Minecraft! Making snow!
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Minecraft! Making snow!

October 13, 2019

Hello! With you as always, Steve and Chika! Hello! We continue to play a wonderful game of maincraft! We will explore the world of maincraft. You ask: “Where am I standing?” I’m in my house, which I built. Close the hatch. I jump, I jump. This is an attic. Nothing interesting. By the way, I forgot about the attic – I forgot to get dressed. Still, I’ll show you what’s here. Here it is … Is this not a bedroom? Is this loft? This bedroom and attic. There is nothing special here. Do you like to sleep in the attic? There was no more room. And there you have it? This is the clock. Now this is the bed. This is the player. What will you do in the attic? I will not speak, now you will see everything yourself. What are you looking for? I’m looking for a record. I will put the red plate. Music is like that. Something I do not really like. All with the plate passed. Let’s get started. We have flowers. This is all yours? Is this a flower bed in the house? Yes. It’s a watch again. And that’s why you’re sleeping in the attic. We have some mechanisms. And what kind of fire was there? Or is this what? Where? It’s a rendstone. I use it instead of wires. I’ll show you their work. We have levers here, mechanisms, which we turn on and off. They are like blood. Yes. So in maynkraft is conceived. Or is this an alarm for you. No, it’s just red dust, which transmits current. And the strange thing is that she does not shock. Something I do not want to walk here. Okay, let’s go downstairs. On the first floor or is it a basement? This is the second floor. You see these lamps? I turn them on and off. Wait, were we on the third floor? Yes. I again forgot to take what things from the attic. Did you go back? A-ah-ah-ah, we were in the attic. I forgot to take things. Oh, wait, but where’s the bed? The bed was in the attic. I did not go there. You got me confused at all. In short, there are three floors and the fourth is an attic. We came to the fourth. We came to the fourth floor? I heard right? Yes, this house is tall. So, we have equipment here that I prepared: armor, which is currently dressed and one more thing… Ow-she-she! What is Steve? Nothing. You got it mixed up? Nothing. Are these boots? What it is? These are not boots. And what is this? These are boots. I’ll get dressed now. What else does? This is necessary. It’s a parachute. He is sure to come in handy. We put this here. These are backpacks – in them many things are stored. Are the items exactly needed? Or they should be thrown away. No, do not throw them away. Now let’s lie down here, and this have to take. We get dressed. What about Steve in your hand? This is a sniper rifle. And why do you need it? I’ll take another torch. And where will you go, to the street? I’m not going to the street now. I’ll show my house now. And you planted flowers for me? I knew that you love flowers. Yes, I love flowers, thank you. This is our table. On the wall is a clock. Here you can turn gray or eat something. And what do you have to eat? It’s a fireplace. Do you have my favorite muffin? Now we’ll do it. You already prepared it for me. Thank you for reminding me, otherwise I forgot. Pumpkin pie to you or cake? I cake because it looks like a muffin. Will there be tea? There is no tea in maynkraft. There are cocoa beans here. Come on, cocoa beans. I can give you water. Well, water is so water, since there is nothing else. Water and cake. Sit down in a chair and eat. And while I look here. Someone is doing it. Have you already eaten Chick? I ate, yes. Who’s yelling? Thank you Steve for a delicious cake. This is our fireplace. And why did you close it? So that no one there accidentally. What can not be approached to it? It’s not that you approach, here you go and you will step back and … into the fireplace. Is this your security system? And this is a balcony? Yes. And about this later I’ll tell. We are now going to the first house, not to second. Do you have a lot of them? I built the second house for the New Year. Notice what I said. Well, is the New Year now? You’re confusing Steve. When will the New Year. But it will not be soon. And I do not need it soon. By the way, I forgot to say that I have new dogs: Hedgehog and … And this one was already there. He’s