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Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Footage Leaked – IGN Daily Fix

August 16, 2019

Hey guys, Max “Ace Ventura Cosplayer” Scoville here. I’m filling in for Naomi, who’s travelled to a faraway place called “Porous, Frowns” — never heard of it. Now if she had the ability to BEND TIME, I’m sure she’d find a way to do her travels AND host this show, but because she doesn’t, so I’m here to help kick off Quantum Break week right here on the Daily Fix. We’ve got great giveaways coming at you all week long — including copies of the action game for Xbox One and PC and even a Quantum Break Xbox One bundle — so buckle up … Just like Nathan Drake’s half-tucked shirts, Uncharted 4’s ending is going to be divisive. Naughty Dog creative director Neil Druckmann spoke to IGN about the long-awaited PlayStation 4 game’s conclusion, saying: “I think people will discuss the ending. If focus tests are anything to go by, there will be some arguments about the ending. I’m excited. Indifference would be the worst thing. I would rather have people hate it than be indifferent to it. We’ll see how they react.” And with that, Uncharted super-fans have already decided they love the game’s ending and are ready to slam reviewers for any differing viewpoints. Should there be jetpacks in Mass Effect Andromeda? Well, yes, there should be jetpacks in all video games — however, new gameplay footage has leaked and it seems to suggest that the new
Mass Effect will have jetpacks. You see NeoGAF member and cyber-sleuth Taker34 apparently discovered previously unseen Mass Effect Andromeda videos on one of the developer’s website reels, one of the developer’s website reels, e is. Let’s keep our fingers crossed we finally get a proper reveal of this game at E3 this year. Ubisoft has filed a new trademark for Beyond Good and Evil with the European Union Intellectual Property Office. DualShockers spotted the move by Ubisoft, which fuels more speculation that the sequel is on the way, exclusively for Nintendo’s NX console. Before we go, it’s time for our first Quantum Break giveaway of the week, and get this, it’s a copy of the time-bending action game. Sounds like a… GOOD TIME. Anyway, all you have to do to enter is fill out the form in the link on the screen here or in the video’s description. And that’s your Daily Fix for April 4th. I’m Max Scoville — if you want more news, make sure you download the official IGN app — and remember you can get your Fix anytime online at

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  1. I feel like this E3 will feel like 2009. We saw some awesome game play footage of Mass Effect 2, and it came out in late January I think. hopefully we'll get something similar.

  2. these Quantum Break ads are making me lose interest in the game, they are overdoing it with the adds.

  3. OMG? BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL? thats the best news i've heard all year, my hope is being poked at again please lord make this happen.

  4. I don't really care about mass effect gameplay but the love triangle between so many characters. Interesting and funny.

  5. I watch IGN videos daily and I hate that giveaways are US exclusive. I mean I can understand if it's about hardware (even though other sites don't seem to have a problem) but a game license? That's just sad.

  6. Lmao-Okay who's the clown that started the ace ventura stuff?Because that joint got me dying over here.He kinda does looks like him. That shirt and haircut,lol,that's too good.

  7. Halo had a good Trilogy… it's shitty now. Mass Effect had a good Trilogy(besides the ending and flaws along the way), and I know their going to mess that up as well

  8. This douche with his spring break tattoos and lame attempts at being edgy. Oh, and button up the shirt, chest hair boy.

  9. sry but you are stupid gameplay and maybe the release date of Mass effect andromeda is gone be released on that EA day not on E3

  10. Omg, BG&E an NX exclusive ….would be another reason to hate Ubi…. Luckily they are way too greedy a company, sure it will be on other platforms…

  11. hmm, i have never had the desire to play quantum break before or since it came out. subconsciously i think it is not really a game at all, like its some kind of interactive movie because of the celebrities in the game. like its an interactive movie of that tv series called Fringe. i mean the whole cast of that show is in this game. except for the chosen girl.

  12. please have

    Openworld-Multiplayer-Where you can trade with other players for ship parts and gear-Make it wear you can choose to be good or bad-Do not have certain solar systems where you can not enter-Make multiple space station to re-up on ammo or gear- make vendors where you can by things etc. – Have multiple quests not just one single mission-scan planets and solar systems and object for artifacts-Build online alliances to explore the galaxy together not just by your self with stupid AI's- Build your own character and build your own ship(change colors) Reconstruct your ship anyway you want it-fly your own ship by map and coordinates-More planets-More alien species-make it unbeatable-have new things so it won't be boring for us space Traveler's-Build your own things-Find resources to build weapons and gear on different planets and solar system- it's more that just all for now.

    Hope somebody read this and put these ideas in game so excited this new franchise.

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