Minecraft 1.9 Command Block Creation! | Claw Machine Grabber!  Vanilla Showcase Review
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Minecraft 1.9 Command Block Creation! | Claw Machine Grabber! Vanilla Showcase Review

August 17, 2019

what’s up guys are back with another
minecraft video and have another command block petition for you brought to you by
Vic Pakistan and this one is actually using to command blocks not one but it
brings in something very special into your vanilla world what’s also you in
just a moment but first I actually put in this command block over here and
going to be this big monstrosity as well as extra command block here as well now
for those that don’t know I always like to go over this in the beginning of my
videos if you want to get a command block you just type in / give at p minecraft colon command underscore block
and you so you can see over there I now have another command block so that’s why
I put the first inning but again I would you have the command pasted for this one
is pasted always active president and we now have our little invention over here
see the corner there is clogged robbers in vanilla minecraft by Mi’kmaq esteem
and you can check out his Twitter YouTube and Facebook there as well very
good YouTube so now that you have at your gonna have a clogged Robert over
here as well as a key so let’s put down the clock Robert right over here and you
see we now have this big old machine so if you look inside you could see it’s
basically one of those crane claw games that you would see inside our kids
that’s like the little crane over there and inside here’s the machine so I have
the key over here and you’ll see that I can now open up the side with the key in
my hand if I take it out of my hand you see I can no longer going here so let’s
put some stuff inside so I have the system here with some goodies that we
can use for some little rewards let’s go over here and play some of them down so
it’s gonna stick our key open that up put a pumpkin over here so hard to find
the spot to place all these things but I should be able to get a couple of them
like that while this is harder than I expected it looks like it works a little
better as though some diamonds down spam spam spam alright that should be good enough right
kyon let’s get out of here all right there we go so you can also sit down on
this thing right over here if you see this little puff of smoke over here
you’ve got a right click it and now you’re seated in supposition so you
actually need to use currency this is the directional think you’ll see I can
move it around but if I press the slam block over here the crane won’t go down
I need credits so first to use the ironing and so it’s throw up right here
towards the control panel and rescue once you do that you look at the top
teams are you look at the right corner and you’ll see it says I gained one
attempt and you get one for every single ironing so as far as golding it’s
concerned you get to see again you’ll see every single time I dropped when I
get to several days three and diamond is for Sonos going try to move this around
again let’s just show you that this works someone to press it you see the crane
goes down it comes back up I didn’t get anything so let’s go back a little bit
towards where I think I put that ever over there now it’s a little bit hard to
see I wish it was just like one block higher but you can sheet using a 50 50
like this you can kind of see I get a pretty decent view of what’s going on so
let’s go all the way up that’s cool maybe she’s right there try to form right here and just like
that I got on my first try so once you actually pick something up your gonna go
all the way to the left and to the bottom and it’s going to automatically
dropped four you like that let’s bring it over here and maybe do I put it down
like that try to get very strange supposed to drop
automatically try one more time I might be getting bad luck on this video there
we go drops us like that once you right click
it you’ll be able to pick it up let me just get this out of my hand there you
go I now picked up my reward and that’s the gist of how the game works now
there’s actually some other pretty cool features that you can do as well so
let’s say that I put let’s say a whole bunch of players on a server just
decided to spend a lot of money on the same place so let’s drop a bunch of
times in here and let’s get a reference of how many attempts we have so if you
look inside I have seventy four times but again this would be cumulative of
all players on the server that tried this game so I can put one of these in
my office let’s go like that let’s put the diamonds are off and and I can stand
over here and let’s drop some items over here gotta drop some of your germs had
to go inside for this maybe let’s see there you go yes you just go inside and once you do
all that stuff and you’ll collect all of the rewards to see if there’s any
attempts left I still have a hundred and ten steps that might be because I’m the
owners of the night that was tried again so let’s throw in a diamond so that put
me at 1:14 put my key back on the school back in here again and I’m not sure but the other thing that you can do as
you can actually throw your key near the subway so if I prosecute you see the
whole contraption goes away and you can basically start all over or placed
somewhere else so it’s a pretty cool creation I think it’s extremely well
done and if you do enjoy check out McMackin stein’s jail because he has a
ton of course creations and if you enjoy this video like it because it does help
me out a lot of guys to smooth I hope you enjoyed the video subscribe to our
video some of this one and I’ll see you all later to get these guys

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