing in the Quintus out laughing inventions are dangerous stock a those
weapons were meant for the good guys is that supposed to be a joke not the time
get your heads in the game cap what’s going on over there
not sure nut seems like the reactors malfunctioning I’m getting strange
readings on the monitors like we’re being pulled to a heat signal in the bay now that’s going to destroy this repeat
that I’m having trouble hearing not do you read all heads the chimera is under attack
evacuate the civilians Judy do you read yeah captain we have a problem the reactor
won’t stabilize Terrigen molecular structure is breaking down into a gas
it’s extraordinary if you can’t fix the problem can’t you see Shepard if you can hear me the convoy is
transporting a highly lethal sonic disrupter bomb on enemies intended
detonated within the city secure the asset at once no sonic bomb are you kidding me
thought the UN outlawed those years ago let’s have a look shall we now that is an entrance taskmaster we need to get that detonator that bomb
goes off it could liquify everything within a ten-mile radius the cables romanov from one former
SHIELD agent to another you get a haircut the bridge is secure guys I’m getting these three seismic
readings take this you know I was hoping to fix you jetpack doesn’t matter I have this
dammit hand it over come & get it taking your usual notes right
it’s called photographic reflexes I’ve always wondered what it would feel
like to kill in a venture be it wondering they’re cats stolen your weapons from
shield your dance ends now must be frustrating
always one step behind you’re gonna do with it
sell it to the highest bidder I’m after something much more value where is your investigation left you
you’re not the brains behind this and this smells like destruction I’m done
talking coward what’s the matter don’t like surprises
cool I’ll adapt can’t learn what you can’t see next time take better guess you saw that
coming huh you think you’ve won what the hell are
you talking about look around Rome enough the world will remember this day
the day their heroes failed them what’s happening here he’s collapsing damnit they played us Steve can you hear
me get the hell out of there screw this some say they were set up others call
them murderers did the Avengers pose a danger to society that was the question
Bruce that was the question well we all lost something that day but that’s not
how this story ends you

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  1. So WarHed Who's Hyped For This Game?
    What's Ur Best Part
    Lets Talk Below Guys
    Like Always Share, Like And Comment – Peace

  2. how badass would it be for them to make a virtual reality Iron Man game where you're inside the suit and it's got the heads-up display and you actually have to move your hands and certain ways to twist and turn and pull up and stop fire and all that!!!! as long as they make special gloves for it I don't want to hold wands I want to actually feel like I'm doing it

  3. Did you get to pick what add to run? Because the anti abortion one pisses me off. I can’t stand people acting like murdering a baby so your not inconvenienced is ok.

  4. Hey Warstu. Good content bro. Did you hear that Spiderman is supposedly out of the MCU? Apparently Sony and Marvel can't come to terms on a sharing arrangement. IGN news

  5. Yes I'm getting this as soon as it comes out that's the marvel game that they should have come out with long ago

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