Migrate WordPress.com to WordPress.org – From Hosted to Self-Hosted Blog
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Migrate WordPress.com to WordPress.org – From Hosted to Self-Hosted Blog

August 29, 2019

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  1. As of right now, I don't think you can get wordads on a self-hosted wordpress installation. There is no easy way to bring your subscribers over. The best way is to announce in your wordpress com account that you have moved and invite them to subscribe to your new site.

  2. I feel like an idiot. I know HTML and CSS pretty well (self taught) and this PHP stuff is killing me! I have a WP com site (maxamom) and I want to do plug ins for slideshows and also event calendars. Please advise and take my eternal gratitude.

  3. Hi Sarah, you are rather limited on WordPress. You can technically upgrade to the custom version of wordpress com that will let you add javascript but even then you'll be limited. The best thing is to move to wordpress org as I mention on the video. — I do these transfers daily for free. If you're interested, contact me. Or if you have more questions, contact me from my website or twitter

  4. Thanks for this great video Oscar! What host do you recommend? I want to move my blog from wp.com to org but my registered domain is with .com which expires soon, can I move my registered domain to .org? Please can you advise ~ many thanks!

  5. Hi, I can do this whole process for you with my recommended host. Check out my site in the description – or the hosts I would recommend are inmotion hosting and hostgator.

  6. when is it beneficial to move to …org ? what is good about self-hosted blog?
    I am newbie, expecting from my WP blog only to make my vacation rental work…
    these days I will move my domains from my friends account to my own account within Hostgator – any problems expected in this?

  7. No, the move should be okay. You will need to follow my video and maybe get help from Hostgator. — But I can also do the move for you if you visit the link on my description.

    With dot org, you get more control, more themes, more plugins, and you can do whtever you want. Advertise, or sell or whatever.

  8. I read that with WP.org your blog belongs to them… if they erase something all your work is gone – am I wrongly informed?

  9. Yes, you are wrongly confirmed. With wordpress com, your content is in *their* servers and technically they have control over it. With wordpress org, you have control over it and you own it.

  10. Hi Oscar, thanks for sharing this information. But I have a different question, I already have a website techosolutions[.]com which already live and hosted with godaddy, and I also have a blog i.e. techosolutions[.]wordpress[.]com. And now I want to map techosolutions[.]com with my wordpress blog. So is can you please tell me that how can I do it.


  11. This is very nice tutorial. I have a problem migrating,though. I have already mapped my domain to my worpdress.com website. can i transfer that to ? thanks in advance

  12. Thank you for this very informative video. My question is will there be any extra costs besides the monthly price for hosting plus the price fore the domain registraison, so will there be costs for the migration itself since you move a lot of content on the new side?

  13. Sound on beginning of this vid woke up my pet crow. Subtitles were hilarious to read (Beckey Sue, change the gym? lolol) but thanks for vid bro. Didn't even know I could do this.

  14. Hey great video, Question  is i noticed that when you did the migration that the black bar at the top of the page no longer had the follow button that makes it easier for .com users to follow. Also will i still show up on the wordpress.com blog feed? if so will it be different

  15. Hi, I am following everything you do but when I try and login with the new username and password they don't work. Instead my old user name and password work and I get taken to my old site. Is there any advice you can give me for this?

  16. I will probably seek your services to help transfer my .com to .org for me! But quick question, on WordPress.org, am I able to install google ads, and other ad codes? Pretty much free to do whatever to the site, but with the help of using a WordPress.org dashboard? I am very new to this, so any info is appreciated!

  17. Terrific video Oscar!  I wish I had found this one day ago … it would have saved me a couple of hours of frustration … but it did provide a great review of what I finally figured out.  I'll check out more of your videos.

  18. Nice video, which hosting sites do you recommend?
    Since it looks like blue host is not a favourite…and word press does try to recommend it.

  19. Thank you so much for the video. You have awesome presentation skills.  I am new at blogging. Besides music and audio what are the advantages of having plug ins? Does this mean I can find advertisers for my blog? Thank you so much. Still catching up to technology.

