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Marvel Editor-in-Chief On Netflix and MCU Tie-Ins | Fuse

August 14, 2019

With the Netflix Defenders
show looming on the horizon it goes without
saying that we have plans for the street
level characters. Starting with the
Daredevil family. We will be launching, in
February, new solo series for Elektra, Kingpin and
Bullseye and all of those stories are going to
dovetail into a larger story called “Running
With The Devil” that will involve all of the
Daredevil titles. It’s a huge story that
we’re planning right now. And don’t be surprised
if characters like The Punisher or Ironfist, also
Netflix characters, play a role in that as well. Keeping on Ironfist for a
minute, we have plans for an Ironfist
series as well. Not one but two. One is a solo series that
will be back to basics with Danny Rand looking to
atone for past sins and in the second series
“Ironfists” plural, Danny will take an apprentice,
a young girl named Pae from K’un-Lun who will possibly
become the next Ironfist. I’m super excited about
this one because my six month old daughter Anja,
who’s half korean half mexican, that’s her next
halloween costume, without a doubt. She’s gonna be Pae. We already have the
costume nailed and I cannot wait, we’re having
it made right now. MCU, withGuardians of
the Galaxy
Brian Michael Bendis will be bringing
his years long run to a hault very soon. And very soon we’ll be
making an announcement about the new creative
team and the plan and the approach, I’m very
excited about that. As for Thor, you know
Thor: Ragnarok
in cinemas soon. You may know right now,
Thor in the marvel universe is Jane Foster. Thor is a woman. She’s as powerful
and popular as ever. But Odin’s son, “Original
Gangster Thor” as I call him, is still out there
and he’s come back as, you know, something close to
what he was before but he does not wield the hammer. So I think the question is
gonna be, is he worthy? Can two people be worthy? Can two people
wield the hammer? Are there two hammers? Read and find out.

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