Michelangelo, What We Know…So Far | Rise Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
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Michelangelo, What We Know…So Far | Rise Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

August 16, 2019

Well you know in this market it’s actually very difficult to find good Subterranean, housing, hey, we could always go back to the old sewer then all right turtles Fans were back with another video as i was talking about when i did my donatella video we’re getting closer and closer To, the new show rise of the teenage mutant ninja Turtles and i’m gonna be doing a video on each turtle just kind of talking about what We know so far already – donatello so if you, want to go ahead and check that video out Go, ahead and i’ll put it here on at the end of the video i’ll put the link to the video here at the end So check that out after if you, want to check that out but quick Thing, about that video It said in that video that donatello was gonna have, some kind of a sidekick i wasn’t really sure what it was so i asked You, guys the viewers to let me know, down below and somebody did it was? Reggie, martin he says Donnie’s sidekick is a little drone named sheldon there’s a picture of him and sheldon in the behind-the-scenes Video and there is i looked it up? So here we go? also in the toy description i Talked, about these toys, before and i kind of? Skipped over this part so it says donatello with his Sidekick drone sheldon and a tech bo staff and throwing stars so he does have a drone And this is what it looks like i was able to? Screen, grab it for a second, while was on the? Behind-the-scenes video that nickelodeon did a few weeks, ago so there you go there you have it there’s donnie Looks, like he’s controlling the drone with his little like His pad here on? His wrist so for those of you were wondering There you go there’s a donatello’s Sidekick for this show And it looks like it kind of has like – like robotic Eyes it kind of looks like it has a little bit of the turbines that his jetpack like Shell has so Yeah, this kind of a theme going on there with, all that so let me know down below, what you think? about that but let’s move on to the turtle that we’re here to talk about today, which is michelangelo, and he’s right over here and We’re, gonna, go to turtle pedia and talk a little bit about The information that has come out so far on michelangelo so here we go? Michelangelo from rise of the tmnt Michelangelo is a mutant box turtle And there’s an artist and skateboarder so if you watch, my donatella video you know that Nickelodeon came out with the video explaining the different species of turtles that each of these turtles is gonna be and i put in a? Just kind of a snippet of that for donatello salt put the snippet of? Michelangelo’s box turtle species right here so Here you go michelangelo the artistic optimist is a box turtle Box turtles can, pull their head, and limbs all the way into their shell to protect. Against predators just a shell nothing to see here Okay, pretty interesting, we also it said here it he’s an artist and a skateboarder a skateboarder he’s been known To, be in the past and we know that already about michelangelo and it looks like it’s carrying on over to this New series an artist, is kind of new and if you can? Tell, he draws like on his knee pads here and looks like you have, some stickers there on the front of his shell so We’ll see how, far they explore that in the new, series he wields a Whos re Fun dude i don’t know what that is but i? Believe it’s this right here it kind of looks like the bottom kind of looks like an unchecked and then the end here Almost looks like a ball with, some like spikes on it so Sorry, about that i don’t really know what that is but it’s definitely different than the nunchucks and i don’t know if you guys like? The change i prefer the nunchucks it’s just i like the traditional weapons on the ninja turtles Let me know, what you guys think about this new weapon? Or if you have an interesting information about this sort of weapon He is the youngest of the turtles, which that isn’t different from any version of the turtles they Believe he’s always been the youngest so that’s they’re Staying true to that let’s go down here to the trivia this is where we usually get the most interesting information, about this stuff so? Mikey will say cowabunga as his catchphrase on the show, rather than Booyakasha, which was the catchphrase in his previous nickelodeon incarnation now i don’t know. How You, guys, feel, about booyakasha but at first when i have first heard it back in the day I didn’t really like it but it actually took a life of its Own and actually caught on and i didn’t think it was gonna catch on as? Well as it did so props to that old show for making that catch on it actually worked pretty well but i’m glad they’re, going, back to the old cowabunga cowabunga is just a ninja, turtles just go hand in hand I just can’t picture the word cowabunga without, the ninja turtles unless you count bart simpson, who said it for a little While in the early 90s but, yeah it’s pretty much a ninja turtles thing so The next point here says rob paulsen who Some of you, may know Did the voice for raphael, back in like the 90s cartoon and did donatello in the 2012 cartoon And i believe he’s doing like, the voice acting directing in this show So he’s still, gonna be around in some form or another he might, do some like guest voices to feel, like, villains and stuff Also mentioned that mikey is a box turtle Meaning, that he can fold up entirely into his shell how. The clip earlier just said so Makes sense next point here is according to the writers He’ll be the sweet and loving turtle of the team? Okay, i don’t know what that means but? That’s pretty much speaks for itself so He will have a close relationship with, leo He takes him under his wing now i like it when the turtles get paired up like this i talked About it i forgot what video i talked, about it but at least Like the old – cartoon would you’d have little missions where like leo and mikey would go on a mission or donnie, and wrath or Donnie, and mikey or raph and leo, would go on a mission together like it when they go off into pairs
