[MCPE] How to FLY in Survival (command blocks trick)
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[MCPE] How to FLY in Survival (command blocks trick)

August 30, 2019

what’s going on guys Monday the one to X and my voice might sound different because I’m using a different mic today yeah I think this is better so today we’re gonna be learning about how to make a levitation command so like in Hoover in Minecraft in survival without cheat without mods without Adam just with the command yeah so this is pretty easy to make and it does work in survival but it’s a really good trick to trick your friends yeah so let’s go ahead and first make our thing so you’re gonna get a man block so to get a command block / gabe p command and I’m gonna command every go comment off so we got a command block and then I’m gonna put it on a command block I must I repeat so if you’re gonna hover five blocks away from the ground then you can say six yeah err zero and then you’re gonna write any command right here because you have to have a command after this drink yes if you don’t have anything then it throws an error so you don’t want that right I’m gonna just do the step loss make it to air this uses command will be executed there we go and then I’m gonna play any of love right here this restaurant torch check if the restaurant torch the ghost of X the thing as active the compare are saying yeah so it looks like it works fine all right oh my god yeah got to be kidding me oh okay so the command block saved the thing you know the resin towards the command blocks a really strong there’s explosive to repeat infect this thing and let’s do this [Music] all right so looks like it’s pretty good look at it and now I’m going to play some medical mandolin so it’s doing a Hoover five blocks above the ground and you’re going to say five and remember this negative stakes should be bigger than five I mean strip is smaller than five because it’s negative yeah so negative six plus air zero effect HP clear there’s oh my mother they’re like this so if the thing works then I’m totally happy you know what I’m gonna do negative three because that’s a will work better I’m watching negative three all right so it looks pretty good because I’m levitating and worthless of ammo too so yeah it’s a pretty good thing let’s go really high nineteen block I’m going up I’m going out I’m the color culture whoa whoa yeah so work amazing but the problem is well I guess down okay yeah that’s a little problem here so yeah but at least you can fly so yeah oh I’m idea so if you don’t follow us make cement block then the command will not get executed you can put our radius parameter if you want and yeah that’s it so this is how slot in survival we come and lost with no more nor atom so just pretty much over it guys and if you enjoyed video duplicative like and subscribe [Music]

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  1. A suggestion is to detect for a snowball, then hook that up to a t flip flop that would either have the command running or not.

  2. Oh sorry I just love commands sooooooo much so ya also i play on iPad so could you make a link in the desc to a paste bin so I can copy from there thanks for doing your vids I love them sooooo much
    One more thing could you do a top 10 command block stuff on your channel (not like house builds)!

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