MASSIVE HAMMER vs SPIDERTRON 5000 – Clone Drone in the Danger Zone Part 2 | Pungence
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MASSIVE HAMMER vs SPIDERTRON 5000 – Clone Drone in the Danger Zone Part 2 | Pungence

September 13, 2019

– Oh, the kick! Dude, I’m like, some kind of ninja master! Oh, let’s hammer Spider-Tron
5000 in the face. Oh! Hey, what’s up guys? Welcome back to Clone
Drone in the Danger Zone. Guys, I absolutely love this game, and I was so glad to see
you guys loved it, too. Dude, you smashed, like, 2,500 likes. That’s crazy. So for this one let’s
say, for like, 25 billion, or, like, 25 trillion likes. And maybe we’ll do another one. (laughs) I’m just kidding. But guys, thank you for all your support on the first video. It just made me so happy. I just love finding games that I love and you guys love, too. So guys last time we left, I can’t even remember where we left off. I know more robots are on the way, and I think we got like
the 200% wider arrows, but I want to get the 300%, okay! This was another thing I was wondering: I wasn’t sure if we were
gonna keep our progress so we’re still Elsie Monroe, age 20, favorite color Grass,
occupation Astronomer. We can still slice. We can still slice and dice. Wait a minute… Oh! Wait, I thought… Wow, so I only slice right-to-left. That’s interesting. Can I slice my clone? Dude this is gonna be really
bad if I kill my clone. – [Commentatron] The human
is killing it’s clones! – [Analysis-Bot] What a
rebellious act of defiance! – [Commentatron] It is
a pointless gesture. There is only one way out of that room. – I killed a clone. I didn’t know I could do that! Well, I think I know what
the upgrade’s gonna be. Well blast, we’re wasting an upgrade! Wait. Two of five, we can only do
a maximum of five clones? You gotta be kidding me! Okay, let’s make another clone. – [Upgrade Bot] Clone created. – [Analysis-Bot] Here
is your clone, human! – [Commentatron] We even
painted it your favorite color! – You did paint it my
favorite color, thank you. And thank you, Upgrade Bot. Alright, let’s do this. Man, I love this music. Okay, here we go, let’s
fight some robots, baby! Oh, that’s a lot of robots. Okay. Guys, I haven’t practiced yet! I haven’t practiced! I killed one of them. Uh-oh. (grunts) Okay, let’s fight. No! (grunts) No! Okay. Sliced! Oh! Ho! Yes, I sliced ya! Haha! No! Good thing I got the clone. – [Upgrade Bot] Clone activated. – Dude, okay. Do I have to start from the beginning? The music’s still going,
making it indicate that I don’t have to
start from the beginning. Guys, uh-oh. Okay. Dude, this music is so stinkin’ cool. Okay, that got one of ’em. Let’s get the other one. Not enough energy. Oh, there was an accident! I killed it by accident and
this one only has one foot. Gotcha, oh no! I thought I got it! Oh, that was close. – [Male Announcer] Defeat. – [Commentatron] Another
one bites the dust. – [Analysis-Bot] Please
Commentatron, they had a family. – Okay guys, let’s say that
was our practice round. You know, I had to get back
into the swing of things. No pun intended. Okay, restart. – [Upgrade Bot] Lela Sosa. – Lela Sosa. Age 23, favorite color NOOO!!! Occupation Harpooner. – [Analysis-Bot] Unbeknownst to the human, we are using their fighting
pattern to make better robots. – What? – [Commentatron] I think
the human knows it now. – I know it now! – [Analysis-Bot] Irrelevant.
The human will die soon. – Dude. I can’t believe it. Guys! I gotta start from the beginning. I gotta start from the beginning. You gotta be kidding me! I died again, okay. – [Male Announcer] Defeat. – Okay. I gotta get it. – [Commentatron] Send in the garbage bots. – Send in the garbage bots. I gotta get the hang of the, okay. – [Upgrade Bot] Rigoberto Burke. – Rigoberto Burke. Age 58, favorite color Ocean,
occupation Well digger. Okay. We got it this time. – [Analysis-Bot] Human fact. – [Commentatron] More facts! – [Analysis-Bot] They cannot experience the emotion qilsnib. – [Commentatron] Wow! Incapable if qilsnib? – Incapable of qilsnib? – [Analysis-Bot] Completely. – Okay. Okay, it’s backwards. It’s backwards of what I thought it was. Well, that’s why I lost. It’s backwards of what I thought it was. Yes! – [Male Announcer] Victory. – Maybe I was getting lucky the first time I played.