a winner. Why the winner? Because I did one fight: etched the dogs on monsters. And he alone survived. Of course, he was crippled, but he survived. And all our tops are preserved? Yes. There is an error in the word – Winner. It is necessary to correct. We must have an anvil. Do you have it? Or did you throw it away? Tell me what I made a mistake? Let the anvil come. Okay. In principle, we can leave so. We still need a tag. Search for it. He stands there with the others. A sound like a basin put some. The winner is necessary, but there was a Winner. Wrote. Well done Steve. It takes one level. In my opinion I have it. Hello! Oh, it was corrected. Great! And why are they all here? Can already remove the anvil. Or do we still need Steve? Because of her, it’s bad walking. I forgot to show you my garden. And where did he come from? It’s all I did here. At night or something, when I was sleeping? Well yes. You did a good job. This is our carrot. This is wheat. It’s a turnip. But no, it’s potatoes. We have watermelons. It’s a pumpkin. By the way, why did they grow already cut out? It’s strange. Well, for the sake of Halloween. By the way, just these animals and yelling. Do you still have animals there? Yes animals: cow, pig, lamb. Here we have trees. I plant them here. And then I break it – for wood, so as not to run there. Wow, cool, she grew up. We still have a swimming pool. (Bathes in the pool) Swim well. So what are we going to do? I’m sorry, what? We will build on – we will continue to build. Or do you want to spend a different day today? Why is there no trolley here? Strange … What did your trolley leave without you? Maybe a spinning top decided to go for a drive. Or they do not know how? Loading trolley. No, they sat and did not go anywhere else. So the trolley! One two Three Shine Christmas tree! Did you say that about Steve? About the New Year? Wait, you – we’re going. But where did the trolley go? This is a dead end. In short, we went back. It is beautiful here. She will not fall? right on the edge of the rides. There, as you can see … Are we on the tower now? What is the name of this structure? It’s called bream. Bream? No, the structure is called an island. It was such an island in the air, was not it? I put a bed there for you, remember? Listen, he has changed so much. Do not even know that this is the island. Here the fence is spiderweb. You fell? No, I almost fell. I forgot to show something. This white one is what’s above the fence? Is it a wire? No – it’s a web. Why did you do it? To no fool did not climb my property. Although high here, no one will climb. And there is a staircase. There is no staircase there. There are only rails here. Although I forgot that there is a staircase, but no one will crawl through, because the door is closed. The way down is written on the plaque. Okay – this is what you need. A-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah … Water. Steve, you fell, but I’m left above! Jump here! No I can not! Jump! No – I’m afraid! I’ll wait for you here upstairs. Way up. Jump there! Everything, I’m here and you’re here. Jump there! Where? This is an elevator. Let’s go into the elevator together. There’s one thing you need? There can be a few people. Jump here in this hole. There is water – nothing will happen. I do not want to jump anywhere, I just I want to go into the elevator and go. There are glasses here and they are very strong! Well, I got up here. Wait, you did not get up, you’re standing beside me. Let me go first. Or let’s go together. Come on. But what is it – you poured me water. And what is it? Is it a well? There is no well. This is a water lift. There’s just you fall. And what is there sparkling? This is behind the doors. And this is also an elevator, only he is on top. It’s air. And why is it so obvious? Because he is very strong. Tell me, what’s up there? I’ll show you later, but first I’ll show you the conveyor. Here are my pets. Two Toothache. They can not get out. Here they guard. This is the conveyor. How do you go about it? It is possible to fall. I fly. I can not fly. I’ve been looking at you and am amazed. I have cheats on. Let’s get on the elevator. Up? Yes I’m here. Now click on the button. Pressed. Now let’s pass here. That’s it, we’re back again. No – this is already another place. This is not another place. This is where