Marvel Legends Infinity War Iron Man Review
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Marvel Legends Infinity War Iron Man Review

August 29, 2019

Hey guys Brian Schoof here and as everyone
on the planet knows Infinity War just hit theaters and with another Marvel
movie comes another Iron Man figure. I got a lot of apologies to make. I have a
LOT of Iron Man figures the last time I did a class photo
I think Iron Man 3 was about to come out and between then and now there have been
a lot more that I don’t even have space to put them all in the same photo at the
moment but we’re here to talk about one in particular and that’s the brand-new
Marvel Legends Iron Man from Infinity War. The figure itself is pretty much
what you’ve come to expect a Marvel legend to be nice articulation, bicep
swivels, double jointed arms and knees. One thing that stands out is the head
has a much greater range of motion than many of the other Marvel Legends Iron
Man figures have had in the past accessory-wise all you get are a second
set of hands and these clip-on blaster effects which
are the exact same ones that came with the Civil War Iron Man only here I don’t
think they look as good because these are just a flat translucent turquoise
whereas the Civil War ones had this nice gradient whitewash over them.
It’s also worth noting this is the only figure in his line that doesn’t come
with one of the pieces to make the larger Thanos build-a-figure. Previous
Iron Man figures have also come with an alternate unmasked head sculpt which
this one is lacking. The figure is a little light on accessories in general.
In the film Infinity War, Iron Man has a gun arm and a jetpack which grows out of
his nano armor, and not including either of these when they’re all over the
marketing for this movie instantly just makes the figure feel kind of bare-bones.
I mean I get it; tooling is expensive, but it just feels a little cheap. Speaking of
cheap let’s talk about the paint. Now the torso has a nicely detailed color set
but that’s pretty much where it stops. You turn him around and none of that
nice detailing is on the back. It’s even worse on the legs the paint literally
stops at the knees it’s like they only painted the part of the figure that
shows in the box and called it a day. Now this was done with
past Marvel Legends Ironman figures as well although I don’t feel it was this
extreme. If we take a look at the back of the last three Marvel Legends Iron Men
you can see they took the easy way out but there’s still some detail.
Now, painting the show side only isn’t just a corner that Marvel Legends cuts; if we
take a look at this video game Batman from Neca, you’ve got this really sweet
8-bit color deco but turn him around – zero paint. Now these figures have a lot
of potential and you can see a little bit of silver on the back of the Civil
War Iron Man, I added that myself and I think I’m going to give the Infinity War
figure a little touch-up as well. It’s not a bad figure, it’s not like they
built it in a cave; all the detail is right here, they just cheapened out on
the paint and I think they took that a little too far. This isn’t an inexpensive
toy; these retail for $20, so to cut corners to this extreme it’s a little
unexcusable in my opinion. Again it’s not a bad figure it’s just kind of
underwhelming. But with a little TLC you could really make this thing pop and
just take it to that next level. You know I keep saying each one of these is gonna
be my last one but we create our own demons and an obscene number of Iron Man
figures later the collection is still growing. So that’s it, if you have any
questions feel free to hit me up on Twitter, like ,comment, mash that subscribe
button, all that good stuff and don’t forget to tell Friday to check out
bombastic to see what we’re up to. Take ’em to church. [Music]

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