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August 24, 2019

So you dudes have been asking for this for like * pause * 2 months? We’re here do it. you guys. First of all, welcome back crainer. We’re gonna murder your face seconds of all The theme of this week, check this out Look at these nether stars. It is the forest theme. crainer? You just got introduced to the forest theme also, right? I cant escape the forest for some reason dude, although I really want to Okay, so this round is all about the game forest you guys remember that series so the first killer is ambrew Oh my gosh, I can’t wait to see these killers. Come on out, dude. Okay ready? Come on out. Wait your mouth is moving??? That’s completely new right? We have never seen it! how is the mouth moving? I am gonna go do my trading. crainer go away ambrew go away the heck is wrong with you did you just tell me to go away? Yeah, well you kind of look weird too go away so it looks like there’s two new traps. Oh a truck warp! warps you to the truck on use and Gotta go fast when triggered boosts the killer to an uncontrollable speed for a short time Oh, dudes I think I’m gonna try. oh the truck warp is three and a half stacks Dang it. Lemme. Hold on. Let me figure something out Yeah, so I think what I’m gonna do this round, this should be pretty good what I’m gonna do I’m gonna get the truck warp so I can warp to the truck Whenever I find a car part, there we go. So that will warp me to the truck now I have two and a half stacks of nether stars left what I’m gonna do over here you guys remember this? look at this we can get a Bush you guys are of this? where we go completely invisible So when I’m gonna do whatever the killer gets near, whatever ambrew gets near I’m gonna turn it to the bush Until I find a car part once I find like two or three car parts I’ll warp to the truck and throw them in we will escape this killer. So let’s do it. so dudes real quick I hope you guys are still enjoying this series. If you are hit the like button down below Uh, yeah, we try to do this every other week instead of every week now So, I don’t know if you guys want this every week hit the like button down below We might make it every week again, but I don’t know. Let’s do this. Okay, why are we all bushes? Oh thats the skin. Oh, thats the armor I’m going in I’m going in Dude wait Ian are the other two coming? Okay, we’re gonna go hide ooh, oh this is like the forest with all the tents and stuff. can i look at it? and all the skulls Yeah, dude, there’s the truck. there’s the truck? There’s the truck. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Hey, let’s go hide Let’s go hide whenever it gets down to it whenever it says run I got something special to say, okay Okay, let me know what everybody’s hiding got something special to say when it’s what you’ll see okay, okay 3-2-1 HIT THAT LITTLE BELL * ding * watch the shadows. Whatever the shadows gets to us it makes us it makes to where we can be seen – everythings’s on fire Why are you setting everything on fire because I’m angry. Don’t be angry I’m stuck in the trees. Where’s the truck? I’m gonna find the truck everything is On fire literally it’s spreading so much! Okay, alright were coming I’m coming can you not do that anymore please oh i’m lost I can’t see anything There’s literally fire everywhere Okay alright were good were good Okay, there’s literally fire everywhere. I can’t even do anything. Ambrew. What have you done? the shadows the shadows the shadows! Thank You shadows, thank you very much Okay Ian, have you seen where I am I can’t get to the truck because there’s fire everywhere What is up with the fire oh my gosh Crainer come here because I have this thing and I can’t anywhere but here Do you have the jetpack? Oh my gosh crainer, what are you doing way up there? No, you are literally lighting everything on fire You are literally lighting Where’s crainer what I don’t know where crainer is nowhere, that is a good spot crater. I like this. Oh, he’s up He’s up. He’s Oh * unintelligable * he’s gone he is out of here dude he is completely out of here he landed Why are you so high? Like how the spirit flies up to I I don’t think he’s gonna be I don’t think he’s gonna die. Is it gonna run out of juice anytime soon? Where are you? Oh I don’t know I could do about it, but I can see you Oh my god, this is so broken how can i ever die when I have a jetpack, okay. I don’t know where you went You’ll eventually die the entire map is on fire The entire map is on fire. I don’t going up Oh am I still going up? He’s still going up and my still. I’m coming down now. He’s y level 297 Rip well, the jetpack is mildly broken. All right, so Niko is the next killer. Who are you dude? Come on out. Come on out the forest Oh Oh the eyes blink, oh you actually look kind of happy standstill you’re kind of happy. He actually does He actually looks kind of cute but also like something that will also eat you alive Okay, we got to think of a strategy for this round we have disabled the jet pack and we’re taking a few seconds off of Ambrew’s time because poor Ambrew No, i didn’t know the jet pack was gonna be that broken So I think I’m gonna do my old strategy try to think. Do i have enough nether stars for this? So it takes four stacks of nether stars. Hold on so if I grab the resurrection stone you guys remember this this revives a dead body and then if I get a corpus warp Which teleports me to a random body right and I’ll check this out while I’m waiting for someone to die I’m gonna do the bush strat we’re gonna we’re just gonna hide in a bush somewhere with three bushes And I’m also gonna get a chest piece so I don’t die in one swing of the the chainsaw so dudes You know the drill we will Protect this city em wrong button protect this city. All right, Nico. Oh my gosh, he so happy but creepy. stay there Turn around and don’t look us turn around turn around do not look at us You little turd guys this round ambrew and crainer. I am gonna protect this city I will protect this city everybody hiding everybody ready. Oh So fast you I found a very great hiding spot, it’s the best hiding spot ever it’s on kehaan 3-2-1 go away crainer I wasn’t even close to it That’s why I put it right there. Oh no. Oh, no the stupid shadows. I hate them I got something