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  1. My new dream is to eat five cream eggs a day, learn the accordian, and get a job as a telephone sanitizer.

  2. Its like when you pretty much do everything you can do in a game and you then have nothing to do and get bored

  3. he he… i'm a nihilist. i see no meaning nor purpose for myself, nor morals. but i've got dreams and objectives to fulfill. i work on self improvement. i'm creative as fuck and i never, i mean never get bored, however time passes quite quickly. i just wanna live a happy life and fulfill my curiosity forever. and have no regrets. so far so good. i can give you lectures about cell, i enjoy exploring personalities of others and i like to befriend the ones that seem worthy. some people kind of unique, some more, some less, but there are also some truely special. the ones i like the most. the ones i don't wanna lose, as even though human speciment personalities are often very repetitive, it's not always the truth. everyone has something they can share with you, but rarely they're the only one who can. desclaimer: i'm not evil or anything in my opinion and i'm not considered such.
    i'm a prospering human being. i'm happy.

  4. There are so many NPCs in this world. (I dont mean it literally), but its so weird that people dont even question their own existence and meaning. They just go on in their life, not even thinking about why and how we have been put in this systematic cycle.

  5. this is basically the same thing I wrote once, personally, good to know some shares my opinion quite exactly actually.

  6. I don't know about that…. The accordion is pretty fun to play… I'm sure it would end world depression.

    Great video though, I love your channel and what you do.

  7. what if we dont have to find a meaning but only find happiness, you will ask now '' how can i find happiness without a meaning?'' well, the answer is within yourself.

  8. Hmm. Ive liked plenty of videos by you so far and this one has a good intention but is incredibly off about a few points.

    The first point I want to address is this whole idea that other aninals dont have the kind of complicated thoughts on life that humans do. To be fair, youre probably right, but not in the way the video expresses. You have to remember that we were, and still are, just like every other animal. You can see in newborn babies as they are very indistinguishable from other animals, intellectually. What happens to make that person develop complex ideas is their personal experiences throughout life mixed with whatever teachings they received from others. Just like the story of the nun saying people have to learn to grow up, people also have to learn to question things on an existential level. A caveman saw lightning set fire to a tree, gasped, and ever since then the question of, "what is all this," was passed down from generation to generation. The reason your cat doesnt ask you why we exist isnt because the cat is dumb from being a cat, its because cats have not had the deep ancestral ties to such questions that we have, largely due to the fact that our pursuit of the answers have led to us conditioning other animals to be just dumb workers. Look at research into teaching apes how to do sign language, or horsez how to count, or elephants how to paint. The other animals show a great capacity to learn. Of course there is always the question of the limit of such capacity, but any study is going to be marred by, as I said, our dominance over them for generations.

  9. I always tell my GF that money doesn't bring automated happiness … and then the SHOUTING starts (on her behalf)
    … sigh!

  10. If you really wanna' find out what you should do in life (i.e. your personal destiny) then ask yourself these questions:
    1) what do I LOVE doing ?
    2) what do I HATE doing ?
    3) –> go for the first option, and ask yourself "How do I start doing it?"

  11. I think I dont want any meaning. I like living my life without thinking that I have to do something. This means that when I do things it makes me happy just because. Or maybe the meaning of my life is to live without meaning so that I dont waste my time worrying about what it is or if I have done it wrong.

  12. Your videos are existential bliss. PLEASE continue to rip apart the human condition and sew it back together with rationality and compassion.

  13. I am continuously blown away how well you word complex ideas that I have had in my head forever. This channel, your videos, make me feel so much less alone sometimes. Thank you for that.

  14. Can I suck It now? Maybe you are stressed? I've never done it but home court advantage should do the trick ….no don't sCrEAm! Just just just shhhhhhhh ( puts finger on to lips to silence you) just let it happen

  15. Look for meaning, find some joy and purpose but don織t get an aneurysm over it – you can come back if you want.

  16. I'm writing a book about the life, universe, and everything and it's comforting how much of this aligns with my outline. I also think there's more insights Maslow's Hierarchy teaches us that we can explore. And while "what is the meaning of life" is nonsensical, "what is the meaning of MY life" is entirely answerable. I love your content.