  20. Hi Oscar, I'm new to blogging and I have everything on WordPress.com.  I want to transfer so I can place google AdSense. You're video looks easy enough to follow but I really don't know what the page on the left is?  Sorry if this is a simple question.  Can you help me out on this?

  21. Hello,
    I bought a domain on wordpress.com (www.**.com).If I transfer to wordpress.org what happens to my old domain? 

  22. This is a really helpful video!! You're awesome. I feel more comfortable starting with a WordPress.com (free) site and moving over to WordPress.org (hosted) if I feel like it's growing in popularity. I wasn't sure if it could be done.

  23. Thank you @Oscar Gonzalez so much for posting this. I have been scared to move forward on switching my site for fear that I'd miss a critical step or lose content. Going to watch this 3 times then try it. 🙂 Do you have a tutorial on the steps prior toward self-hosting that occur prior to the migration?

  24. Hi Oscar, This was an easy Task, you were very precise with the topic of your Video; thumbs up..
    I now realize that i can't see my Followers or people I follow;
    Is their a way to import my Followers/followed to org.?, or do i have to Email each individual a request to add me again..

  25. Thank you, for replying, your info is appreciated, especially with Several attempts to find an answer on you tube, with fail..
    I will look further more into Jetpack, as i believe i have not set it up properly.
    Thank you Oscar, i'l keep you posted.. 
    Take care..

  26. Hello, I followed all your steps up until signing into my new wordpress account. When I try to enter the new credentials that bluhost gave me it says my password is incorrect. I have tried re-installing wordpress on bluehost with a different password and It did not make a difference. Does having my same domain name make a difference? It will only let me log in into my old domain

  27. This should come in handy when i'm ready, adding it to playlist.

    but for now, can someone tell me the software used to capture the screen? how did you zoom and pan around the video, place your own video and moved it and drag around the whole desktop (when showing the bottom most thing in the list and at the end)?

    thanks in advance 🙂

  28. This video has been very well received. It helps you move from WordPress.com to WordPress.org.

    I also just included it in my new guide to help you get a blog started. You can check it out here: http://howtoblogtutorials.com/

  29. Hey there, thank you for your video. I try to move my blog from wordpress.com to wordpress.org but it won't work and I follow your steps but it just won't work .. arrrgh !

    I'm registered at bluehost and did the same thing like you did, but if I log in to wordpress (min 6:06) I will get the same dashboard like before, without plugins and just everything is the same like before. How come? Can you help me out? Do you maybe know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks so much already for your help. Jennifer

  30. Hi Oscar. Thanks for this video however I am having issues. I've installed WordPress onto Bluehost however whenever I try and log in as admin, it takes me straight to my wordpress.com dashboard. What am I doing wrong? I've contacted Bluehost and they said that maybe the DNS nameservers were still configuring. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  31. Hey Oscar, I'm teaching a class on how to create a WordPress site. Can I include this YouTube video with a link back to your realfreewebsite.com site?

  32. Hi Oscar Gonzalez, this tutorial is amazing. I was trying to migrate from wordpress.com to wordpress.org. I was stuck after doing the import fuction, since i dont have a domain name, what am I supposed to do next? Thank you 🙂

  33. Hi, I followed this tutorial but after installing wordpress from softaculous in inmotion hosting my data was all there on the site… when i went to my website and wp-admin. For some reason I think I'm still connected to wordpress.com. Please help!! Thanks

  34. Hi Oscar!
    Quick question – if I transfer using this method will I lose all of my photos from my blog? I don't necessarily need to transfer the theme over but I'm worried my content will end up different on the Bluehost platform.. I've seen other tutorials talking about downloading databases and using an FTP and I don't understand any of it!

  35. Oscar, you mention in this video that "bluehost" is not your favorite.. what is your favorite host? thanks.

  36. Hi Oscar

    If using the same domain name, it seems to leave the old website there. Do you need to redirect the domain from wordpress.com to wordpress.org?

  37. Thanks for the good advice, Oscar; I am going to have a crack at migrating. I've followed you on twitter. Once again thanks for your assistance.

  38. Hi. some doubts. i've already have a domain blablabla.com
    I dont use blablabla.wordpress.com anymore
    What should i do in this case? Something different?