– [Commentatron] Amazing. – [Analysis-Bot] Perhaps this human was a professional video gamer. – [Female Announcer] Human,
please return to the elevator. – Okay, well guys, this is not good. – [Commentatron] Analysis-Bot,
what upgrade is the best to tackle the next challenge?
– What upgrade is the best to tackle the next challenge? – [Analysis-Bot] When you
are surrounded by robots with swords, You need to not
get his by their attacks. – It’s gonna tell us the best one! – [Analysis-Bot] Blocking or kicking is very effective against sword robots. – Blocking or kicking is very effective. – [Commentatron] We will
see what the human chooses. – Okay, it says blocking
or kicking is very good. Well let’s kick! I never got to kick before. Okay. Let’s kick, and guys,
I did get some requests for some different upgrades to do. So yeah, this should be interesting. Kick unlocked! Kick, WASD changes direction. Wow. Okay. Wait. Dude, I don’t know. It just said click to kick. Oh, right-click to kick, right click. Oh man, that’s pretty cool. Let’s try it. Oh, I kicked him! Dude, that’s cool. Oh, the kick! Dude, I’m like some kind of ninja master! Ho! (squeals) Ooh, okay. Get kicked. Uh-oh. Okay, this. Huh. Kick him, kick him. Kick him, no! I kicked him. Slice! No. Ho, this guy’s good. This guy’s good! Got him. – [Male Announcer] Victory. (giggles) – [Analysis-Bot] Boom! – That kick is pretty cool. – [Commentatron] Easy. – I just walk into him and it kicks him? What’s happening? (laughs) I just run into him and it kicks him. That’s pretty funny. Okay, I gotta be careful
with these blades. – [Female Announcer] Human,
please return to the elevator. – Oh guys, okay, well, I’m debating whether or not to just
pick up where we left off. It’s kinda gonna take a
while, lets just keep goin’. – [Analysis-Bot] What can you tell us about the next challenge, Comment-a-tron? – Get new upgrades this time. – [Commentatron] I was
going to ask you that. – [Analysis-Bot] Do
not evade the question! – [Commentatron] Robots
with bows. Archer robots. – Oh no! – [Analysis-Bot] Very good. Let us watch the human interact with arrows. – He called him “Comment-a-tron.” It’s “Commentatron.” Does his name change? Okay, guys, let’s just use the hammer. I got a lot of requests in the comments to use the hammer. Okay. We got no clone, ’cause if we die… if we die we die. Okay, three is Equip Hammer. Okay. (giggles) That thing is pretty big. Wow, it looks heavy, too. Okay, I hope I don’t have
to charge it or anything. I do see an energy thing down there. Oh no, they got bows. They got bows. No! Whoa! Okay. – [Male Announcer] Defeat. – Okay. – [Analysis-Bot] I wonder what the human’s last thoughts were. – [Commentatron] Possibly it was… Ouch. – [Analysis-Bot] I agree. – That was my last thoughts! Well blast! Adeline Beard – [Upgrade Bot] Adeline Beard. – Age 30, favorite color Grey, Occupation Heating and ventilating fitter. – Okay. – [Commentatron] How do you like your new robot body, human? – I like the new robot body. – [Analysis-Bot] It is impervious to harm. – [Commentatron] Except from laser swords. (laughs) – [Analysis-Bot] Which is why we gave your opponent a laser sword. – No! Dude, guys, I’m still sticking to it. My favorite part of this game is the commentary. Is there a way to, like, invert the sword? Dude, this guys a blockmeister! Okay. – [Male Announcer] Victory. – I wish there was a
way to invert the sword. – [Commentatron] Nice work, Upgrade Bot. – ‘Cause I hit A, which is
left, and it goes right. – [Analysis-Bot] Your superior upgrades meant this human survived. – It goes backwards. Okay, well guys, I actually
think I’m gonna skip ahead, because, I don’t know, I
don’t want to be fighting the same level over and over. Okay guys, so we’re back. I got a new clone. I’m not gonna kill it this time. (laughs) I’m not gonna kill my own clone this time and I have the hammer again. So we got a bow, and we got a hammer. Okay, get this guy. Okay, we got his head. Okay, how does this hammer work? Oh! Dude! No! Oh no. Okay, clone activated. Guys, that hammer hits hard. The hammer’s amazing. But it does hurt when they kill me. Uh-oh, I missed him. Hm, okay. Hit him the old-fashioned way. Okay, we got that one, two archers to go. Okay, watch out for the blades. (laughs) Watch out for the blades! Okay, watch out for the arrows. Okay. Oh, man. (groans loudly) Dude, that’s close. We got him. Okay, let’s get these guys. Two more to go. No! Oh man, how did that not kill me? Got him. – [Male Announcer] Victory. – Okay. – [Commentatron] Nice! Everyone died. – [Analysis-Bot] Well done human. – Look at his arms goin’ up and down. That was pretty funny. – Okay, can I? I wanna go in here again. – [Female Announcer]