doors. Now we will go there. This is our column. We’re going now. Come on already. We went upstairs. There probably high. Very high! Everything blinks. Here such speed. Wait for Steve. Hold my hand. Okay. You even know how to fly. Something somehow becomes frightening. We are going very fast. This is not an elevator – it’s a railway. Look around. There is already a great height, that even the snow lies. I built this for the New Year. It’s a freezing machine. Does she make the air cold? Yes. Look, we break the snow, but he appears again. This machine does everything. And what is out of it – snow? And what is the pillar made of? Of water? It’s not water. And what is this? Is it ice? It’s not ice. It’s a ray. And what kind of ice is it? Yes. Wait, listen … Do you hear? As if something is falling. It’s going on inside. It’s the snow that’s being produced inside, and then gets enough sleep. Do you have a name for this car? Or did you invent it yourself? I took it and added his own. Such a story was. I walked through the forest and saw lying drawings. I picked them up and saw in the drawings a freezing machine. I strengthened it. I made the lighthouse function and thereby strengthened it. You have your own car now, which freezes air and turns it into snow? Something I began to freeze already. Yes the truth, already began to grow cold. And what’s that? Steve, did you slip? Get up. I forgot to tell you that there is a secret passage – if the elevator refuses. Or there will be an attack. It’s like that. It’s a house. House in the mountains! House on top Wait – this is also an island? It’s a pipe. We jump into the pipe. Are we Santa Claus? I’m stuck, pull me out. Keksikov ate. The cake was eaten. I’m stuck. I, perhaps, will do this. I do not use cheats. I put on a jet pack. In these boxes is empty. Here we have a hotel. Here you can sit. It is cold here. There is no heating. There’s a stove here. Here she is. Warm up? How nice it is here, warm. It does not get warm to other floors, but it’s warm here. The pipe is warm. If you touch it, it’s hot as hot water. You that it decided to jump? Do you want to fly up and pierce the ceiling and fly. No, I’m so hot. Have fun, huh? Well, let’s go and see. Up. We will spend the night here and move on. Look what window. I’ll probably take off my armor. We lay down to sleep, because it’s already night. All sleep. What time is it now? It’s already dawn. Yes. Look out the window of Steve. The moon is falling. I can not get out. You slept on the bed, and I’m on the floor. Aw, ah, I can not get out. I do not have a bed. Help, I can not get out! Why? Because. I want to put one more bed. We put the bed. We’ll put another yellow bed. Yellow – beautiful. The yellow bed is beautiful. In short, we all looked and rested, now you can go further. I froze, I forgot to get dressed. He went out into the street undressed, forgot to get dressed. On the street 30 degrees below zero. Yeah, it’s cold in the pajamas. You’re going to the car now, right? And this is our Christmas tree! I forgot to do something. Why do you need an umbrella? What umbrella? I do not have an umbrella. Or was it something similar? There was no umbrella. It was a parachute. Clear. So, let’s define what we need. Snow, pumpkin, pens. Pens? Door handles? Levers, not pens. Well, you told Steve! Yes no – sticks. What kind of sticks? These are … It’s a lever, not a stick! So you can rename it. Well, you’re humorist Steve. The lever in the stick was renamed. Let’s rename it. And as it will be called? There will not be. I changed my mind. I’ll start building here. Who is this? Is it a pumpkin? It’s a snowman. Looks like a pumpkin with a lever. Are they hands or what? Top hat. Snowman’s snowman’s hat. Pumpkin instead of head. His levers are iron, yes? Is it better or better? And so, and so well. Do it yourself as you planned. I’ll do a little bit differently. Well, the snowman? Looks like. Now we will proceed to the finale. We will move on to what I have planned for a long time. I planned to make a battle. And what’s that? Or who? It’s not that and not who. This is it. Ha ha ha … This is a joke. What’s this. Is there a name? This is when they fight among themselves. Wait! Eh, I forgot. Why did not you wait for me? Take me. Wait! We will jump with a parachute! Hold on to me! Yes, I am! Where are you going? We