Mini hoverbike takes off in the UK
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Mini hoverbike takes off in the UK

August 9, 2019

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No of course
not, but it is a hover bike. Thanks to a kickstarter project and a dedicated
team of engineers at UK company Malloy Aeronautics, this new hoverbike could be soaring in an
airspace near you. However this small drone is just a one-third
scale version for mass production, and a full sized one will be flown by remote and piloted
by a person. When I got my helicopter license I realised
that the helicopter as a design has a lot of improvements that need to be made, and
one of them is safety and reliability. They’re very complex machines. And my goal was to
see where we could strip away the complexity and increase the safety and that’s basically
where the hoverbike came from. The team first plan to launch the hoverbike
as an unmanned aerial vehicle, before securing an aviation certification for a manned model. The mini hoverbike can reach a top speed of
45mph. But don’t get your hopes up just yet. It could be a few years before we see them
in our skies.

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  1. interesting ,, yeah don't stick your hands I between the rotor blades… looks like that guy is already secretly flying it 🙂  

  2. imaging this the near future police air bike. Crowd control going after a bandit surveillance stuff this might really work terrifying people   🙂 good toy for 007 James Bond :-p

  3. I want one, but I think I would want something covering those blades. My luck I would fall forward some how and go to brace myself and stick my hands in them.

  4. Quadcopter is already for sale. If a big company wished to create a bigger sized one, it would have done ages ago. There must be other problems involved, like risk of crashes, high fuel consumption, etc. 

  5. WOW…this sucks..
    can you imagine if they had a billion dollars to finance this project?
    only then..would it be bad ass

  6. Omg, can't you think of another opening phrase than "Is it a …, Is it a…, No…". I've heard that like a thousand times on this channel

  7. We don't allow kids to ride regular bikes without helmets.. Do people really think helicopter moms will let this one go???

  8. When I saw the very stable  zero torque Quad copters I thought that one could be made for people. The weight should be centered and below the props creating a pendulum stabilization effect but I must say their design is awesome and stable it seems. A ballistic AND a chest chute and poof, your flying in safety and style. Ahhh if I had money I would be dangerous.  All I do is wait a minute and someone makes whatever I think of. Quite simple, really.

  9. assuming this becomes a  reality… will we need to have a Pilots license to fly it? and where will it be legal to fly? …

  10. Most likely it will not last very long on charge VS weight ratio is my guess why you wont see them for a few years they say.
    Have you ever seen the battery bank on an electric car ? and the weight of the battery bank would not even get this HoverBike off the ground.
    I do like the construction of the unit, nice carbon panels and materials!

    Once we can make a battery that weighs about 75% less and is about 200% more efficient then we will be able to solve many of these problems.

  11. it is a multicopter,A better arrangement would be a small pod[lightweight ,cm steel holding the pilot firmly and safe], under the 4 rotors,allowing a one or two seats,joystick,heads up display ,a ballistic chute could be added,allowing a safe landing in case of a mechanical problem.riding it like a horse,opens up a list of potential problems,4 turning rotors ,anything could send the pilot into a rotor blade,raining down body parts all over Britain.Great toy,but your going to have to address the liability issues,but no matter i wish you all the luck

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