Recycling step included. – [Male Announcer] Access denied. – (laughs) I landed on
one of the garbage bots! – [Commentatron] The human
tried to enter the garbage room. – [Analysis-Bot] Very strange. – [Garbage Bot] Everything must be clean. – I got him! I killed a Garbage Bot. There’s no repercussions for that? Okay, so when you use the
hammer it goes up and then down. – [Commentatron] Up
next, Spider-tron 5000– – Okay, Spider-tron 5000. – [Commentatron] throws explosive bombs. – [Analysis-Bot] I love Spider-tron 5000. – [Commentatron] Me too,
Analysis-Bot. Me too. – (laughs) I love Spider-tron 5000 too. Okay, let’s get another clone in here. – [Upgrade Bot] Clone created. – We gotta have the clone back up. – [Commentatron] Great, more
garbage for the garbage bots. – (laughs) More garbage
for the garbage bots. Okay Spider-tron 5000,
let’s see what you got. See what you got against my, uh-oh. Where’s my bow? Did I not get a bow? I thought I had a bow? Okay, well, no bow. Gotcha. Ooh, that was close. Oh, I think they killed themselves! Yes! No! No, watch out for the explosives. Okay, Spider-tron 5000, it’s you versus me and I got a hammer, baby. Let’s hammer him. Let’s hammer Spider-tron 5000 in the face. Oh! (laughs) Dude, that was awesome! – [Analysis-Bot] Spider-tron
5000 was defeated! – [Commentatron] Yes, a shame. – (laughs) That was awesome. Okay, why can’t I use the bow anymore? I thought I had the bow? – [Garbage Bot] I want Garbage. – [Female Announcer] Human,
please return to the elevator. – What did they say, “I want garbage?” – Dude, I am so glad you
guys requested this hammer. That was really fun. – [Commentatron] Analysis-Bot,
what can you tell me of the Mark two Sword Robot? – Mark two sword robot? – [Analysis-Bot] Bigger, faster, stronger, better at blocking. – That’s not good. – [Commentatron] Next
round will be interesting. – Yeah, we have a bow! We have the bow! But we can’t use the bow! Well that’s very interesting. Okay, well let’s upgrade the hammer. Hammer’s bigger. Let’s get a bigger hammer. We still have our clone back up. Hammer’s bigger. Okay, here we go. Here we go. Okay, so these are the Mark two swordsmen. Yeah, I can’t use the bow. Do you just have… I gotcha! Do you just have the one choice? Oh, dude! We are destroying these guys. Doh! Oh man. Got him. – [Male Announcer] Victory. – Dude, the hammer’s sick. – [Commentatron] That was a slaughter. – That was a slaughter. – [Analysis-Bot] This human’s not terrible at fighting robots. – (laughs) I’m not terrible
at fighting robots. Dude, that was awesome. So, I didn’t know you had the choice– – [Commentatron] Spider-Tron 5000 is back. – Uh-oh, Spider-Tron 5000 is back. – [Analysis-Bot] This
time it brought friends. – Uh-oh. – [Commentatron] Robots
do not have friends. – [Analysis-Bot] Spider-Tron
5000 is the exception. – (laughs) Okay, okay. So, I don’t know. I guess I can’t use the
bow and arrow anymore. That’s so weird. Okay, let’s just use the hammer. The hammer is enormous! We gotta do it, we gotta do it. – Okay, here we go. Monster-size hammer! Oh man, how am I even able
to move this thing around? Whoa, I almost broke the elevator. Okay. Man, it’s times like these where
I really wish I had my bow. Okay, let’s get this guy first. Oh, I missed him. Spider-Tron 5000 goin’ down! We demolished him! Dude, he went flyin’! Oh, Spider-Tron 5000s are dead. Gotcha. Dude, this is so hard. Oh, man. I think they’re hitting themselves. Oh, he jumped it. Wow. Yes. Guys, can we do it? Can we do it? Oh man, we’re getting very lucky. Do I have a double jump? No, it’s just my leg moving. Speaking of legs, this
guy’s leg is hurting. Yes, oh! Dude, they’re so close. No! Okay, get these guys. Yes, one more to go. Get him! Oh, man. What happened? Oh, we did it. – [Male Announcer] Victory. – I love this hammer. – [Commentatron]
Analysis-Bot, didn’t you say that Spider-Tron 5000
could not be defeated? – [Analysis-Bot] The
human has found a way. We must start research
on Spider-Tron 6000! – Spider-Tron 6000? – [Commentatron] And now,
time for something special. – Something special? – [Analysis-Bot] The Mark Three Combat Archer is unstoppable. – Oh, no. – [Commentatron] Unlike