jump! A-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah … We, in my opinion, are hanging. Fall, fall! They were again hanging. It is beautiful to look from above. You’re so handsome Steve. You have such a beautiful suit. And this is my parachute. Wait, if I see you from the side, then where am I? And you’re behind me. How witty you were – I wanted to deceive you. So, we arrived. This is our battle. I forgot that I have something that can us to hook. And what’s that? I forgot how it’s called. You see, what’s in my hand. It’s some sort of arrow. It’s such a garbage that shoots with a hook. Crossbow? No. This is a type of crossbow, only shoots such garbage, which meshes. Type of anchor. There remains a cannon that can destroy any enemy. Let’s check it on someone. ABOUT! This is a good goal. It’s snowing here too. Cold air and come here? I just did some tests here. There was an explosion and snow scattered in different directions. Look at what impact. It’s a golem. Wow, golem? Iron Golem. There is a chance. The Golem for some reason likes flowers. There’s one more golem. How could a halem so dodge? You see a sniper scope, fire! Fire! He is not – he disappeared. You have another weapon, as it is called. That was a sniper rifle, and this we have something quick-fire – like an automaton. What are you shooting at the ground? I just reloaded the weapon. And this unfinished golem, which was blown up. To burst the ball. These balls have bored me. Do you need Chika roses? Yes, I do not want to. I love flowers that grow, but not ripped off. The torn ones die. I do not like it. Just come see what they are beautiful, but do not tear them. Here are flowers for you. Well, how about you? Normally, they look like poppies. Yes, it’s poppies. And here we have roses. Here it is a rose bush. Also nothing like this. Take the gravel. He does not fall. And how does a flower hold gravel? Exactly how? Through the flower we pass and nothing falls. And if we break it, he also does not fall. Although, if we do this here, he falls down. The sun sets. So it turns out only with a rose. It’s getting dark. You see the sunset already. We get up on him and … We probably need a potion. No, we do not need a potion. We have something, that the potion is replacing. And what is this? What is the name of? It’s a torch! Well, let’s get the torch. That’s better. (Sings) We put torches. What are we going to do now? Build? We all showed the guys. Showed what we have here. And now what do we do? We will do battle! Come on. I’m very interested in what will happen here. We definitely need a peasant. How do you think we’ll take someone? Zombies take against them. About completely forgot – I need a resident and not alone. They will defend themselves to the last. Peasants stand to the last! Here we put the guard. The peasants we are talking with Steve you – be the winners! Guard to tie them up! Go away! Go away said! Yes, he does not. There will be security. At least not golimy, but also normal. I need to spam. Wait. Now we will spam. Have to clean. She does not even need it. In! From above everything is visible. In, golem! How cute you are! One golem will suffice. Now we pass further. Do not go after me! We put zombies. Oh, how many of them! And not a lot? Fine. Why do we need so many of them? Have you specially made so many of them? And where do you get them from Steve? I will not make any criminals, because they will break everything there. Guardian, skeleton. Let’s see if they manage it or not. Enough to fight between each other. Can they release? Wait. I can not look at this. I release them. Run! Faster! They nailed everything. And they will not pin us here? Something I already somehow fear. They can not pass because I everything was done for this. What are you looking at me, huh? I need to do somebody else. That they fought with them. I can not. Why? Does the boom interfere? The arrow is stuck. It’s fun, huh? What are they doing? Already Battle some. He super shoots, but he has little room. Come on. AND… Run already! Ran away? Something I do not see. Or he was already nailed. Wait a second. How did you let this happen? And what? They broke through. Now everyone will be nailed. They ran from here. Save yourself! Save who can! Yes they can not! What’s happening? Can they open the door? Is the door open? It’s open. I need to clean