Meet the Mighty Pups Ft. Chase, Rubble, Skye & More!  ? PAW Patrol Nick Jr.
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Meet the Mighty Pups Ft. Chase, Rubble, Skye & More! ? PAW Patrol Nick Jr.

August 12, 2019

Might Pups ready for mighty actions,
Ryder, sir! Love the Mighty Pups? – Mighty Pups!
– Mighty Pups! Let’s take a closer look
at what makes these pups so mighty! Chase No one races to the rescue like Chase! And with light speed power,
he’ll race faster than ever! Mighty Chase is ready to race! – Zuma!
– Zuma! Zuma has always loved the water. Surfboard! But now he’s really making waves! [howling] Time to do the wave! – Rubble!
– Rubble! We all know Rubble is a master digger! I dig digging! But with super powered paws,
Mighty Rubble’s ready for trouble! [roaring] – Skye!
– Skye! This pup has always taken to the sky! But now she can do it without her copter! [gasping] One mighty whirlwind coming up! – Everest!
– Everest! Ice or snow, I’m ready to go! Everest, the coolest pup around,
is about to get even cooler! Mighty Everest, time for the big chill! – Rocky!
– Rocky! No one fixes things like Rocky but with these ultra cool tools,
green really means go! Super tools! – Marshall!
– Marshall! Ladder up! Marshall’s rescues have always been hot! I’m ready for a red hot rescue! But with heat powered paws,
now they’re on fire! Finally, Ryder has always been a leader! Mighty Pups are ready to go, go, go! But with his new jetpack,
he’s taking it up a notch! I gotta keep up with you Mighty Pups! [giggling] – Mighty Pup Power!
– Mighty Pup Power! You can find more Paw Patrol
weekday mornings on Nickelodeon and everywhere you find Nick Jr.

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  1. Rocky:Ryder
    Ryder:yes Rocky
    Rocky:have you seen Anthony
    Anthony:"calls Ryder"
    Ryder:huh hi Anthony
    Anthony:remember Harold
    Anthony:he got me and Mayor humdinger who talk too much
    Ryder:what but this call for Mighty pups
    Mayor humdinger:hurry i need talk to him and he going get metor
    Ryder:you have yours is strong ice fast melt water tool flying
    Anthony:oh yeah
    Rocky:he had all our same power
    Ryder:he will do it by himself

  2. At first this show was realistic, until they added merpups, aliens, dinosaurs and THIS! ?‍♀️? ? ? ?‍♀️?

  3. You don't need to have superpowers to be a superhero they just have to be themselves cause their great rescuers already

  4. scrugy oorsei squo deda ehacidin eaai noeteefo vro aemeteet et et oledbosee eerd ehka de arey hwver toork xcoomemy pnenia og slypoud suoscee an nesni rdodeena het aoyrelta eetanesis dala

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