Midget Apple and Orange Play – Inchy: Time Travel Trouble
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Midget Apple and Orange Play – Inchy: Time Travel Trouble

August 21, 2019

– Yo, yo, yo, what’s up guys? Little Apple back in the house, and we’re going to play Inchy! – You’re playing a game that’s
named after how tall you are? – Yeah! (laughter) – Yeah, nobody invited you Orange. I’m playing a video game. – I can see that. – It’s about.. – I can see that. A sexy surprise. – Why do I want a
caterpillar sexy surprise? – I’m trying to give you a sexy surprise. – Don’t try to give me a sexy surprise. I don’t want a sexy surprise! (maniacal laughter) – C’mon! – Oh hey, you got one! – Yay! – You’re terrible at this game. – What’s going on? – Oh, that’s not a
sexy…there’s a sexy surprise! (laughter) – Is that a flame throwing Mariachi band? What’s going on? Oh yeah, oh hey (In unison) Ooooo, hey lady. (laughter) – She was the sexy surprise. (laughter) – Oh darn it. – Well, that’s not a sexy surprise. – No it’s not. I gotta get to nine. I gotta get to nine. – Guys, who wants a sexy surprise? – Yeah. – Oh yeah. – Look at you go! – Oooh! – How’d you grab that one branch? That was crazy. – Hey lady! (laughter) – Oh man, okay. Score. I gotta get to nine. – Yeah, you gotta do it. – To get a sexy surprise. This is a really difficult level actually. – Level? You mean the whole game? – Yeah I mean the game. – You gotta get! – Yeah, that was an ad. This whole game is just filled with ads. – Every game is. – Aaaaahhh! I missed the branch. – You missed it again. – What?! Oh yeah, that’s
probably an ad too. – So, how come you’re
still sticking around? – Well, what are you talking about? – Well, I’m just, I’m
playing a video game. You don’t need to stick around. – Oh, I think I do. I think I do. Here’s the problem. The problem is the sexy surprise. If it’s gonna happen, I gotta see it! I gotta see what it is! – Okay, I understand. I totally understand. I mean, when it comes to sexy
surprises, I mean I guess, I.. – Oooooo. – Hellooo. (laughter) – It’s just that this is a
really, really tough game. – I’m having a hard time, even getting past, a couple branches. – It’s because… – Just a little, right? – Ah! See. I hate it
when they’re staggered. And you have different amounts
far away from each other. Because you kinda get going in a groove, and you’re like, okay, so I only… Ah! See like that. – Hey lady! – See, sometimes they’re close
and sometimes they’re far, and you’re not like, ready for it. And it’s a really tough game! – I would definitely…oh yeah! – Oh! – How am I supposed to get those guys?! – I have no idea. – They’re so tiny. – I know. Just like you. – Hey! C’mon now, c’mon now. (laughter) – C’mon downtown, James Brown. Don’t do that. (laughter) – What?! You’re weird. – Okay, we’re going to string
together some good stuff here. Oh yeah, I’m up to five! Oh, oh! See, it’s the tiny ones! It’s the tiny ones! – It’s always the tiny ones. – It’s the tiny ones.
You gotta, you gotta… you gotta look out for it. – Oh yeah, case in point. Holy moly! How are you doing this?! This is amazing! You got up to nine! That’s the sexy surprise! – Is she the sexy surprise? – What is it?! Is it her?! – I don’t know! – What’s a sexy inchworm? – Uh oh. Do we even want to know? – Oh. – Is that it? – It’s just a different color. – Yeah. – Oh. I’m not really cool with that. – That’s it? – I mean, it’s not really
a sexy surprise, right? – No. Not at all. That is definitely not a sexy surprise. – I’m…I feel weird now. – Me too. – I mean, when they said it was
going to be a sexy surprise, – Yeah? – I expected something
a little bit different.. – Me too – Than just, the
inchworm’s color changing. – Yeah – I’m just throwing it out there. Like, I’m just going to let your mind wander for a little while. – It’s wandering. – About the different
kind of sexy surprises we might have gotten to see, – I know. – Annnnd, this being what it was. – We didn’t get anything! I want my money back! – Well, that’s the thing,
it was a free game. It didn’t actually cost anything. – Yeah, but I want my, my time back. – Well, unfortunately, we, I… You’d have to have like a
time machine, or something, to be able to do that. – Oh, you mean like, this one?! (machine revving up) – What the, what the nuggets?! Where did you get that?! Is that a time machine?! – Yeah! It’s a time machine. I made it. – You made a time machine? – Uh, doy! It’s sitting
right in front of you. – You keep..now you’re
distracting me, and I can’t… I can’t get anywhere on this game anymore, because you’re distracting me with.. – Why? What did I do? – It’s the time machine! What…where…I don’t even understand! – Well, I need to get it! I
need to get back my wasted time, that I spent waiting
for the sexy surprise. – Oh yeah. Oh yeah. – There was no sexy surprise. So now I’m going to go back… – I’m doing it! – Oh my gosh! – Ahhhhh! I thought you were maybe going to maybe get to the next level… – What were you saying now? – I gotta go back in time,
so that I never have to to have wasted my time here, okay? – Okay. Do whatever you want. – I will! Hashtag want. (laughter) – See what I did there? – I saw what you did. – It says down at the bottom… – I know! It says the McDonald’s sign, it says that. – Okay! I’m going to
hop in the time machine, annnnnddd later! (machine whirling) – Whoooaaaaaaa! Are you kidding me?! He actually took off! That was, that was amazing. He just disappeared. Right in front of my eyes. Although, I’m a little distracted because I’m playing Inchy now. – So, what’s going on Little A?! – Um….what do you mean? – You playing some video games over here? Looks like you’re having some
fu….what game is this?! – It’s…it’s Inchy. – Oh yeah? Oh yeah, so they finally made
a game about how tall you are? (maniacal laughter) – What the…what…you
already said that joke! You watched me play this game,
like just, five minutes ago. – Little Apple, have you been
eating crazy pills again? (laughter) – No, I haven’t been….you
hopped in a time machine, you don’t… – I did? – So, okay, so you went back in time… – I did? – And didn’t come and talk to me earlier, so now you don’t remember…but
why do I remember? I’m so confused. – Are you sure you’re
not crazy, Little Apple? – I, I, I think so…. – I’m 95% sure I’m not crazy. – I don’t know, I think it’s time for you
to do the crazy pants dance because you sound crazy. – That’s not a thing. – Crazy pants dance! Totally a thing. – It’s not a thing! – It’s a thing! – It’s not a thing. – It’s totally a thing. – It’s a thing! – C’mon, do it! (both laughing maniacally) – I’m very confused, and I’m
actually not having any fun playing this game. – Well, that’s okay, because guess what? – What? – I’ve got a time machine! (machine whirring up) – What, what? Okay, see!
I was just talking about the time machine. You came in here, and now you’re… Oh my gosh! – What? – Ahhhh! – I didn’t visit you earlier. I was just showing you the
time machine right now. – No! Okay, well..well, well you have it here. Let’s go in the time
machine so I can go back and never have played this game again. – Yay! Let’s go. – Okay! – Okay! On the count of three… (together) – One, two, three! (machines whirs) (machine blasts off) – It’s not my fault, that I’ve got a complex
about people getting killed. I live in, uh, ahhh! Dah! I live in a kitchen. Where this happens constantly. You don’t even know, how
many times I’ve met somebody, and too many.

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