Minecraft: The Minecraft 1.9 Far Flying Challenge! (Custom Map)
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Minecraft: The Minecraft 1.9 Far Flying Challenge! (Custom Map)

August 17, 2019

Hey guys! As you probably know, 2 days ago a brand new
1.9 snapshot came out which is by far the best snapshot we got this year. Not just because they really improved boats,
there are now Wings or Gliders in the game! They are called Elytra and the mechanics are
really nice! You basicly just jump off an high platform,
and then look in the direction you want to go! However, you can’t just go straight up, you
need momentum to gain height, or can just choose to slowly let yourself fall to the
ground Around this mechanic we created, in just 2
days time, this minigame! The objective is to get as far as possible,
which is harder than it sounds! To my understanding nobody has found the perfect
fly method yet, so maybe you can be the first one! This map is perfect for training your fly
abilities, and testing out different methods! Once you downloaded the map you will start
in this little hub area. From here you will jump down and use your wings! But before you can start you need to choose
your block The block you choose will appear where you
landed! You can unlock more blocks over time, by getting
better high scores! For now let’s choose the green wool, and now
the glass is gone let’s jump! Your score will appear at the right side of
the screen and also after you landed in chat! When you land it will mark your location,
track your highscore and also teleport you back to the hub to try again! Like we try to show you in this video there
are a lot of different fly tactics, I challenge you to try them for yourselves and see which
is the best for you! Our highscore is 246, try to beat that! That’s all for this short video, I hope you
enjoyed watching and see you next time! Cya!

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  1. I Beat it! 😀
    To do it all you have to do is go down and almost hit the floor at 260, then go up a lot, and back down, and do it 2 more times

  2. I knew someone will make a game out of dat (I tought of Superman 64 for lols tho) at some point but i'm soo glad y'all're da first one i saw 😀 Amazing, my score's 215 ('._.) I'll practice more 😛

  3. Omg i beat the map! All i had to do is look at an angle 0f exactly 0 (you can see this in f3 screen) and when you're about to hit the ground you glide up, YES!

  4. I flew infinate just go to the f3 menu and have a angle at 45 degrees looking down then roughly 45 degrees up and you'll gain air… Hehehehe


  5. I BEAT THE MAP!!!
    WITHOUT CHEATING (unless eating cookies is cheating)!!!
    In snapshot 15w47c.
    You just have to look about 5 to 10 degrees below the horizon while gliding.
    When you have almost hit the ground, quickly face upwards (about 50 to 80 degrees above the horizon) so you can go with the speed you have built up a little higher again.
    Then, just before you would lose all you speed, repeat the process again until you have reached the beautiful golden area!

  6. hey guys i beat it you win by flying up down at the start then up when you start falling go down to the ground but dont touch it then go up again and do the same thing over and over till you get to the end

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