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February 21, 2020

MESEM – A FUTURE BOMB What happened to me? Did I made any time travel? In which year am I? 20-02-2020 I will fix this MESEM in this bike…. …and set this in auto driving mode for any emergency escape from them for today After I will divert them from this MESEM bomb. Oh shit! someone is coming. No one is there. The MESEM(bomb) is in this way. Lets move. GOD is that MESEM secured are now? Lets see. Oh god, it is safe. Hey! It is my bike, right? Yes, it’s mine. Hey, you thief. It is my bike. Hello, hold back. This is yours but not now. There is a dangerous bomb inside in it. BOMB…! Yes. I am not related to this time, I came from future. Hoo, you are mad. Hey wait, this is completely true. There is a explosive hidden in this. Get away from me, you mad. Ok then, once stretch your hands What? Stretch yours hands. Should I clean my face spotlessly with this. Wait and see, what you are going to do. Will you believe me or not? ha…haaa What? Don’t you believe me yet? Hey, don’t do that. I trust you. How did you come from future? TIME MACHINE…? It means humans invented time machine by that time? Hey, I am speaking with you only. Will you return my bike or not? Or tell me What is the reason behind coming from the future? Me and my friend invents the… ….very dangerous bomb- MESEM. Shit! How did these robots reach here? Friend, listen to me. This MESEM is…. …a secret mission for us. We know how dangerous this MESEM bomb is. If they take this, there will be a huge loss and danger… …so, you better escape from this place… ….through emergency exit and make the MESEM safe and secure. What about you? Don’t care about me. In a matter of fact manner, you should not leave this MESEM at any cost At any circumstance this should not go into their hands. At any cost! They killed my friend. I escaped from them but unknowingly I came to this period through time travel. Who are they? Why they are attacking us? They are the robots who killed my friend. They chased me for this bomb.We should stop them…. …otherwise everything would get destroyed. F**k. Bomb has been activated. If I take it with me there will be no use. Better to leave this here and go back to my time. WTF! How the spaceship is moving after damaging it? Ashok..Ashok…they were gone. Lets go to the bomb. SHIT! How did this got activated? What happened? The MESEM bomb has been activated. But I can’t get how this happened. Can’t we deactivate it? Once it get activate, nothing is there to do. Is there is any another chance to deactivate it? Nothing is there. Everyone and everything is in danger who are nearer to this. What is the range of this bomb? It pollutes and explodes upto the range of 113 kms. What…..! 113 KM….! How can this small thing explode in that much? Our earth and technology will change into of that your imagination can’t reach it. This MESEM bomb is very powerful and harmful. OK, we are wasting time. I have a plan. What is that? It will anyways explodes. So without any damage to earth we should make ….. this bomb to explode in outerside of the earth”s atmosphere. You mean, we should keep the bomb in my spaceship and… …through controller we should make spaceship to go out of the earth atmosphere in blast time. Exactly…! Another thing, once check the robot how far It went in its spaceship. By the way, lets kill him. Hey, he is in earth atmosphere. How is that possible? I damaged the spaceship a little bit…. …so I think he can’t go fast. He can’t go fast….. Our Earth atmosphere is 480 kms, lets assume his space ship is in nearly 430-450 kms. Hey, what is the time left for bomb blast? 90 SECONDS. What? That much less. YES. OK fine. By calculating the speed of his spaceship, he will go 540 kms in 90 seconds. Hey are you gone mad, this assumptions doesn’t work In this type of situations. We need exact information, not the assumptions. Or then… Nothing will happen, if he missed we have another chance that spaceship does not.. …blast in Earth atmosphere. So, there will be no huge damage. That is also right. OK, what is the velocity of your spaceship? Maximum 25kms. Per minute…? No, 25 kms/second. WTF, How is that possible? You can’t understand that, we are running out of time. OK then how many seconds left? 80 seconds. If we do the spaceship launch in 72 seconds… … how much speed is needed for your spaceship to reach his spaceship. 7.5 kms/second. Ok then start the spaceship launch. Hey, are you mad? Do you know how big mistake you did? Are you blind? There is an aeroplane in the sky. Who is responsible if accidentally something happen to them and their lives? If anything happens, only they will die but for your mistake so many lives will die on the Earth. Are the passengers lives doesn’t important to you? Then the land people’s lives doesn’t important to you? Listen Ashok, in this planet any living thing can do anthing to any other living thing. Except to a human Because humans are civilised…. …and they are living in 1000 years forward than the other living things… …But humans are not realising that they are 1000 years near for their extinction because of their mistakes. Very sad and silly thing is… For their comforts, development and revenges, he is killing humans along with other organisms. Like this. So, as we are humans there is nothing to do. Lets move on. I can’t get a single word what you said. That is why you are a human. Ok time is running out, press the STOP button. How far it went? For now 31 seconds completed, you kept max speed 25km/s… It went 775kms. So we have to find the distance between our spaceship to his spaceship. I am thinking about it. PYTHAGORAS theorem. HOW? Let be his spaceship as point A and our position as point B and our spaceship as point C….. …assume (ANGLE)LABC=90 degrees, through Pythagoras theorem… then we have to find AC distance. But how can you say it is angle 90 degrees.? This our earth, this is his spaceship and this is our spaceship. We have to assume…. …from our spaceship to his spaceship the angle as 90 degrees. But we need the accurate angle, not the approximate angle. But there is no other option than this for us. If distance is 933 kms, and we launch the spaceship 31 seconds… … spaceship should go in 29 kms/sec. Ha right. But my spaceship speed in 25kms/sec. Can it go or not? If we use extra boosters, it will go. Ok, I will launch it. ON the boosters and lock the target to his spaceship and launch my spaceship.

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