Matt and Rebecca vs Drone Battle RZ Twin Trap! (Searching for 24 hours Hidden Game Master Clues irl)

September 20, 2019

welcome back to the Matt and Rebecca
channel we are just getting back from our cabin up in Big Bear where we trap
the RZ twin unfortunately she escapes but we need to find her because she
still has one of the devices that we need the reason we are back here in LA
is because Daniel our cameraman just gave us a message that we needed to get
back here as soon as possible we what my stuff from wish came in oh that’s
perfect because this video is sponsored by wish and we ordered a ton of spy
gadget so hopefully that can help us track her right let’s go inside okay
in our last video we confronted Daniel because he let the RZ twin escape yeah
but it turns out she had put a tracking device on her which led us to another
location and we found another device of the quadrant we’re just not quite sure if
Daniel works for the quadrant or if we can trust him right now you have a have no
choice right now so come on all right Zamfam so we need to try to figure out
where the last device exactly why are you here I just came in okay good that
doesn’t matter Aaron how did you get in I tracked RZtwin okay I’ve been
keeping an eye on the place as you guys were making your way down from Big Bear
okay what’s all this stuff what Dana what’s going on when I came in there was
a mystery box at us from wish so I just lost did you search the apartment yet no I’m
fine she might be in one of the rooms then she’s not okay we’re okay so we
need to be like spy ninjas right now yes I can trap her she’s escaped from think
there we need to get her now right here I mean if she’s in the house she only
knows that we’re here right I guess okay yep yeah okay okay this room there’s
nobody in there where else would she be I wonder where RZ twin could be yeah
let’s just keep searching guys maybe we should just go upstairs definitely not
in here she might have left oh and done yep her just like it’s a
blanket sing if she’s in my bedroom that’s not just a nice receipt okay
it’s a foam roller there’s nothing there she’s not here okay well she’s not the
opposed doesn’t make any sense it’s what my it’s what my tracker saying oh she
should be here she should be right here that’s what I mean behind there like
this alone today but how do you know she’s here okay well in Big Bear she
disappeared right yeah she did you guys lost her she disappeared off my GPS then
she just walked up today that’s when I sent you that message what phone call no
no where’d you know we’re saying yes she was like oh okay yeah okay let’s go look
at this stuff right now we obviously need to figure out where she’s at like
now she took a year the tracking device okay okay well if she is not here in the
actual apartment there’s only two places that the arsy twin could be right now if
you’re seeing her on the cheek you know okay looking at it right now she should
be here okay so she can either be on the roof or down in the garage is on the
roof you can hear it on the roof we would hear her walking I haven’t heard
any high in it okay well look we have all these spy gadgets that we just got
from wish why don’t we use these to help track her exactly
yeah you guys wish is great you can find a ton of unique items like look we found
all of these spy gadgets and you can get really great deals
yes directly from the manufacturer as well oh so that’s how you got it in a
low cop exactly wait how did you know how much I
mean there was a receipt I think in there he’s the wish app on Matt’s phone
to order some clothes and it’s so fun and entertaining it what well I just
bought some clothes – besides that stuff okay well we can return it – if we need
to because they’re super reliable and the great customer service yeah but
we won’t need to return it because I’m sure they little bit so it’s fine
so download the wish app and shop for some spy gadgets or clothes you know
yeah check out what we got we got a ton of stuff on wish and this is gonna be
super useful too so it’s right here it’s a drone you know we’ve been seeing so
many drones lately yeah and so I thought we could get this it could be like a
battle drone or something like to help protect us from the other drones this oh
yes I’m never good it’s a monocular a monocular yeah instead of binocular it’s
only one I think it’s super far really cool yeah see just kinda like spit up
here and then okay shouldn’t see me now Oh that’ll be really helpful be active
like secretly attend any other meeting exactly yeah look at this this is super
neat it’s what you didn’t notice is that there’s actually a spy camera in here
too oh yeah your bucks all this stuff to you yeah I mean it’s really cool stuff I
just want to see what it’s a good flashlight it’s just a normal flashlight
or is it a black light I think it’s a spy
looks like a woman pin Oh like to write secret messages
Oh actually a laser backlight they either black guy Danny already open this
yeah oh yeah yeah I wanted to look them to see if I could hear the RG twins oh
we actually have one of these but this is an upgrade so right here we see it
says play and record so we can record conversations yeah this is a GPS spy
monitor detector we always like check out the house using the GPS signal like
a tracking device oh so we can figure out if someone’s
tracking us yeah but looks like this means like on a car you did all the
unboxing Daniel not fully I did kind of opened everything out of the main box
I didn’t order these things what’s this go oh yeah yeah I ordered those you got
my function yes you know I thought a couple really cool things on there and I
just had they had to order wait so what are these spy gadgets Daniel check him
out whoa what are these for just sunglasses well I mean it’s a cool
disguise it doesn’t look like me probably yes I mean you were different
you do look good it’s just guys I guess maybe I need like a mustache okay I do
mini to you stop Daniel Holmes the themes have a camera phone upstairs
I destroyed one well I’m the doll look I mean I Danielle I just was on the app
and I saw a camera and this is the one right here that destroyed look at that
okay does it look hey look it’s exactly the same
Daniel no I didn’t know do you guys think that’s a little suspicious that
there is the same exact kima I think it’s a coincidence you need to get back
to RZ twin so you guys saw we have a ton of different spy gadgets let us know
which one you think we should use to track her right now obviously there’s
gonna be one that’s gonna work the best right now right so is she still here I
just wanna be sure look maybe the sound maybe this one you guys this one might
be good right also she has it like we’re tracking it with the tracking device
right I having this – okay the GPS tracker if you guys comment it that you
wanted us to go downstairs give your comment a thumbs up you might as well
explore down there with this sure okay I’ll take this yeah here we go
on the grass like the first line of defense right right here so clear which is that right
yeah what what okay
I mean she’s in the trunk right now okay I’m gonna stay here in case she comes
out this way what quits whoops no sex boobs the GPS though right
under the car under zero you know what’s going on right there no way Oh mystery box
come on Dan you know what’s the tracking device that yeah that’s it
that’s what I planted on her this was a trap she was just wrapping up okay he
has to be here because we didn’t have that tracking device when we’re and Big
Bear she was probably down here trying to
search the roof we’re finally gonna trap her again exactly you got to be really
careful hey if you guys see our seat women all
hug there let us know wait honey go get the drum do you think that the quadrant
drone no what if they’re looking for a RZ twin right now we actually have like a
defense right now it’s great the train from wish wait so it’s a battle royale
with drones whoa oh my gosh I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before it’s
pilots on care for everybody see this right it there it’s right there it looks
like get it open well we go see what’s over there okay we saw
something on the drilling they drop this here maybe it was for RZ twin and she
hasn’t gotten it yet you’re right all right you got it no she would have seen her secure hold
wait Matt GM are these the coordinates where the GM is now I know why the RZ
twin was here this note was probably for her you’re right just think we had to
use that drone from wish to get this I think we wouldn’t employ godness yeah
yeah I’m glad you got all that stuff you know what you guys we’ll put a link for
wish in our description right now so you know what we have to do you guys but to
go find the gamemaster thanks again wish for sponsoring this

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