  39. Wow!! This is the best tutorial I'v seen to learn how to do this. What happens when I have my own domain already but I am still on a wordpress.com site? Thanks so much in advance

  40. i have my own domain name and am with wordpress.com ,to switch over do you need to be in a payed plan because i am currently using the free version. Like i said i have my own domain name and i have a hoster (hostgator.com). And i cant see tools on my menu

  41. Hi,
    I followed exactly with ur video and successfully migrated to .org.but i can't find the PLUGIN TAB in my left panel of wordpress.

  42. hi Oscar, i am following everything you are doing, but for some reason when i go to open and load all my information on my new wordpress, all my old posts are still there. does that mean i didn't change from wordpress.com to org yet? i don't know if I'm making any sense

  43. Hello Sir, I want to Migrate my .com blog to .org website. How can i take your help? Please let me know. I also want to get my theme installed on my new website.

  44. Hi Oscar!
    This might sound a little dumb but I'm kind of confused now. For obvious reasons I want to migrate from wordpress.com to wordpress.org. I was thinking using bluehost because is what I can afford now. Anyway, I already have a domain on wordpress.com. When I go to bluhost it gives me 2 options: create a new domain or "sign up" with a already created domain. If I sign up with my domain, later on do I have to transfer my domain to bluhost? or the moment I sign up with it is already tranfered?

  45. Hello Oscar

    I am trying to migrate my wordpress.com to a selfhosted wordpress.org with bluehost and I am having a problem. I am almost positive I installed wordpress with bluehost however when I try to login to the account it leads me to a page that displays just a 0. I am not sure what I did wrong with the install or how to fix it!

  46. Good information. I have my wordpress.org set up and have transferred my followers. Someone commented on post that I made at .org, so I know they can see my .org posts. My question is how to I see wordpress.com posts and communicate with the writers there? Thanks.

  47. Many THANKS! great video, really helped me to migrate from wordpress.com to .org.
    wordpress offers the service to migrate and it costs 200$! Thanks again!

  48. Hi, are you still looking for someone? WordPress.com is SO restrictive. I have my own domain gingertwentytwo.com which takes you to my site. Thanks Jules.

  49. Hi Oscar! Do you still need someone for moving from .com to .org? I want to move from wordpress.com to wordpress.org and I bought a hosting in siteground. Please, let me know. Cheers. Marina

  50. I've created a bluest account but I'm still working on wordpress.com. I'm still not sure how to get onto wordpress.org. I'm finding it so confusing and I can't figure out how to make it work. I've bought the hosting and I'm still where I started – on wordpress.com

  51. Oscar, I need your help I am trying to migrate from wordpress.com to wordpress.org I already have a host at hostgator. I tried following your video and a few others but I do not know why is not working. Please help!

  52. Hello +Oscar Gonzalez, thank you for this very useful video. I followed your directions exactly as you told me but only half of my posts imported. The file size is only 560KB. Do you have any idea what could be wrong? Also, I am using HostGator, not BlueHost.

  53. i bought hosting and domain name from godaddy but when i download wordpress then i saw www.universaldomains.com/wp-admin now I totally disappointed means its .com not .org…
    i am leaving.. I just wasted my money..
    but i am happy because wordpress is very expensive and not affordable stuff for me..

  54. If you'd like me to move, transfer, or migrate your site from WordPress.com to WordPress.org, I can take care of it at no additional cost. You just need to purchase hosting from one of these two links:

    http://oglink.it/greengeeks (The base plan is good to start)
    http://oglink.it/inmotion (The "Launch" plan is good for most people)

    After you've purchased your hosting with them, email me your receipt, and we can take it from there.
    — Oscar

  55. Hi oscar, can i move my example ‘hellolovely.wordpress.com’ blog to ‘hellolovelyworld.com’ in the same manner above?

  56. Hi Oscar,

    I just came across on your YouTube channel about switch WP.com to WP.org, I don’t have domain yet, but I’m gonna to get a domain, I’ve some questions:

    1: if I transfer, google ranking works?

    2: not any changes on C Panel?

    3: how much charges for hosting server?

    Here’s my website:


    Which keyword choose for better ranking of domain?

    Thank you for your time.

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