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Men in Black 3 iPhone Gameplay Review –

August 18, 2019

Let it not be said that all ‘freemium’ titles
are bad – sure they have their huge flaws, but time enjoyed is time well spent. With
that said, time wasted is time not enjoyed and definitely not well spent and this is
where the genre comes in to contention: If you lack the motivation, then what are you
playing for? Men in Black 3 slides uncomfortably in to this second problematic kind of thinking,
albeit presenting all the visual polish and flair Gameloft can muster, but it’s not enough
to mask a game that lacks any meaningful progression. You come in to the agency as a rookie and
are – strangely – dumped in to the overwhelmingly powerful position of cleaning up and expanding
the facilities while also saving the Earth from a menacing threat. “But,” you may ask,
“how can I simultaneously save the planet from a real and immediate threat while also
waiting 24 hours for my facilities to earn cash to get that new weapon I need?”. And there’s the crux of it: Your motivation
from the outset is not to save the world, but to build a base. Be it a new flower stand,
a tacky souvenir shop, or a snazzy host of “RnD” divisions, the game is about amassing
gold over time and promptly sinking it in to more buildings or items to repeat the whole
mess. On the plus side, there is a mission system
and the ability to recruit agents to perform minor tasks for you, but everything you do
has a price paid in energy, which takes time to regenerate as well or if you’re flush with
cash, a quick trip to the IAP store to refresh or side-step with ‘T-Pulse’s. Gorgeous though the art and style may be,
it’s merely a skin-deep veneer over the same game you’ve seen played out too many times
already. Sure there’s combat, but it’s just as shallow as you tap enemies without thinking. Men in Black 3 is a tidy example of why fans
of a franchise and gamers in general cringe at the sight of tie-ins; despite the wealth
of ideas to exploit in the MiB world it’s lumped with a throw-away concept that asks
nothing of the player and returns much the same in kind.

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  1. They should hav released the MIB game that they released on console for iOS devices instead of this sort of farm ville-ish game..

  2. I never play these type of games. But really like this one, there is story progression it just takes a while to get there. Also at times yea you can only play for 10-20min but its a game on my phone 20mins of continuance game play is more than enough.

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