i have one of three things Oh how did you see me You see me cuz your shadow I wasn’t able to protect this city, I’m sorry You already died? I already died the stupid shadow trap, okay okay nice Nice job. Ambrew. Why didn’t you save me? * unintelligible * (sorry i’m bad at making things out coming from 2 people) you know where they all are I know nice ice spirit dude that ice spirit will track out the killer and it froze him it froze him Where’s the truck at he’s still frozen but what’s that my frozen thing forewarn activated you through it, too? ambrew AMBREW! We can’t tell you but I’m looking at it okay crater, this is all on you. Okay, you have to believe hes camping the last part dude hes camping it the longer he camps are the higher time he has so we can win crainer keep doing what you’re doing ok. Keep doing what yor doing. I smell you whatdya mean you smell me? Crainer do you see the part? No, no crainer REKT that was so good all right crainer you were the last one alive. Are you ready to be the killer? I’m ready to murder you guys I’ve been missing murdering my friends dude i’ve been missing it. How do you have friends? Alright crainer you’re the next killer. What the heck was that noise? Oh Look at your eyes. Oh, you’re one of the girl ones Okay You look beautiful you are a beautiful Crainer thank you thank you dudes I want to do that strategy again that stupid ghosting thing is stupid. Okay. Okay, let’s get that that okay. I want to do this strategy again Let’s get the resurrection stone. And then the the corpus warp. I just got to find a better hiding spot I gotta hide more gooder. Ah, and then let’s get a bunch of these bushes, right? There we go And then I’m gonna get a chest piece so I don’t get one shot dudes. I will protect the city. Alright, you lovely lady Your nose is bleeding But you should I wipe your nose Okay, here’s the Kleenex everybody go hide everybody go hide, uh, I I have a strategy for this round of course you do I will protect this city Nico killing me dang it Nico I couldn’t protect this city every time ssundee protects the city he dies No, I don’t. It’s a it’s on kehaan and it’s on kehaan. Okay, three three two one what was that ahhhhhHHHHHHHHHH!!! what the crap somebody do something! oh my gosh why don’t you guys ever help me! cuz we don’t know you just say it! * unintelligible * you were right in front of me ian what were you doing? ssundee is now a balloon great nobody helps me anymore (RIP) Okay Okay You guys have all of these traps and you just now use them after I’m dead. You guys are the worst teammates ever Oh, dude, I got two more you look are you guys getting it? oh my goodness you guys are owning me! where’s the last one?! (x2) I don’t know im looking! im following crainer you guys got this you guys don’t need me. I don’t need to protect this city. Oh, goodbye. Killer Why can’t you get it? It’s right next to me I moved it over here Oh Where’d you move it, I know it’s right there Oh Oh, he sees both of you you better run, oh no Nico Oh no nico! oh he’s blasting off! nico you got this!!! nooooo!! nico! im trying to get this no! wait what happened AMBREW GET IT He hooked them with the fishing rod Guys I just have to say I am sorry that I failed to protect this city. I am the worst protector ever It’s not a surprise anymore But one of these days I will do it now It’s my turn to kill I will be the best killer this world has ever seen Are you guys ready? I’m the final killer all I’m gonna say wat Are you eating something see kissing us? I think he’s eating something sucking on like a candy ewwwww Okay, I’m gonna do better as the killer than the survivor I promise you guys are gonna get dead So this round is gonna be simple. I’m gonna just be a high flying destruction machine. Check this out I’m gonna buy Six nether star or uh six nether warts. There we go We have six and nether warts right what I’m gonna use these for I’m gonna get the new trap the flame Walker I’m gonna put flames everywhere We’re gonna get that and then you guys remember this old trap from like two weeks ago The Infinity Gauntlet or you can launch way up in the air and then dive bomb down We’re gonna create flames. We’re gonna create explosions. We’re just gonna be a high-flying. I identify as an attack helicopter aliright everybody ready everybody hidden? i think so its on kehaan (x2) 3-2-1 Everything is on fire Where’s the truck are you gonna get to the truck now little boys? Some people just want to see the world burn Who’s controlling stop controlling me crainer get out of my mind get out of my mind crainer just spreading more fire (x2) You’re just spreading more fire. You just spread it more fire hey if you guys are trouble yell help or Trouble people. Oh, I see a carpart or baseball Yeah, yeah yell baseball if you want to I was sent back in time. Stop sending me back in time. Dang it no keep sending him! Everything will be on fire. Where are you people? are you doing something to me cause I can’t move Destruction wait is he doing something? Oh Where is it? What are you guys dying for? Is it that is it the fire? Is it what’s going on? Uh, excuse me, sir. Can you not please please sir? Hello ambrew. What are you doing in the fire? it’s me versus Craner The fire the explosions I identify as an attack helicopter. All right, you guys ready to see who won? Oh my gosh these heads are so creepy It’s on kehaan it’s gonna be on the right-hand side of the screen whoever has the lowest time wins in three… two… one… Poor ambrew I would rather burn in this fire then get kissed by you again, dude We’re gonna end this video here If you guys have enjoyed Hit the like button down below hit the subscribe button if you’re new to any of our channels and you know what to do next Everybody do at the same time HIT DAT LITTLE BELL * ding * *ding * * outro *

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  1. You can just turn into a bush and stay like that for the whole game because you can’t see the bush at all!

  2. When you’re about to die why don’t you just throw the resurrection thing on yourself and revive yourself?…

  3. Mouth probably moves because kehaan or neko probably converted the enchantments into a mouth moving sprite.
    Edit:not neko maybe somebody else

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