Like that and then at the end they all come together as the four turtles i’ve always that’s always been something an aspect About the ninja, turtles that i’ve always liked that’s, why, i don’t really like it when they had A fifth turtle it’s always really cool, when it’s the four of them and they can go off into pairs like that Let’s go a little more Just real quick back on that last one uh leo Who takes him under his wing this must mean that michelangelo might be a little bit Inexperienced compared to the rest of the turtles leo must be taking him under his wing for a reason probably Doing a little extra training or whatnot Now the next point here says he’s an artist and he likes to tape stickers on his show Which, we talked, about he had like the lightning bolt sticker he has a sticker of what looks to be like his weapon like the end of his weapon you can’t really see it good in This, picture right here but let’s move it We can’t see it in that one either but it looks like, the Weapon pretty much and then he up here you can’t really, tell it just looks like a purple triangle right there but It looks like a pizza And some other shot so he has a sticker like a pizza a little lightning bolt and like the end of his weapon On this front of his shell ah It says a brandon michael, smith who’s voicing michelangelo stated in an interview That mikey likes extreme sports so Take that as the, wheel might be like Snowboarding stuff like that skateboarding Anything you see on x games pretty much Do they, still do x games i don’t even know I haven’t seen that in forever but pretty much what they used to do in x games is extreme sports So, we see a little more here in his biographical information his home new. York city mikey is His nickname 2003 he, was born just like donatello so he is also 15 in the show And a little more information that we already, had read up up at the top so He’s voiced, by a brandon michael smith who i don’t know Much about this is the only voice actor out of the four turtles i haven’t really heard Or watched in anything here’s a little bit of his bio brandon michael smith is an american actor people voice michael angelo in nickelodeon’s 2018 series rise of the teenage mutant ninja turtles and there’s not much else on in here so if you, want to hear a little bit of like snippets of how, he Sounds as michael angelo i did a video of a breakdown of the behind the scenes of the rise of the teenage mutant ninja turtles You can hear a little bit about it there so definitely check that out it’s on my videos list, so but yeah That’s pretty much it for michelangelo so let me know down below What do you think of michelangelo did i miss anything let me know down below, and maybe we can talk? About it in a future video Also, we’ll be covering? Either leo or raph next in the next video so let me know down below, who you, want to who you? Want me to cover next do you, want me to cover raph next or do you Want me to cover leo next let me know, down below, and i’ll go ahead and start doing that one next and It’ll probably be up either later today or in a couple Days just depending on how it all turns out so thank you everybody for watching if you liked The video please go ahead and hit that thumbs up button if you Like content on ninja turtles and just need more ninja turtles in your life Then go ahead and hit that subscribe button if you’re Not subscribed alright everyone thanks for watching i’ll see you in a little bit with another video take care

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  1. I like Mikey's nunchus and Raph's sais better than these weapons they use, Mikey is my second favorite next to Donnie!

  2. I don't mind Mikey using a Kusari Fundo. I still think it'd be nice to have him go back to using his Nunchaku later in the show. Mikey is Younger Brother's favorite Turtle and he thinks it's cool he's using a Kusari Fundo instead of Nunchaku.

  3. A Kusari-Fundo or Manriki is basically a small weight and chain, not necessarily a dangerous weapon but if thrown at enough velocity it can crush a skull in real life. Personally, I find this weapon fitting Mikey, he would only use it to knock down the enemy. :3
    Also, Brandon Mychal Smith is from the old Disney Channel days from Sonny With A Chance and the DCOM Starstruck.

  4. I'm confused, I just looked at turtlepedia just now and it says raph was born 2003, donnie and leo born 2004 with donnie being the second oldest and mikey born 2005 making him only 13! They actually have them separated by years in this series at least according to tmntpedia

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