the previous version, this one knows how to aim. – [Analysis-Bot] And it is not alone. – Well that’s not good! Okay, what do we want to do? What do we want to do? I think blocking arrows could be good. Blocks projectiles in a 90 degree arc. That could be good. We still have our clone just waiting. Dude, they said they’re
gonna start research on Spider-Tron 6000? Oh, man, these guys are hilarious. Okay, oh there’s just three of them? That’s not bad. Oh, no! Yes, smash him! One down, two to go. Okay, get this guy. Yes! Guys, it’s not good. This is not good. – [Upgrade Bot] Clone activated. – Okay, this one has a bow! Why does this one have a bow? My other clone didn’t have a bow! Okay. They totally dodged it. Yes, one to go, guys. Got him. Oh. – [Male Announcer] Victory. – Dude, this game! – [Commentatron] That
was a difficult fight. – [Analysis-Bot] We are just– – This game is intense. – [Analysis-Bot] …getting warmed up. – (laughs) Just getting warmed up! Okay, okay, well guys
I need another clone. At this point I have to have– – [Analysis-Bot] This human
is pretty good at fighting. – …a clone. – [Commentatron] Yes, much
better than the others. – It will be interesting to see it fight all the sword robots. – All the sword robots? – [Commentatron] Very interesting. – Okay we’ve used three
of our five clones. – [Upgrade Bot] Clone created. – [Commentatron] You
are privileged, human. – [Analysis-Bot] Normally
backups take hours. – [Commentatron] We were clever and guessed you didn’t want to die. – Dude, so they knew I wanted a backup. Okay, let’s get these guys. Let’s see if I can get, uh-oh. No, this is not gonna be easy. Okay, I sliced his foot. Okay, it’s hammer time, baby. Hammer time! Uh-oh. Oh dude, did I just get, like, four guys? Back off, back off. Yes. Oh, man. Oh, man. Get him! Dude, that was good. – [Male Announcer] Victory. – That was good. – [Commentatron] Analysis-Bot,
how many sword robots do you think this human could defeat? – Probably a lot. – [Analysis-Bot] We
have seen it beat eight. It is logical to assume
that it could continue beating a steady stream of this model. – [Commentatron] Perhaps it is time for a more advanced challenger. – Oh, no. – [Commentatron] And now, a special guest arrives in the arena. – A special guest? – [Analysis-Bot] This will
be a fight to remember. – Oh boy, a special guest arrives. Is it the Emperor? He’s come before. Okay, I’m not a big fan of the kick. The kick is good. I’m not a huge fan of the kick. Jet Pack could be interesting. Arrow width, well now
that we can use arrows, let’s do energy capacity first, then we’ll do arrow width. This way we can do two
arrows back-to back. I like starting off with arrows. Okay, who’s the special guest? Is it the Emperor? Whoa. What is this? What is this? Okay, let’s actually shoot another arrow. No! Okay, this guy’s good. Oh! That was close. Guys, this is not good. – [Upgrade Bot] Clone Activated. – Who is this special guest? They’re incredible! Okay, (laughs) I though I
fought the purple guys before! He’s just looking at my dead body. Uh-oh. Wow. Okay, this guy’s good. – [Male Announcer] Defeat. – [Commentatron] Ouch!
That must have hurt. – It did hurt. – [Analysis-Bot] Yes, this
version of the combat robots do not have their sensory input filtered. – [Commentatron] Oh well, the head will run out of energy sooner or later. – Dude, okay. Who was that? Okay, well guys, it says 10. We got to level 10. I think that’s pretty good. Dude, I need some more practice. I need, like, practice off-camera. But I gotta say that hammer is amazing. Oh my goodness. Guys thank you for that
recommendation, though. I saw a lot of comments
wanting to see the hammer. Dude. Well guys, I hope you enjoyed the video. If you did, as always feel free to hit that thumbs-up button, and subscribe if you haven’t already. Now, we’ll see you guys next time. Dude, we are like right
inside of his mouth! I wonder if I can attach him to that boat? Shark, boat. Oh my goodness, okay. Guys, we gotta get on the boat, and we gotta drive these guys around.

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  2. The reason why u couldn’t use ur bow is because when u get ur arm damaged (either one) u can’t use the bow because u need both of ur arms in good shape to use it

  3. You couldn't use your bowl because you lost your hand I know it's complicated you could use your hammer and your sword but that's just how the game was developed

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