Metro Life Flight Helicopter Visits Kent State
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Metro Life Flight Helicopter Visits Kent State

September 25, 2019

We had an opportunity to actually partner
with Metro Life Flight and Metro Health Systems to provide a clinical opportunity for our
students in the acute care program. So, they took this opportunity today to land
one of our helicopters, feature one of our students that’s actually a part of our new pilot
program where our students are actually participating with Metro Life Flight
to learn different techniques and different opportunities to take care of
the critically ill both on land and air. Metro Life Flight is working with
Kent State University and they take a couple of students every semester now
starting this semester, I was the 1st one to do clinical hours on Metro Life Flight. -When you 1st walk out, um, at the airport
and you see the helicopter it’s just awesome. It’s amazing and when you go in and it lifts
off the ground, like, everybody’s just grinning from ear to ear. It’s just
something that, every time I just feel like “wow. I can’t believe I have the
opportunity to do this. It’s amazing”. -When they call Life Flight, they are
either calling them for a scene run where there’s a motor vehicle accident
or MVA or there’s someone in a hospital who needs a higher level of care. -They are capable of doing arterial lines,
central lines, pretty much anything that you can do in an ER, they can do
pretty much all of that and they’re very very highly trained,
especially for trauma situations. We’re gonna have a huge need in the
very near future for more nurses but along with that advanced practice
nurses to be able to perform in those particular arenas so it’s really critical
that we have a very strong relationship with all of our hospitals in order to actually
provide, uh, the advanced practice nurses to be able to help fulfill that care. I already knew everybody here from doing my accelerated BSN and it was a great
place to get my nursing degree. It’s a great nursing college. Anyone
will tell you that in this whole area. -Coming here and having them develop this
program right during, right at the beginning of my 3rd year, it was the perfect timing and
I felt like the luckiest person in the world.

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