Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day Prologue Gameplay Footage [EN ESRB]
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Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day Prologue Gameplay Footage [EN ESRB]

August 24, 2019

NARRATOR: You know that old saying? Never meet your Heroes? NARRATOR: Well…I did. NARRATOR: And it… was…. AWESOME! NARRATOR: The Avengers were everything I imagined. TONY: Hello San Francisco! STEVE: Thor, Tony. Check it out. THOR: At once. TONY: Try to keep up. THOR: Are you waiting? TONY: Uh, yeah! Obviously. I figured I’d let you catch up TONY: Woah! This just got a whole lot more interesting. THOR: Let’s make this quick. TONY: Way ahead of you. STEVE: Thor, see if you can clear a path on the bridge. THOR: Aye. POLICE OFFICER: Go, go, go! POLICE OFFICER: We’ve got atleast three dozen armed men out here. We need backup. THOR: (War cry) THOR: Heh, you are not worthy. NATASHA: Tony, Thor. What’s your status? THOR: There are mortals trapped, and lots of small angry men with guns. TONY: Gah! I… just.. caught a bus! TONY: Maybe I should have had a bigger breakfast this morning. THOR: Out of my way! POLICE OFFICER: Thor! Thanks for the assist. We’ve got civilians trapped behind those barricades. THOR: Understood. Stay behind me. I will deal with them. THOR: This should be fun! CIVILIAN: Help me, please! THOR: Are you hurt? CIVILIAN: No, just stuck. THOR: Lucky for you, I am mighty. CIVILIAN: Thank you Thor! THOR: Get to safety. CIVILIANS: Thor! Thor thank you! THOR: Stay down. Help is on the way. MERCENARY: New target fellas, kill the god. THOR: Taste Asgardian Uru! TONY: Woah woah woah, thunder god. Who said you could have all the fun? TONY: Your turn! TONY: Gotta admit it, that was pretty impressive. THOR: Are you surprised? TONY: Oooo, cocky. I like that. TONY: Incoming! THOR: Shields…Quaint. THOR: Hahahaha, my turn. THOR: I’m not over, Stark! TONY: Hey! Get back here! STEVE: Just got confirmation. A SHIELD convoy was hijacked this morning. TONY: This from one of Fury’s morning briefs I never read? BRUCE: Come on Tony. Those are important. TONY: …Ok, whatever. TONY: Pulsar rockets? Glad Fury kept all my best tech in one place. NATASHA: Those rockets are going to de-stabilize the bridge! TONY: Yeah I know. I built the damn things. BRUCE: Cap. We should secure the Terrigen crystal. If that thing gets hit… STEVE: Already on it. TONY: (Groan) TONY: Stay behind cover. Tony: Alright! Which one of you B movie extras shot at me? MARIA: Avengers, the convoy is carrying classified SHIELD prototypes. MARIA: Fury is tracking down the full manifest TONY: Hill! How’s the cat? TONY: Tell Fury I really love being shot at with my own weapons. MARIA: We’ll keep you updated – and Goose is fine. TONY: Ha! I… didn’t know you were listening to that part. TONY: You’d think these idiots would be running away by now. STEVE: Can’t shake the feeling we’re playing catch-up. There’s something else going on here. NATASHA: What’s going on down there Tony? TONY: Oh nothing. Everything is just peachy. TONY: Just hopin’ these guys don’t have – TONY: Ugh! I take it back. They’ve got Pulsar Tanks. NATASHA: Going for a ride, Cap? STEVE: Someone’s initiated the security protocols. STEVE: The Chimera’s autopilot has taken over. NATASHA: Smells like a heist. We’re heading back. STEVE: Negative. Secure the bridge. Those weapons can’t get into the city. NATASHA: Copy that. You’re up Bruce. BRUCE: Yeah… HULK: (Transforming roar) HULK: (ANGRY ROAR) NATASHA: Tony, Thor. Got some of those flyers on me. TONY: Annoying little guys aren’t they? On my way. TONY: You know I was thinking today was going to be more fanclubs and funnel cakes. NATASHA: Focus Tony. STEVE: Avengers – talk to me. NATASHA: Those tanks are doing a number on the bridge. It could fall if we don’t take them out. TONY: Hurry up big guy. Can’t take much more punishment. TONY: Where’s big green? NATASHA: I’ve got eyes on him. Hulk, bringing in the Quinjet for landing. HULK: Hulk smash! MERCENARY: OH SH… HULK: Catch! THOR: Your inventions are dangerous Stark. TONY: Hey, those weapons were meant for the good guys. THOR: Is that