MASS EFFECT Andromeda | Combat Weapons & Skills | Official Gameplay Series – Part 1
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MASS EFFECT Andromeda | Combat Weapons & Skills | Official Gameplay Series – Part 1

August 16, 2019

Welcome to the Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay series. In Mass Effect: Andromeda, you are the Pathfinder – the ultimate adventurer in a vast, unexplored galaxy on a mission to find a new home for humanity. Can you make it somewhere tropical? Nice warm Ocean, summer year round? Our first video will take a look at weapons and skills. Andromeda’s action is built around fluid, fast-paced, third-person combat. Combat offers amazing freedom of movement with the use of a jump-jet that allows you to jump, evade, and even hover while you’re fighting. You’ll also notice a new dynamic cover system that allows you to seamlessly use almost anything, including your own vehicle, for cover. All this freedom allows you to approach the battle in a way that suits your gameplay style. Let’s take a closer look at our weapons. In Mass Effect: Andromeda there are 4 categories of guns: pistols, shotguns, and sniper and assault rifles. Plus a range of melee weapons for up-close combat. All guns are available to every player – there are no class restrictions. So if you decide you want to try something new, it’s as easy as switching your load-out. Guns and gear in Andromeda fall into 3 technology types based on where the tech comes from. Milky Way weapons typically use physical projectile ammunition that’s similar to the types of weapons you might be familiar with from our original games… with some advancements, of course. These are high-impact, projectile-based guns. They’re great against most non-shielded targets, but require you to keep an eye on your ammo. Remnant weapons typically use beams, have a high rate of fire, and are extremely accurate. They use the overheat system and don’t rely on ammo. You’ll never run out of ammo, but you’ll have to wait for your gun to cool down from time to time. Helius weapons are technology from civilizations that live in the Helius Cluster of Andromeda. They are generally plasma-based, which means they are slower speed, but benefit from heat seeking technology. Some are charge-based: the longer you charge them before releasing, the harder they hit. Melee weapons vary in both damage and speed. Hard-hitting hammers do maximum damage, while lightning-fast shivs or swords allow you to get in and out of harm’s way with maximum speed and precision. In addition to weapons, you can also develop skills and abilities. Like the weapons, there are no restrictions on what skills you can choose, and each of the 3 main categories is designed to facilitate a certain style of play. Combat skills are great if you want to focus on weapons, gear, and making your character the ultimate soldier. These skills focus on improving weapon damage and accuracy, as well as giving you the ability to use flack cannons, grenades, trip mines, and more. Tech skills allow you to equip your Pathfinder with more experimental weaponry or focus on strategic improvements for you and your squad. Cryo Beam and Flamethrower give you more offensive punch. While skills like Invasion or Energy Drain weaken your opponents and make them easier to take down. Want a little extra help? Deploy your own assault turret. Last but not least, Biotics. By controlling dark energy, your Pathfinder can harness the power of mass and gravity. Biotic skills like Pull and Throw allow you to literally control the battlefield using your enemies as a shield or even a weapon. Abilities like Annihilation shield or Singularity can disrupt and damage anything or anyone caught up in their powerful grip. Each skill can be upgraded to become increasingly more devastating and effective. Each also has choices to make when upgrading, offering you more ways to customize your play style. Now that we have the basics down, let’s put this into action. In this case, our Pathfinder is equipped with a sniper rifle and a shotgun. And they’ve got their 3 powers selected. You’ll notice that different enemies each behave in unique ways. Some will keep their distance and try to snipe us, others will charge right in and try to flush us out of cover. Sticky grenades is an advanced version of the omni-grenade combat skill. They’re effective against just about anything but they have a limited supply. Enemies each have different strengths and weaknesses. For most, head shots inflict maximum damage. But you’ll need to pay attention to their health bars. Yellow means they’ve got armor, and won’t be as susceptible to certain weapons and powers. Blue means they’re shielded and in addition to being more resistant to biotics, you’ll generally need to deal with those shields before their health goes down. And just like you, their shields will recharge if you don’t finish them off quickly. Tactical Cloak is a tech skill that allows you to evade enemy detection and inflict increased damage when attacking from cloak. And finally, Overload – another tech skill that’s great for taking out enemy shields and synthetic enemies. By holding it before releasing, you can chain it to multiple enemies. This is just one of hundreds of combinations of weapons and skills you can try in Andromeda. Stay tuned for future instalments where we’ll show you our Profiles to give you an added boost in combat, Favorites which allow you immediate access to your sets of powers so you can change up on the fly, and Squad skills and commands.

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  1. Just replayed the trilogy, how the fuck could they get andromeda so wrong?. Mass effect 2 edges it for me as the best but feels a bit backwards lacking the rpg element as the first game though. 2 and 3 still stand up good in the graphics department on the Xbox. Characters look better than in andromeda lol.

  2. Pre Mass Effect Andromeda launch:
    “Thumbs up if you’re excited!”

    Post Mass Effect Andromeda launch:
    “This game is so bad.”

  3. Ya know honestly it is still a fun game to play. Yes it is basically dragon age inquisition in space but it's still fun. It was just disappointing because of the high standard we've cone to expect from BioWare. I think there will be another one they can't end on this note

  4. Even after all the bad press I still think it's a decent ME game. Combat (5 stars)/ graphics (3 stars)/ Story including sidequests (4 stars). 12/15

  5. Funny how they say in every video how you are in "vast and unexplored galaxy" when, in fact every planet you visit already has been colonised before the game even starts.

  6. Please always try & remember that not everyone who buys video games are, Young Whippersnapper Fanatics who Live on your Forums & Twitters all wanting Anything & Everything Added to your games?…

    Please always try to just, Keep Things Simple.

    I'm now almost Fifty years old, an avid gamer since Atari & I've always preferred Keeping it Simple. I'll never forget Diablo 2 for example where you could play the entire game with nothing more than a Three Button Mouse!?! and Millions LOVED it! 🙂

    I Don't want to ever! be Stand Around Doing Noting, Crafting, Reading, Countless Abilities & Buttons to Remember etc.? NO! I want to be out Enjoying the game. Out in the world Fighting & Finding Loot!

    So Please try & Resist! the Fanatic Minorities and keep in mind that the Vast Majority of people who also Buy & Play your games? are Silent, for the most part 😉


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