Meet @Assist Toki – All-in-One Practice and Workflow Management for Accountants and Bookkeepers
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Meet @Assist Toki – All-in-One Practice and Workflow Management for Accountants and Bookkeepers

August 9, 2019

Hi there! My name is Audrey, Founder and CEO of @Assist an All-in-One Property Management & Accounting Solution and I have some exciting news to share! When we created @Assist we focused on making something awesome that all property owners and managers regardless of how many properties they manage could use to make their jobs so much easier. The response has been HUGE! We spoke at conferences, we were featured in one of Silicon Valley’s most prestigious tech events, we traveled the world and met some amazing industry leaders, and most importantly we got lots and lots of great feedback from property managers all over the globe. What we didn’t expect, however, was how excited other industries where about @Assist specifically accountants and bookkeepers. You may remember that last year we released our famous anti-accounting accounting feature. This feature allows property managers to do bookkeeping in an easy and completely jargon free way that means they understand their finances and their accountants get crystal clear reports that make them super happy at tax time. Once accountants caught wind of this feature they were excited to see how they could apply it to their business. They told us they just weren’t happy with what was already out there. As we gained more and more financially-inclined users the feature requests began to roll in. Requests like: Can I manage my staff and invoices? Can I do payroll? Can you make an @Assist for accountants and bookkeepers already? Our answer? Yuh huh! To make this change we had to do a little housekeeping. First of all, @Assist is now in All-in-One Solutions Company dedicated to taking a unique approach to making easy-to-use but *JAZZ HANDS* awesome solutions people actually need. It will still exist at our current website address and there you’ll also be directed to our specific solutions. Make sure you check out our character stories to see what solution or bundle of solutions would be perfect for you. Up first is our Property Management and Accounting Solution which will now be called @Assist Sugu and will have a new home at And finally, meet our new Practice and Workflow Management Solution for Accountants and Bookkeepers called @Assist Toki. With Toki, accountants and bookkeepers can manage their company, staff, quotes, invoices, clients and time. It will integrate with a whole host of existing accounting and other software and include lots and lots and LOTS of feature goodies like anti-accounting accounting and payroll! I’ve put together a HUGE special early access offer for @Assist Toki in commemoration of Canada’s 150th birthday. And you don’t even have to be Canadian to take part, eh! Join us at and click the big red “GET EARLY ACCESS TO TOKI NOW” button. And if you have a question you can reach our entire team, including myself, by starting a chat or giving us a call. We Canadians have been known for our friendliness 🙂 Thanks for watching. Until next time!

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