supposed to be a joke? NATASHA: Not the time. Get your heads in the game. NATASHA: Cap, what’s going on over there? STEVE: Not sure Nat. Seems like the reactor is malfunctioning. STEVE: I’m getting strange readings on the monitors. Like we’re being pulled to a heat signal in the bay. THOR: Down! STEVE: Nat it’s going to destroy the cit- NATASHA: Repeat that Cap. I’m having trouble hearing you. STEVE: Nat, do you read? STEVE: All Hands, The Chimera is under attack. Evacuate the civilians. MERCENARY: Fire in the hole! MERCENARY: Go! Go! Go! MERCENARY: He’s alone! Take him down! NATASHA: Steve – do you read? STEVE: Nat? Nat! We’re being cut off. DOCTOR: Captain – we have a problem. DOCTOR: The reactor won’t stabilize. DOCTOR: The Terrigen molecular structure is breaking down into a gas. It’s extraordinary! STEVE: If you can’t fix the problem, get to safety. MERCENARY: Keep him occupied ’til they can take the shot! MERCENARY: I’ve got the shepard in my sights. STEVE: Shepard? MARIA: Avengers – if you can hear me, the convoy is transporting a highly lethal sonic disruptor bomb. MARIA: Our enemies intend to detonate it within the city. STEVE: The reactor… MARIA: I repeat – a sonic disruptor bomb. Secure the asset at once. GIRL: Abu? Abu? Where are you? TONY: Sonic bomb? Are you kidding me? I thought the U.N. outlawed those years ago. THOR: Let’s have a look, shall we. TONY: Now that is an entrance. NATASHA: Taskmaster. TONY: We need to get that detonator. If that bomb goes off, it could liquify everything within a 10 mile radius. THOR: Well, what are we waiting for? NATASHA: Tony! Thor! The cables! I’ll handle the freak with the detonator. TASKMASTER: Romanoff! TASKMASTER: From one former SHIELD. agent to another, keep up. NATASHA: Been a while, Masters. You get a haircut? THOR: The base of the bridge is secure. TONY: Guys! I’m getting discrete seismic readings. NATASHA: Tony! Truck! TONY: Got it! NATASHA: Hungry? NATASHA: I’ll take this! TASKMASTER: You know, I was hoping to face you. NATASHA: Funny, I’ve never given you a second thought. NATASHA: Come and get it! TASKMASTER: Not so fast. NATASHA: Aww, did I break your little jetpack? TASKMASTER: Doesn’t matter. I have this. NATASHA: Damn it. Hand it over! TASKMASTER: Come and get it! NATASHA: Taking your usual notes? TASKMASTER: What? NATASHA: Oh come on. The more I fight the more you learn, right? TASKMASTER: It’s called photographic reflexes! NATASHA: It’s called unoriginal! TASKMASTER: I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to kill an Avenger. NATASHA: Keep wondering! TASKMASTER: Here, catch! NATASHA: So you’ve stolen your weapons from SHIELD and your moves from my friends. TASKMASTER: And? NATASHA: That means I know just as much about you as you do me. TASKMASTER: Your dance ends now. TASKMASTER: Must be frustrating, always one step behind. NATASHA: You’re after the Chimera, aren’t you? NATASHA: What are you going to do with it? Sell it to the highest bidder? TASKMASTER: I’m after something much more valuable. NATASHA: You giving up? TASKMASTER: Not a chance. TASKMASTER: Where’s your investigation left you? NATASHA: That you’re not the brains behind this… NATASHA: and this smells like distraction. NATASHA: I’m done talking! TASKMASTER: Coward! NATASHA: What’s the matter? Don’t like surprises? TASKMASTER: Fool! I’ll adapt. NATASHA: Can’t learn what you can’t see. NATASHA: Next time? Take better notes. NATASHA: Guess you saw that coming, huh? TASKMASTER: You think you’ve won? NATASHA: What the hell are you talking about? TASKMASTER: Look around Romanoff. The world will remember this day. TASKMASTER: The day their heroes failed them. THOR: What’s happening here? TONY: The city is collapsing. NATASHA: Damn it, they played us. NATASHA: Steve, can you hear me? Get the hell out of there! TONY: Screw this. TONY: No… HULK: (Roar) NARRATOR: Some say they were set up. NARRATOR: Others, call them murderers. TONY: Do the Avengers pose a danger to society? That was the question Bruce! That was the question! NARRATOR: Well, We all lost something that day… NARRATOR: But that’s not how this story ends!

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