Meet JetDo, The JetPens Mascot!
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Meet JetDo, The JetPens Mascot!

February 20, 2020

[Whimsical music starts] In the Nano Dimension,
[Whimsical music starts] in the Pixie Star System was the planet Lumi, home to the Lumions. The Lumions were creatives; they were poets, cartoonists, and painters. On their planet was an Inkwell that flowed
with magical ink. The Lumions used it in all their creative
endeavors. One day The Inkwell started to sputter and eventually it ran dry. The Lumions began to panic; what were they supposed to do without ink? Then the eldest Lumion, the Ancient One appeared from the shadows. He spoke of a time in his youth, when The Ancient Pen and Scroll sent him to
the source of the ink, a world different than their own. There he spread the love of creating on paper, and this creativity was what supplied their
beloved Inkwell for so long. “The other world must be in need of new
inspiration,” he continued. “It is time to pick a new champion.” “It is time to pick a new champion.”
[Whimsical music fades away] The Ancient One tapped the Inkwell and out
came a scroll and a pen. The Ancient One tapped the Inkwell and out
came a scroll and a pen.
[Dramatic sci-fi music fades in] The Scroll floated into the crowd and wrapped
itself around a young Lumion named JetDo. Surprised and afraid, JetDo stepped forward. The Ancient One handed him the Pen. “Use this to get to the other world. Scroll
will guide you.” Following the Ancient One’s instructions, JetDo used the pen to draw a rectangle in
the air, and a shimmering portal appeared. All he saw was dazzling light. What lay beyond was a mystery. JetDo Took a deep breath. Everyone was counting on him. Summoning his courage, he stepped through the portal.

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  1. JetPens's 15th anniversary is tomorrow! To commemorate, we decided to reveal JetDo's origin story. Let us know if you want to see what happens next.

  2. What an incredibly creative and beautiful story. Kudos to the writers and artists. I 💕 you Jet Pens … wish I had enough $ to buy everything you sell !!! ☮️💚🙏🌿💋

  3. Whoever character designer did this… the designer is an asset and must be paid great 😀 Jetdo carried the brand well~ and kudos to your video team 😀

  4. Jet Pen's LOVE JetDo and the story of how he came to the Humans world for let us know how to use a Pen or Pencils to send a message or a card writting by hand with your Stunning Callygraph Pens are a real joy Humans forget with all of the technology so LOVE YOU for that reminder! Jet Pen's Happy 15th annyversary, i'm a Huge fans of your online store and all of your Fantastic Pens & Pencils, Ink & supplies, Big Hugs to all of the Team at Jet Pen's who do a great Job to please and take care of hour treasures JetDo send to us the packaging is so Top & perfections, i wish you a very long life on hour Humans life and Thankj You to the Designer's who created Amazing Pens & Pencils which would love having all of them LOL! xxOx

  5. Awww this was so heartwarming. I would love to know more and maybe see a series and more adventures and creativity inspiration!

  6. Omg. Are you saying that when i create art with my stationery, that im supporting these little Lumis in their world? Yes please! This is everything i needed in my life

  7. I thought this video was about them explaining how, when, and why they create their mascot but turns out it's their mascot's backstory xD Pretty neat!

  8. This made me tear up. I haven't purchased many items from you guys because #poorstudent but I watch all your videos when I need a pick me up. This is a beautiful story. Thank you for this.

  9. Ohhhh how cute!!! 🥰
    15 years? I buy with you guys regularly about 5 years now! So much great stationary you brought to my life. Hugs 🤗 from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 🇧🇷

  10. JetDo for president!! He’s showing more competence and bravery than the one we currently have, plus his hands are bigger! Long live JetDo!!🤗♥️ Happy Anniversary JetPens! I love your company!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️🤗

  11. This is not what I expected from a channel that listed or and promote product every single time

    But I appreciate it very much

  12. Series and merchandise please!! I saved one mini Ball jar for all the cute stickers you pack in the orders. It’s one of my favorite pen jars!!

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