everything here. I’m standing there Steve, I will not go. I’m afraid. Did not expect a machine gun here? Get everything. I do not want to trade with you. Understand yourself. And why are you standing there? They can be stupid. This is who? It’s some kind of lady. I do not like her. Where did it come from? And what do we do? We clean everything. Can we get out of here? Let them fight here, and we’ll do other things. You wanted to build something. Or something else in our buildings show. We showed the house. They showed all the buildings on the floating island. Showed the zombies. Showed this gazebo. It is full of zombies. And what else? Something else you wanted to show. Wait. Let’s clean it. Well, they asked for it? Get the projectile! All under the clean. He’s a little buggy. And he can be immortal. There’s snow here too. no – it’s not snow. Levers must be broken. And what is this? Where? It’s snowballs. At me the stock was hammered a little. it is necessary to clean it. What next will Steve do? There will be a lot of inhabitants. This will be the house of the inhabitants. I gathered you here, the inhabitants, so that you all live here and traded. And suddenly, not according to plan, I forgot to close the door. Someone accidentally pressed the lever and the door opened. A zombie passed by. The zombie came to their house and the door closed. Everyone started to panic and run from this zombie. Steve Spetsnaz came, I’m talking to myself. (Sings) The door is jammed, I can not open it. I will use plan B – I will disrupt the door. Wow, how many people here ran out. What is happening there? Well? What are we standing for? I do not want to go there. I’m not going either. I would like to show you something else to the guys. Wait, we’ll get here right now. But it’s long. Let’s go further. Take the explosives. That’s better. We take dynamite. Area. We stop. If the door is stuck, then we will act differently. We will put here TNT. Run! The door did not explode. You blew everything apart from the door. Run! We had a good time. All knocked out the door. And where did they all escape? I had a knife somewhere. Now I’ll break the whole thing. We did it. What are you doing? Where did they go? They went on burning. From this side torches are from them. They went to the forest. And that the sun is already up? I thought it was night. In the sun, a zombie is burning. This zombie for some reason does not burn. It’s strange. Was he making that up? Little people run around here. Zombie where did you go? Tired. Well? We pursue them? What is this for? And then. To run already? Spamming the inhabitant. The zombie runs up. Installing explosives and run! Spetsnaz Steve came. We need to work here. To all to beat. Open it! The bear has come! Open it or I’ll knock out the door! Knock out the door! Lie down! All! Oh, where is he? Where are you? I’m here! Did you call me, Steve? No. I was calling a zombie. What was it? Ah, the sun came out and it’s all … How did he enter the house? Сбоку проход есть. Была ведьма? Yes. Паук? No. Лошадь-Скелет? No. Вредина. А что такое Вредина? I do not know. Будет делать пакости нам. Кстати, опять темнеет – ночь скоро. Wow! Что это за маленькая фигня? Проходит сквозь стены?! Все, они прошли. Не помогла твоя дверь. Where?! Hello! У меня есть винтовка. А ты куда собрался? Where are you going? And who is this? Вредина. Я ее еще не видела. А ночью она светится что-ли? А она нам полезная или она вредит нам? Она вредит нам. Возьми что выпало из нее. Кружочек какой-то. This is an experience. Вредина нам не нужна. Нам нужен кто-то сильный. Шалкер. What it is? Почему здесь дверь открыта? Это надо исправить. Он уже никуда не выбежит. А зачем он тебе? Who! Ну тот, который никуда не выбежит. Who is it? Это какое-то чудовище! Это какой-то ящик. That’s it. Он что-то делает. Он куда-то ушел. Это из яйца призыва? Yes. Яйцо призыва бывает такое делает, что вам и не снилось. Яйцо призыва – Всполох. Яйцо призыва Лошадь-зомби? Яйцо призыва Свинозомби. Яйцо призыва Зомби-крестьянин. (Выбирает яйцо призыва) Выбрал яйцо призыва Заклинатель. А кто это Заклинатель? Что он делает? Это такой мужик, носатый такой. Смотри что он делает с этими жителями. Он волшебник? Так что там за переполох? What is it? Ты посмотри сколько их стало! Нам надо все это исправить. Пройти невозможно, поэтому надо взорвать. Откуда Вредин