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Matt Mullenweg, WordPress / Automattic

August 18, 2019

honey my name is Matt Fenwick and the co-founder and lead of the WordPress project which is free open source blogging software to be used to create anything from the smallest blog to one of the largest media websites of CMS’s and I’m also the CEO of a company called automatic automatic is a company 250 people all over the world 190 cities people work from home and we work on making the world a better place make services for WordPress but also other apps like simple dope to cloud up avatar just to try to make the web better I’m here in Japan to meet with WordPress users I’ll give a talk tonight 300 people there so very excited about that because I am looking forward to sharing a little bit more about the philosophy and the history of WordPress so people understand where we came from WordPress is patented for 11 years ago and and to once meet as many people as possible because in terms of us growing in the Japanese market yeah absolutely modest adoption so far but I’d love for them anymore we think of it not as like American company coming to Japan but we want to hire and work with as many Japanese people as possible so that they can sort of make WordPress their home using the open-source software modifying and shaping it so rather than products that are sort of brought to Japan as something that’s really natively Japanese and created by Japanese people to fence the culture here favorite people me so I’m here to learn as a humble student which I see as much as possible and thank you so much for listening and I hope to you’ll try outward fits or check out automatic calm in the future

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