  17. It's bit weird when people say stuff like – you have helped me through some tough times – or stuff like – I'm gonna be honest you showed me the right way and I'm back on my feet bla bla bla- why are you saying that? if anything your not really paying attention, to comment that are you? Don't say thanks for uncommon common sense because no one should say sorry for being dumb even if someone demands an apology you don't actually have to give one, and you don't have to say thanks when someone passes the milk. People do nice things normally because they want something this is true but also goes entirely against the idea of being nice for the sake of being nice. Being kind for the sake of it.
    Realise the contradiction?

  18. Jokes on you
    I am watching this and i have been through war, lack of clean water and suicide bombers
    Ye well, i live in Syria

  19. Life is a rpg game without main quest,you make the main quest or you enjoy the side quests or you quit the game.

  20. when i read the title i was really confused on why you have to knit a suicidal guy on a building. Now I realize you're just using the word wrong.

  21. The meaning of life is that everyone must choose the answer to that question for themselves. Success is having a bespoke life.

  22. My cat has the exact same brown fleck on underneath her whiskers.. Just.. The same cute face.. Now she's big, fat and heavy..

  23. My jumper isnt suitable to be worn outside around others (i love to cook sew do crafts and a billion other things… but i feel no happiness doing it for people i dont care about so it just becomes something i hate to do then… and i feel no desire to do shiz for other people because i already know theres endless people out there already doing those jobs and realistically me adding myself to that long list will just be me competing in a endless cycle then dieing… and i end up not wanting to be caught in that cycle of hateing my job of a craft i used to love for people i dislike on a fairly basis till i die…. so im stuck doing a job i hate ironically for people i still hate on a daily basis … so i cant knit a sweater of meaning if i wish to stay alive .. if im ok with slowly dieing homeless and starving i can still not do what i love due to not haveing cash for it …. so im stuck in a cycle of self hate loathing and depression of never being able to knit my own sweater or not afford the thread to knit it … go figure)

  24. All jokes aside, last few years have been hard for me. It feels like I have been screaming into a dark void "Where do i go?!" While running in a circle on the same spot. Then this video comes in wacks me in the back of the head saying "Nobody cares, just pick a direction and go forward."
    Thnx for the vid

  25. to find your meaning in here, simply follow your emotions. what makes you curious, what are you interested in, whom you'd like to spend some time with and so on. feel the emotions on your body and be constantly present it in the moment to feel fullest what you can feel and sense. because that's the general thing we all came here for: to experience this world. everything that's important is in this world, so being present in the body and emotion will always eventually lead u where u are meant to be.

    so yes, our emotions are our path which we are supposed to follow. and they are our teacher which we are supposed to listen to learn from.

    the language of emotions are love, and all our emotions are just different aspects of the same love. feel and understand the love behind the emotions to understand the message. that love is what we came here for.

  26. I clicked on this video only because me being dyslexic dumb-ass and reading "Jupiter" instead of "Jumper" several times, and wondering what this video is about.

  27. "the universe is hostile"
    "there is no universal meaning"
    "everyone has to choose his individual meaning"
    "hurr durr…."
    Is the hedonic treadmill (3:45) even prooven? How do you safely measure Happiness?

    I highly doubt that medival age people are as happy as we are…

  28. +exurb1a makes me feel fucking amazing for simply being. tho, I am still filled with an astronomical amount of fucking dread.

    Do I need a hug? Fucking right I do. Line up.

  29. "You will never live through a war directly"
    Me, a syrian who lived there two years during the (still ongoing) war: *nervous laughter

  30. The fact that we experience reality via our (constantly changing and evolving) senses gives me exponentially increasing paranoia.

  31. I began knitting my own jumper on the 10th of October 2005 at 10:31 pm CDT. I now have the body of completed and am working on the sleeves.

  32. Thanks for bundling up all that chaotic happenings and thought in something understandable. It really helps following a chosen direction.
    Kinda off topic and not interesting for anyone: The Lake shown at 7:37 is called "Blaibacher See" and is located in Bavaria, Germany.
    Ironicly I just thought about the meaning of life while swimming across it a few days ago before watching this video. Funny how things can sometimes be put together

  33. Im on holidays on a beach and I just cant help but think that everyone has had the same thoughts, and it would be funny to rant the same rant on the beach

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