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Mighty Dungeons Android Role Playing on Galaxy Note 2 & S3 – Androidizen

August 30, 2019

Hello everyone. This is Mighty Dungeons, a tabletop style role-playing game. So basically, if you’ve ever played games like Hero Quest, some of the Dungeons and Dragons style games as well where you have these tiles that would be laid out by your dungeon master you would have to roll dice move around, fight monsters that you discover etcetera, grab loot and just generally be awesome. Well, that’s what’s been recreated here by this independent development team. So the idea is, this is me, I’m a wizard there’s lots of different characters you can choose including barbarians and bandits and you know all of the usual kind of stuff that you would
expect to find in a roleplaying game. A fantasy role-playing game at that, so I’m about to get attacked by some goblin type things and I have to defeat them. I have spells, I have hand-to-hand weapons, I have got potions, I’ve got armour and everything like that. All of these items can be upgraded. What’s really really good about this game is for starters there is a demo so you can try the game out first if you want to, up on the Play Store. And it you want to buy the full game it costs you a couple of quid, about £3 of your money and that’s it. No inapp purchases, no mucking about, play the game, if you’re good at the game, you’ll get lots of loot. You’ll generally be awesome and you’ll win and you’ll do great at the game. If you suck well you’ll have to just get better.
No cheating, no quick fixes to buy your biggest sword or you know, potion in the game to help you win. It’s down to you, your skill and learning how the game actually plays. At the end of the day, since when has a role-play game ever had a play to win button? I think a lot of developers can learn from these independents, you know, the right way to do it. Let everyone buy it upfront, play the game as much as you like, get good enough at it to actually beat the thing. So really really enjoying this title, I think the developers have done an absolutely fantastic job. There’s so much here, from a loot perspective alone there’s so many different weapons and stats and so on to make use of. Right, this guy’s going to require a spell. Drop a fireball on him. You can see the animation and the graphics are really well done. Even though I suppose you could say they’re simpler than you might expect from a kind of full 3D game with lots of action going on it absolutely suits the idea of a tabletop
role-playing game. In fact some of the graphics available here are actually better than in most tabletop roleplaying games. So, you know, I think there’s a lot to love about how they’ve kind of done this, oops, no, let’s not drop that. Lot to love here about how it’s been done. So much care and attention and the developers are also releasing
additional levels over time as well so once you’ve bought the game there is more stuff being released over time which is really good. There should be a new map pack as it were new set of labels and stages
to work your way through going up in the next couple of days, that will bring it up to four I believe. Four distinct sort of areas of dungeons to explore. Each area is then broken down into more stages and challenges to complete, those challenges range from destroying everything on the level, finding
some big nasty boss or finding a particular loot I think. I’ve not been able to get through the game massively far, I’ve done three or four levels so far, but there is just so much stuff here to really really love that I would just say, go grab it. Even if you just grab the demo just to see how this game plays I think you’ll fall in love. It is absolutely wonderful.

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  1. Hey cool review! Thanks a lot for that. I'm really happy that you are enjoying my game 🙂 This review is even better than your previous one since we can see more of the actual game play and the v.o. is really great too!

    I'm not too sure where you bought it where it cost a couple of pounds I thought I put it around USD 0.99 almost everywhere. i will double check the price conversion on the stores.

  2. Hi Yohan bought it from the UK store 4 days ago I think was showing up at £1.69 I think for me.. will check from another account now.

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