столько появилось? Это не Вредины. Закладываем ТНТи. (Explosion) Взрыв был хороший! Where are they? Here they are. Или не они… Или они. По-моему это души. Они пропадают. What the hell? Страшно что-то стало. И ночь уже наступила. Я бы отсюда ушла. Why? Fearfully. Опять они! Опять они! Опять они! Сейчас мы подорвем их. А-а-а-а-а-а-а-а-а… (Explosion) What is it? Что это от них осталось? Это все собирать? Сколько всего! Что это за пушка?! Это надо взять. И кое-что сделать. Много ты собрал, да? Сколько тут всякого говна. Фигня одна. Какие-то порошки Сколько тут всего! Вроде все убрал. Помнишь я еще не доделал вот это вот. Well. Опять они появляются! Run! Они преследуют нас! А-а-а-а-а-а-а-а… Where I am? Темно. Night. Сижу возле леса и жду, когда Стив с ними всеми разберется. Что тут творится! Хорошо что меня там нет. Стив! Стив, ты меня слышишь?! Я подорву их! Пойдем ко мне! Wait! Wait! Wait! Мне надо быстро подорвать! Блин, я выкинул его! Ловите гранату! (Explosion) И вы тоже ловите гранату! (Explosion) All я упал. Стив, ты победил? Что-то я его не вижу. Я упал. Where did he go? Где медикаменты? Где-то здесь должны быть. Тебе нужна помощь Стив? Where are you? I can not see you. Все я иду к тебе! Мне нужны медикаменты. Стив ты здесь? Я сверху смотрю! Are you here? Yes! Как тебе помочь?! I dont know! У тебя есть аптечка? Аптечка у меня есть! Я ее уже использовал! Я поднимаюсь к тебе! I can not. По-моему заряд кончился. А как ты поднимешься? Веревки нет. Сейчас последнее топливо использую. Давай, давай! Лети ко мне! Еще немножко! Я не долетел! Давай еще, собери последние силы! Лети! Я не могу – у меня топливо кончается! Вообще не могу. Ты что будешь там сидеть? Нет не могу я, не могу! Да-а-а-а-а-а не простой у нас сегодня опыт. То зомби полная беседка, то Стив сам себя подзорвал, а теперь не может вылезти. Под себя блоки! Стив давай вылезай! Ты хочешь поставить там ТНТи и сам там находиться? Нет, я хочу выбраться при помощи ТНТи. Hello! Опять ты здесь! А как же рельсы? Мы же не уедем! Так там же они есть – мы же их не взорвали. Ошибка вышла. Ой ё-ё-ё-ё-ё-ё-ё-ё-ё-ё-ё-ё! Подорвал! (Explosion) Стив давай тогда заканчивать. Мне сейчас надо домой вернуться. Стив тебе надо подлечиться! А следующий ролик мы снимать, когда ты уже подлечишься, да? Как ты решишь? Я не могу отсюда уехать. Подожди, мне надо добраться домой. У меня там кое-что есть. And how to do it? Ты не можешь идти, не можешь лететь. Я попытаюсь. Я читы включу. У меня топливо закончилось. Подожди ты. Now. Опять эти твари! Я не выйду! Мы минируем и уходим отсюда! Good. Сволочь минируйся. Стив а кто это? Это тот, которого я хочу заминировать. А это случайно не Заклинатель? Как раз он! Run! (Explosion) Побежали! А ты не можешь бежать? Давай я тебя понесу. Wait. Залезай на мое плечо. Мы взорвали их. Let’s go to. Я случайно поставил динамит и поджог его! (Explosion) Я остался жив благодаря тому, что не полез туда. Пошли в дом Стив. Нельзя раненому ходить. Там полечим тебя. Давай все остальное потом. Is it dangerous. Там надо нам рельсы, мы не можем подняться. Давай быстрее делай! Быстро делаю. Запуск двигателя. Запуск процессора. Здесь нет рычага. И здесь еще поставить надо. Где-то тут вот. Ну что, are you ready начать строительство? Я уже начал. Так теперь надо кнопку. Это самый сложный момент, потому что у меня ее нет! Где мне ее взять? Где-то по-моему завалялась. Что ж ставлю кнопку и вагонетки у меня нет. Вагонетку надо сделать. Много всего у меня. Ну что ж, садимся. Go. Working. Нет только не это! Сломалась вагонетка! Здесь оказывается взрывом задело рельсы. Надо заново строить. Я посижу здесь на травке. Мы уедем отсюда Чика. Чика! Да, я никуда еще не ушла. Are you here? Yes. Так снова садимся в вагонетку. Ой, у меня читы пропали! I can not! Из-за того что я упал я не могу теперь нормально передвигаться. We’ll go home. At last. Куда поехала? And I? Ты меня-то не посадил! Она что пустая ушла что-ли? А ты тут. Мы же вместе. Я вижу что ты тоже тут, а кто уехал-то? Ой, что-то мне уже не по себе здесь. Быстрее надо добраться до кое-чего. У меня где-то аптечка была. Она у меня есть. Мне нужны еще медикаменты. Это чердак. Ну все Стив, давай заканчивать – нельзя так шутить со здоровьем. Давай полечимся. Ну что Стив, давай всем скажем до новых встреч! С вами была Чика и Стив! Until next time!

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