Marvel’s Avengers – A-Day Prologue Gameplay Footage PS4 Reaction
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Marvel’s Avengers – A-Day Prologue Gameplay Footage PS4 Reaction

August 29, 2019

welcome back to the awesome phenomenal
outstanding future big gaming channel all time
justice gamer for light my name don’t sobs Oh welcome back guys doing the
reaction guys guys I’m gonna give you very bad news um I was doing my gameplay
for Batman Arkham origin I was doing gameplay was done your lighting at my
area so when I play a game do game playing commentary the game got froze
and stuck I like what the hell is going on Dan um a wave like a couple MS or a
couple yeah a couple minutes or two hours and I try again then I had to get
had to stall over a game go back down where where that fall so they might take
like a couple days guys or two or three days when I get to that part I was so
I’m be like um reaction via for one or two we attributed a guy so let watch
Marvel Avenger a day this is a gameplay footage I cannot wait to see it guys I
cannot wait let’s check it out guys let’s check it out super Sally for this okay oh man I hope spired hopes by man this
never meet your heroes well I did
and Iron Man are even my second favorite all the Avengers were everything I
imagined Thor Tony check it out
that’s one okay cat America voice howdy yeah
obviously figured I’d let you catch up whoa this just got a whole lot more
interesting let’s make this quick doesn’t sound like a deranged army the
other voice oh I like this
yeah the combat a little freaky is saying damn – so we thanks for the
assist we’ve got civilians trapped behind those
barricades understood stay behind me oh I like to see some more of this oh yeah he’d be dead
hold on these are crushing bones now if you’re sorry or that fella bug right
there damn flying to the sky
are you hurt thank you good to see no no I I bet my friend bill
Wildman he gonna play this game damn hurry bull crap help is on the way yeah this yours
Hey look at the graphic man looking down bro Oh see it sooo now hope like this game be like I’m
awesome like bubbles by the way Oh a skill Oh oh man you made more angry now a little
bit oh no I don’t if they keep up like this or if I make s make it more better convoy was hijacked this morning sister
one of Fury’s boarding threes I never read come on Tony
those are important okay whatever oh oh oh that’s fury kept all my fifth deck in
one place rockets are going to destabilize the fringe yeah I know I
build the damn things cap we should secure the Terrigen
crystal if that thing gets hit already on it they buy cover all right which one of
you be movie extra shot at me running away by can’t shake the feeling we’re
playing catch-up something else going on here
there’s something new Wow freak beams also bed nothing
everything’s just peachy just hoping these guys don’t have
don’t have what they’ve got darkness damn going for a ride cap someone’s
initiated the security protocols the chimeras autopilot has taken over smells
like a heist we’re heading back negative secure the bridge those weapons can’t
get into the city copy that your uppers yeah here we go
we go either Hawk okay I like to see Oh oh yeah oh I like
to see this one right here now oh here we go oh man this is so freaking phenomenal Jin’s got
my attention now I gotta give this game guys I gotta do a game played man I’m
seeing just like this ball conversion way better on the movie version of Paul
paying off it could walk they may game also too hard okay I play a second one
double hog deal I never the first one I paid a sec one second I got me lost so
bad I don’t know what I’d do man this little trick me wrap it
enough proven combat you know what the extreme is perfect football right guys cannot wait for this game guys big green I got eyes on it
Oh bringing in the Quintus no laughing Oh that’s so funny guys so pretty cottage inventions are dangerous Stark hey those
weapons were meant for the good guys is that supposed to be a joke not the time
get your heads in the game Oh what’s going on over there
not sure nut seems like the reactors malfunctioning I’m getting strange
readings on the monitors like we’re being pulled to a heat signal in the bay not it’s going to destroy the repeat
that I’m having trouble hearing not do you read oh here we go guys nah she’s here things
I go work on Captain America you guys but think twice about that
three hey cap America how long Spears in all superb war and other battleground
soon okay but think twice oh now she offers a shield you see this
going happen who gonna win kappa merica captain we have a problem stabilize our
we need to crush the old if you can’t fix the kid to see is some hot guy in
this room and then I see him or spider-man Shepard or plat Panthers if you can hear me the
convoy is transporting a highly lethal sonic disrupter bomb within the city you’re the one way way way she is on
Miss Marple when I miss my mom I forgot you kidding me I thought the UN
outlawed those years ago let’s have a look shall we
because have a seat kappa volvo vada labuda girl now that is an entrance taskmaster taskmaster I’ve heard that taskmaster will be in
the back wheel of movie I heard I don’t only true or not guys I don’t know if it
is goes off but could liquify everything within a ten-mile radius oh here we go
I can see this match up like with a person taskmaster
fight good-o Oh three sides agree oh this hey guys a good thing he got
protected Harbor face so you know I was hoping to fix you right come on was he
like won’t want to come back – cool okay all right there we go now let’s talk about Owen
spear by Black Widow that going to do is feed on taskmaster tonight somebody
called Junior jetpack doesn’t matter I have this damn
it hand it over come and get oh shit okay
now that perfect oh yes it’s called photographic reflexes I’ve always wondered what it would feel
like to kill an Avenger keep wondering no you don’t want to talk about that oh sit Oh georgette and now Oh must be frustrating
always one step behind gonna do it sell it to the highest bidder
I’m after something much more pouch you know them they’re like one Billy that
I’ll back to okay easy parent he is a chameleon not oh man be a fast tap mastered that fast where’s your investigation left you
you’re not the brains behind this and this smells like distraction I’m done
talking I look death can’t learn what you can’t see oh she got him I guess you saw that coming huh you
think you’ve won what the hell are you talking about look around Rome enough
the world will remember this day the day their heroes
failed them what’s happening here he’s collapsing everything falls apart damnit laters Steve can you hear me get
the hell out of there screw this No some say they were set up others call
them murderers did the Avengers pose a danger to society that was the question
Bruce that was the question well we all lost something that day but that’s not
how this story ends Hale pollination May 15 2008 I want to
play the game so bad oh wait till next year like a couple of months I want to
play a game right now it was so freaking out test app a phenomenal tool sweet
oh my god freaking doping lit oh okay we see how many uh Busic got and on how
many likes and dislike it got okay let’s see god damn got like okay I look all
right here totally all views right here say sit hon okay so I like six nine nine
K totally views god damn 4.0 7 k comments God you know twenty seven point
eight K what the heck really people really 2.25 kate dislike you gotta be
fucking kidding me alright guys so I’m going um stop right
here do reaction for a while so thank you for watching of Marvel Avenger
heyday I reassure you so don’t forget it cuz the light scribe comment share think
poor check out my awesome phenomenal outstanding future a big gave me you to
Joe so gamer for life guys or C&S reaction video guys
alright guys bye

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  1. I'm still a bit iffy on this game, for some reason, but I hope this turns out well in the end. Also, thanks for subbing me, I just subbed you back! Be sure to check out my videos in the future, and I promise I'll do the same for you! ?

  2. Amazing

    I loved the gameplay !!

    LIKE # 10, to value the work!

    Hugs, Do not forget to stop by and check out the Channel news!

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